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[Music] so this is our latest acquisition okay it’s surrounded by six vacant lots so it feels like it’s in the middle of a giant field so this is my country estates home the house itself is actually you know i mean well i mean it’s a complete dump it has potential it’s 1100 square feet currently a 3-1 as you can see someone has already redone a lot of the siding the roof being brand new so that’s a huge savings and how much did you pay for this place we got this one for 15 000. okay you want to head in yes please what do you think it’s open i think that’s probably my favorite feature of it it is really hard to find a fully open floor plan like this in these old of houses and this floor plan is perfect for bringing the countryside to motown light neutral colors and distressed finishes will create a cozy homey vibe natural wood cabinets shelves and bed frames will be complemented by soft pillows rustic light features and vintage mirrors it will be welcoming stylish and extremely country can take you to the kitchen now okay as you can imagine everything in this room will come out this kitchen will soon feel like you walked into a farmhouse a thick butcher block countertop complemented by a soft green backsplash weathered wood cabinets taken to the ceiling all brought together by distressed wood floorboards this kitchen should really really be an awesome space when we’re finished up nice i don’t want to go inside though it is a little freaky it’s purple oh um about five shades of purple so we’re gonna actually wind up moving the bathroom no more so we’re going to take it from here shift it down to the other side all of these interior walls here will be removed and then you’ll have one larger bedroom perfect so this is the bedroom that sort of will gobble up the bathroom okay and this will be a bigger batch okay so the upstairs oh my goodness a little creepy up here we have big plans but you have big plans we’ll take all the drywall out which is nasty the closet here will rip this out then we’re going to tear down that back wall and build a giant walk-in closet it’s just a great sized space this is huge at 15 000 i feel like you guys really did get a good deal i think we’re going to wind up spending about 55 000 total on the budget so with that in mind what do you think we might be able to sell this place for so comps in the neighborhood right now they’re going for about ninety dollars per square foot so with this home being at 1100 square feet i feel like it can definitely be listed at closer to like 100 000. hold on i like that this is a big demo sometimes we save a bunch of stuff in the house but this house we’re reconfiguring floor plans we’re adding closets so this is basically almost down to the studs everything gets smashed so one thing that i’m considering about the floor plan so you wanted to have the door to the bedroom open to the living room which isn’t my favorite thing i know it’s not we’re looking at maybe three or four doors on one wall all leading into the living room i’m not super excited about that it’s just gonna be a wall of doors i don’t know it just it’ll look kind of weird well what if we just made it like a thing like literally just door door door door door i could make it like a design feature design is pretty limited i will admit it is not the best design but it gives it a much much bigger bedroom you’re just gonna have to deal with it i’m sorry [Laughter] [Music] nice nice clean walls demoed today is the first day of framing at the country estates house everything is down to the studs and at this point we just have to reframe the wall of doors so you have the plans but of course [Music] door one door two door three i don’t think it looks that weird actually you start to get a feel for it though right once these doors kind of come in [Music] so i hear someone working okay hello oh hey guys oh my god hi you guys probably don’t know me but i know you i’ve been following you on social media i’m diamond i am from here born and raised in detroit and i have been looking for a house for a while this is really home for me my dad is actually just a couple of streets over and i’m obsessed with keith and evan i have seen all of the work that they’ve posted and so i would love to own one of their homes because they’re all like artwork i just need the design to come through this house we kind of had planned on doing like the country estate country farmhouse type thing okay i would be super interested in seeing this house as soon as it’s done but would you be open to maybe like urban estate sure so you’re thinking like a little edgier a little that detroit grit the grit of not just the whole city but this neighborhood the northwest side well it may not be the best idea in every case to just radically change your whole plan for a project based on just one person’s opinion but she seems extremely interested all right cool what a fun challenge okay urban estates it is [Music] she is like the epitome of who i see buying our houses she’s young she’s fresh she’s a music producer so playing off of that i kind of want to maybe take it to like a downtown record shop or that super cool vibe for the bungalow stairs i’m turning the safety wall into an abstract piece of art with some scrap wood and some high gloss black paint in the kitchen instead of butcher block and soft greens we’re going to do a concrete counter top that i’m going to dye black and complement it with an edgy metallic backsplash i really think she’s going to love this i mean i would yeah and to me an urban estates home wouldn’t be complete without some custom graffiti art you’re trying to get the drips nice [Music] and that giant walk-in is the perfect spot what i like there it’s looking good yeah i like it [Music] it is the open house tomorrow so that means we have a billion things going on today and one thing i’m not happy about is the bathroom it’s still looking too soft and bright and needs some raw greeniness to it so decided a last minute little paint feature to help kind of bring it alive we bought this house for fifteen thousand dollars we spent 55 grand on renovations and we are listing it for 99 900 [Music] hi [Music] hi do you like it oh my god [Music] i literally have [Music] no words that was pretty clear it was good it was a good first impression it feels like what is [Music] did you paint this i did i am undone undone good that’s good right i think that’s good [Music] are these concrete countertops look at how much counter space you have this is crazy everything just flows beautifully into this like back third of the house where this massive kitchen is laid out with these concrete gritty countertop pressed right up against this clay color cabinet and then we have this glamorous like metallic backsplash it’s so city it’s so gritty it’s so urban [Music] it’s a little real banister that is the coolest thing i’ve ever seen in my entire life i mean it’s the epitome of city it’s all urban it’s something that you might see in downtown detroit as an art installation somewhere [Laughter] keith is that a mural in my closet it is i did you a little graffiti art so i imagined you standing in front of it for your fabulous selfies and you have your angels when you stand up against it it looks like i have wings which is so cool so i’m obsessed i mean i have street art in my closet it doesn’t get any more city there you go than that it’s a gift to me and it feels so true to detroit i want to put in an offer right away you guys crushed it like this house is mine anyone else drives past it i’m mean mugging this house keep it moving away keep moving okay not even going to let them put a for sale sign up it’s my house diamond definitely wasn’t planned the next day she submitted an offer on the house for 102 thousand dollars which is 2 000 over asking and now the house is hers you
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HbaJ4bw8Rz8

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