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Epic Hors D’Oeuvres – Epic Meal Time

every mealtime calm all right did you give me a cup of Big Mac sauce how BIG’s the cup you got you know okay we gotta drop through that with my boys in the kitchen looking up the mythical herbs maybe some little itty bitty bits of epic deliciousness both meats talking to us even that thing criticism a beautiful piece from the belly of the beast and we’re laying down bacon strips don’t act like you don’t know it’s a bacon we’ve Jeep [Music] bacon four days what’s black always winning and sometimes skinny but that’s bacon getting freaky with the cupcake apparatus cheesy potato bacon puns [Music] this bad boy is all grease standard bacon we’ve Flint expert bacon we flip don’t try this at home only [ __ ] cry [Music] a big swig and lots of Jack Daniels to quickly work Christ making dough with bacon duck blendin crab and a failure contraption obviously I’d make it from that cream cheese and mushed up obviously add more baby fold it up homie Epic Meal Time and the kitchen chopping green patron that’s tequila salsa while prevent a shop boy Halloween you’re naked strip go one up him just want to put my fingers in it if you ain’t down with Cheez Whiz you’re dumb that down to steak bacon filling cheesecakes this looks really good six fingers making some slider patties [Music] bacon cheese sliders and bacon wrap watch JD for the chicken ina forget things humbucking things brought to me bacon money [ __ ] and videogames slash bacon over 7000 titles and all game-playing boxes and if you’re down with Epic Meal Time slash baby and a 15-day free trial i get that bacon money everybody’s winning slash baby more games cheese and meat boy cheese and me rollin in balls and some chicken balls it’s taken bean baking burritos nasty bacon flavor flatten that bacon and hit up some of that caviar internet money potato skins for the win sour cream cheese and a hole in Baconator cuz we’re stupid but Big Mac Big Mac sauce on the bacon pizza dough mini map pizzas smart mini Mac pizzas bake it right with crabs bacon weave tacos put tequila walk and salsa qualen so sticky pages burritos dude that mention of bacon caviar bacon and potato skins cream cheesy bacon balls Philly cheese steak bacon quetions jalapeno bacon cheese poppers bacon-wrapped backsliders my bacon tarts really nice bacon tarts [Music] next time leave bacon yeah
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