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Epic Chef – Mexican Challenge

if you like luxury prepare aesthetically pleasing fine dining this one is the most exquisite ingredients then consider yourself fortunate click another link if you’re looking for Martha Stewart cooking show this is epic chef two contestants will have 45 minutes to cook up an epic meal using three secret ingredients alcohol and bacon one will be crowned a Duke of epic by our panel of judges chef on the left guy wiener he waxes his mustache with bacon grease chef on the right Claude Bertrand so what he’s old he’s probably really wise today’s challenge Mexican mother let’s bust out the pinata welcome to epic chef competitive cooking show where we take two people and make them go to war except instead of guns and tanks it’s bacon in liquor bottles it’s the mystery Mexican extravaganza there are three ingredients inside those pinatas that you have to use for your meal you are also encouraged to use the liquor of the day which is tequila contestants are also given a briefcase filled with bacon so how could you [ __ ] your meal up let’s go meet our guest judges right now I’m Greg Miller for my I’m calm and your meals need to inspire us to be fat again I’m Adam Gertler I host a show called food bites at and I know the difference between an epic chef and epic and you have 45 minutes to cook a meal worthy of taste but directions of the judges let’s get our drink on first I assume you boys are drinking with me thank you here’s how it works on my shot glass touches the table the competition is on and the timer is counting graduate we drinking to lost dogs show me the meaning of haste we keep the secret ingredients inside a pinata like this kitchen is a six-year-olds birthday party except instead of six-year-olds you get full-grown drunken men and everyone’s getting candy and buy candy I mean bacon bust it open the bacon briefcase like cooking game Donald Trump we handle this pork bisque seriously guy Wiener approaches the creation of a bacon we’ve advanced maneuver and time consuming I wish on the best of luck I just have little faith that he’ll actually pull this off wise man Claude looks to chop his bacon up either way I’m looking forward to banking in all shapes and forms and that weave does look appetizing Claude takes a surprisingly interesting route and makes Bulls a bacon at this point in the game I have no idea what them he’s thinking who cares we got deep-fried Cinnabons bowls of meat brown sugar busting open cans with knives and full-grown Lumberjacks worth a liquor on food we’re about to get drunk off mexican cod stop cooking club shot break yes chef yes chef all right here’s what’s happening okay oh okay now Lady Bird saw that verdict here’s how it works I take a shot only when the shot is done you guys get back to your cooking okay yes yeah cool got go Oh 25 minutes 25 minutes of past or 25 minutes left 25 minutes left whatever you guys are doing right now you need to make it much freakin bigger in the next 20 minutes Claud yes sir you don’t need to serve me I’m just like get your [ __ ] together no idea what I’m doing that’s okay I know and I don’t think guy knows what he’s doing either but he’s acting a lot better than you at it yeah I just give up damn it you wasted so much time with the bacon bowls now you’re wasting so much time with the bean things for the hangover thing are you opening up that big-ass cat or what yep yep good wait to see what I do with it the national nightmare is open the harmonies are opening hmm let’s say you want you two to I’ll tell you right now there’s not a fancy little thing in the world that can be considered epic that those two things will change like that’s not gonna make anything hey they may look like nipples they look like none I just I just saw all of what I know what he’s doing shot girls anyway uh yes now it’s making sense shot girl Wow have we underestimated you this squad a Mexican genius more beans more tortillas more guacamole more meat I imagine Claude lying in bed last night just looking up he’s like I’m gonna make tits tomorrow it’s a terrible bacon weave and the fact that it’s in my kitchen is making me sick rooster Glock tequila block I’m pretty fast like the boat dishes guy wiener making his own custom tequila salsa that’s some gangster ass my tastes good but I’m not fan of the bar coloring though whether or not they make this meal happen I respect how crunk in the kitchen these two chefs are getting after all that’s a big part of what makes an epic chef epic to kill a guy and tequila Claud supposed to get sloppy in here guy Weiner now all drunk is putting together a behemoth of a burrito with less than 10 minutes left on the clock eight minutes have already sec eight minutes of cooking left here’s what happens guy comes in all cocky thinks he’s fighting a ninety-year-old grandfather turns out this guy who knows everything about food you’re in trouble guy how are those baking bowls going they’re bit their bacon it’s happening they can you’re happy with the temperature that you have now are you making the tortilla strips yes sometimes I see girls get salads and these are in them now it’s crunch time and guys putting together a second burrito this time beating burritos getting deep-fried left and right that’s all good run wondering how they’ll be presented greasy bacon everywhere and the plating process has begun guys pulled some serious Adams ass really well what happened hey are his designs your documents are coming to life before oh my goodness we have on one side the promise of breasts which if delivered can be hard to beat and on this side it seems that you have a chimichanga stuck to a hot dog stuff to a baked burrito garnished with a bacon weave one minute six five four three two one that means stop cooking don’t touch anything competitions over so now we’re gonna get to the tasting am i right guys right now we’re at the judge’s table and before we get to tasting let’s have guy explain what he created here for us so basically what I made over there was a guy wiener donkey show legs are being and cheese chimichangas the body made out of a double double wide burrito with beef and cinnamon buns in the inside saddles made of bacon weave the head a weiner actually in a bun with the pickled jalapenos on top we’ve got tortilla chip ears helping yo eyes jalapeno tail and we can’t forget the donkey balls made out of ground chicken can’t forget the boss the second creation at the table Claude think you have some explaining to do cleavage was the inspiration when I saw the cinnamon rolls I wanted to make like a chilaquiles kind of thing so I laid the bacon down cooked the ground beef with a little sriracha and deep-fried the cinnamon rolls and then I made the sauce separate blended everything together put that inside the bacon put it in the bowl threw it in the oven the wacom moly i thinned that down with water and lime then kind of a little inspiration down there to complete the body with tortillas and green onions oh let’s not forget the most important part of all the one lactating breast all right now the judging process will commence I’m starting with the balls okay because life starts with the balls you started with the balls cuz he’s the expert I think what’s engineering about the cinnamon bun and the beef who’s that Mexican chorizo is traditionally made with sin so I’m actually getting a real chorizo flavor so it’s like I don’t know if that was intentional or inadvertent but I find guide to be a genius for that was that intentional you lie for me the one standout on the whole dish right is the meat and salmon bun not because what bookworm said just cuz it tastes really good I didn’t expect that everything else though it’s just like okay it’s some bacon and it’s some hotdog into some chimichanga okay well we taste that everything out of guys this year up next we got Claude’s dish this one I feel like you can almost eat as a kind of low carb sandwich like you’re on I collected Claude being the true Mexican to incorporate more tortillas into his dish what how’d you get such delicious tits here it’s my age that’s a tasty breast club yeah there are so many flavors there’s a lot is there like a fruity flavor others yeah there is that Sherri’s nado maybe isn’t where you’re getting the cinnamon I mean there’s cinnamon bun in there too mm-hmm all right well the final judging process is complete sure you guys want to hear your verdicts Greg guy you came in with such a fire and such a passion and you were throwing things around and you’re angry and you were making the bacon what do you call it lettuce leave leave the balls the balls didn’t taste as good as balls usually taste balls usually taste better exactly and then of course claw I rode you real hard doing this thing turned out to be awesome you turn to you’re an awesome dude you drink there you’re making these amazing things you took your time you put together these just phenomenal tits they looks great you had the presentation you had the head you had the [ __ ] you had the bush it was like this it’s something I could actually see myself eating in a real restaurant and that was my problem so obviously guys vomiting [ __ ] ball haines burrito thing over here that monstrosity was what i found to be epic that’s why I’m voting forgot I thought that the three-dimensionality of the boot oh that guy prepared was fantastic but I thought on the insides it left a lot to be desired and let’s not forget the dry balls clod while probably not as huge and epic he did create an anthropomorphic another version of a donkey splayed out on its back who knows and you know and my name her name was waddle Lupe and and there was huge is these bacon formed breasts but basically what I wanted to be in my mouth place the most was what was inside those breasts that was the single best bite that I had so I have to give it to clock I gotta say this I loved guy that you came in with this blueprint and he brought it to life you made it happen I liked your attitude I liked implementing a bacon weave I liked all those techniques that was awesome Claud you made a pair of tits and he put it in bacon pouches that’s the difficult thing to do those bacon pouches you did well but Claud you put you put greens in the [ __ ] of the dog makes me think maybe you don’t know what epic is what makes a meal epic if you’re gonna put greens in there you lose I’m gonna have to go with guy on that lodger awesome too you just don’t get the bowling trophy today thank you for watching epic chef tune in next week competitions subscribe on on Facebook now you don’t do that there you don’t subscribe on Facebook like on Facebook follow on Twitter all that social networking jazz all right I remember unless you’re here and I say you’re an epic chef you ain’t your your are just a a skin bag of bones blood
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