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Epic Chef – Italian Challenge

if you like looks you’re prepared aesthetically pleasing fine dining this one is the most exquisite ingredients then consider yourself fortunate click another link if you’re looking for Martha Stewart cooking show this is epic chef two contestants will have 45 minutes to cook up an epic meal using three secret ingredients alcohol and bacon one will be crowned a Duke of epic by our panel of judges chef on the left bigness ramen Oscars aka leech ear on salty and slimy slippery kind of do chef on the right penny Davidi she crushed some suckers on some other cooking shows but this is the only cooking show that matters today’s challenge it counted motherf is it to me sounds like welcome to epic chef the competitive cooking show that will make your tastebuds code basically take your granddaddy’s cooking show wrap it in bacon deep-fry it showered in liquor and you get a pic chef all right contestants it’s time to get dumb here’s how the game works we got secret ingredients under this drape right here you have to incorporate them into your meals let’s see what they are jurnee various cured meats we got panko breadcrumbs chicken we got the liquor for today which you are expected to incorporate into your meal which is whiskey and each contestant is given a briefcase of bacon you’ve got to create something suitable for our guest judges let’s go meet them right now come on hi I’m Justine I go by iJustine on YouTube hello I’m Joe also known as Miss retirement on YouTube let’s get drunk first can I have some shots please cuz that’s how I like round you know normally I’d ask you guys to drink with me but I’m feeling extra liquor E today so from y’all when this shot glass touches the table the competition is on alright what am i drinking – mister darman peace in zambia do it yeah faster four minutes in mystery guitar man is still pissed if there’s no peanut butter they have peanuts peanut butter peanut butter smooth I found peanut butter peanut butter is not one of the main ingredients but for some reason everyone’s caught up on it big eNOS breaks open the baking briefcase like cooking gamer when our shyster cooking with whiskey and using knives in this kitchen coz safety this ain’t no Food Network welcome to the Internet mashing up chip throwing down some peanut butter both of these chefs are hustling to make the most of their time limit here this is a bacon battlezone and the loser is destined to perish hey by the way our contestants take your hands off the food stop touching this is shot break it means we’re taking a shot right now you guys can’t be doing anything while I’m taking the shot to world peace okay do it there’s a time limit penny 25 minutes and Counting you have enough time for those balls to make yeah I hope so for your sake that enough time you are you guys actually accomplishing anything she said ramen and that’s like your fifth beer someone filled him 10 cameras on the chef that doesn’t know how to use a can opener please we need triple coverage on this so what goose doesn’t know how to open a can whatever it’s not like he’s a real chef and as far as I’m concerned people that don’t know how to cook really know how to cook well actually knowing how to cook helps when cooking I don’t know if I’m saying I’m hungry and I hope penny and ignis and throwing together something special drunk and playing with knives also take notes with those hands are greased up that’s like an 11 on 10 on the dangerously dumb scale this kitchen reeks of baking liquor intensity and pressure perfect circumstances for a magical meal both of these chefs are deep-frying and slicing meat and I’m just sitting here with my heart on waiting to get my mouth on something substantial ten minutes and you know what Ignace maybe you didn’t step as much as i thought you did you seemed to be pulling it together nicely penny yes yeah do you think you’re backing up at all right now um my love there’s not anything up going on your end right now oh except for the fact that it’s hot as hell Oh Agnes has begun his plating process so what’re you guys thinking before you taste it’s a lot of meat a lot of plenty of peanut butter on both sides I think it’s an even match peanut butter side of it it’s almost like it tastes pretty good yeah yeah if this on too delicious she go peanut butter inside and Pam and I a seven six five four three two one yeah hey stop touching stop touching each other stop touching the food it’s over now let’s go taste this meal all right so the contestants have presented their plates we’re gonna dive into this but before we do that I want to hear Ignis explain himself what he made for us right here started with the penne pasta for penny my favorite competitor the little wrappings all the cold cuts with pickling side wrapped around with bacon powdered sugar on top and a bourbon sriracha peanut butter and then the chicken I said why not bread it twice so the second breading is panko crusted up bacon see and salt vinegar potato chips crushed up cooked with bacon on top on top of pasta a little bit of this a little bit of that and that’s what you got right there Ignis gave us the rundown penny you have some explaining to do as well what you’ve got in front of you is a poor Frenchman’s lasagna I started with French bread at the bottom layer made a homemade tomato sauce peanut butter brown sugar little spice lots of garlic poured that in then layered it with the French bread more cheese more sauce more meat another layer bread more sauce topped with a fried bacon cool so we got the rundown of these dishes let’s get to the tasting am i right judges let’s do it all right I’m excited to try this chicken is he put different chips mmm chips on the chicken everything I was like a little peanut butter taste to it a lot of money mystery guitar man you ruined my dish I did not ruin a dish he was the one that put peanut butter in it and it’s delicious okay I’m gonna try the pickle encrusted oh there’s a little hot dog in there too as bottom I’m definitely not bad no peanut butter in this one no you want some peanut butter for that one I have some peanut butter on me I’m good all right on to the second dish tasting right here let’s do it there’s deliciousness underneath hidden like tomb Raider’s you have to go deep with a try to avoid peanut butter I don’t think you can because it’s in the sauce you mr. t Carmen it’s so delicious and what did you do with his bread you said you just little something special yeah there’s a little balsamic vinegar and butter reduction oh there’s no peanut butter all that no there’s no peanut butter no we’re driving I don’t want to tread then a soccer ball we haven’t tried the chicken every piece of bread I get I’m only thinking peanut butter like really furious with Joe right now I’m so happy with myself right now judging process is complete here’s the verdict Joe very tough decision I thought that they were both very peanut buttered which was very good thought that Penny’s plate presentation was slightly better than Ignace plate presentation taste wise thicknesses was a little too spicy Penny’s was a little sweet but I think that at the end it worked out so I think I’m gonna have to choose penny on this one all right Justine Ignace after one bite of your crispy peanut butter spicy chicken eye it was really disgusting so I was really sorry about that but penny yours was very very sweet and I felt like it’s a lot about Sonic but I taste it I still not actually start him in a pic we’ll be back after these messages I think I’m not to choose Penny’s dish alright so that’s it penny or the winner however Ignis you can take some victory in the fact that in such a disgusting kitchen you kept your shoes pretty clean however you don’t win the epic chef bowling trophy for today congratulations penny thank you for watching epic chef tune in every week new competitions subscribe like follow all that social networking jazz and remember unless you’re on this show and I say you’re an epic chef you ain’t you just halfway crook you
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