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Energy Boosting Cardio Jumpstart – Total Body Warm Up Cardio Workout

hello my name is Kelly I’m with Fitness blender comm and today I have a body weight only cardio workout for you that works perfect for a warm up or just a wake up call at any point during the day when you need a little energy boost let’s go ahead and get started all right guys this is gonna be fun we’re doing just 30 seconds of each of these warm-up exercises they’re all kind of starting nice and light and we’ll get more intense as we go and I’ll show you both high and low impact options as we work our way through here we have just a plain old boxer shuffle which you can also keep entirely low-impact by just kind of raising your feet off the ground cutting out the bumps essentially so warm-ups are really important to being able to do those harder workouts the high intensity interval training the lifting they’re so important to be able to do those things safely you never skip your wampum like five seconds we’re gonna be switching to a step through so we’re gonna stay on one leg for each interval and these are fun they work your balance and warm-up upper and lower body make sure you get those arm movements in there as well you can always shorten your step if you feel a little uneasy in the balance Department and otherwise step out as far as you can to challenge that balance so this workout also makes a really great like I said a wake-up call for in the middle of the day if you’re sitting at the computer all day long when your job is kind of sedentary it’s a great way to wake up your mind as well as your body all right so now this leg is and be planted and we’re just doing the same thing on the other side it really helps to turn on a music that motivates you kind of turn it into a sort of a bad dance party that’s what happens with my warmups usually the ones that we don’t film right so that hopefully never see the light of the Internet right okay next up we’re gonna be doing an overhead breach plus a bend so I’m gonna warm up at the waist there a little bit alright so a few out shoulder-width apart coming up overhead stretch enjoy that quick stretch and then tap down towards the floor as far as you can safely go without any discomfort so with this warm-up I wanted to use all the different ranges of motion different directions so that you can use it for pretty much anything going forward but there’s never any harm and more of a warm-up you ever feel like your muscles are stiff or nee more always do more warmup so now run at the side lunge with the ventral rays don’t go too deep you’re kind of just warming up the range of motion you don’t need to do a full deep squat there make sure you’re not holding your breath about 10 seconds left of these five seconds I’m going to switch to a front kick plus a pole so standing up nice and tall you know kick forward and as you bring that foot up bring your hands down and just only kick as high as you can again without any flailing or discomfort you don’t want to hurt yourself do push your boundaries but listen to your body as well and with each of these intervals you can always kind of pick up the pace as you go as your muscles start to get warm start moving a little bit faster with a little more vigor alright next up we’re doing three torso twists plus a knee so one two on the third bring up opposite elbow opposite me to the opposite elbow one two three one two three just keep that up any pace you need to ten seconds left there’s five next up bring me doing a pivot squat so again not a deep range of motion just yet because we aren’t a warm-up I’ve been standing here just opening up be mindful with how your hips feel here I’m gonna do this clock motion carefully the first two times just make sure you know where you’re at and then you get more comfortable at least start to deepen that squat a little bit focus on form keeping your back flat pushing up through the heels when you come up in those o’clock about five seconds left and we switch to runners and I picked the cardio back up a little bit here so weight in one leg arms out like this and you’re just digging kind of as quickly as you can really just like I said as you get warm you want to pick up the pace and make sure that you’re not holding your breath you just start to feel it in the leg that supporting leg though those thigh muscles the glutes just start to talk to you three seconds left or switch sides all right switch legs just keep going I’m sweating by the end of the warm-up that’s great all right next up we need doing a squat plus a toe touch so I’m gonna do it a little bit deeper squat this time try to just push your limits in terms of how low you can go but never go lower than you can control it’s not really all about how low your squat is it’s really about how your form is while you’re doing it if you’re doing a slow squat but you’re doing it wrong you’re only going to hurt yourself five seconds left we’re gonna finish up with jumping jacks alright so right here here’s your higher impact option if you want no jumps so you have neighbors below just cut out the jumps and then move as quickly as you can make sure that you’re getting a full you’re not bending arms like this you want a full range of motion and you have to slow it down to do that that’s perfectly fine all right there we go so I hope you enjoyed this warmup um make sure to enjoy whatever you move on to next and I’ll see you next time for a new workout thank you guys warm up complete
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