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Eggs Benedict | 5 Ways | Jamie Oliver

guys okay so i’m going to give you a great recipe that i would love on father’s day is eggs benedict i’m going to give you five versions of eggs benedict the classic with smoked ham then smoked salmon and then grilled mushrooms for the vegetarians and then we’re gonna have a nice posh one with dressed crab then number five a classic that we do in barbacoa burnt ends benedict okay hollandaise sauce it starts with two eggs and remove just the yolks then i’m going to use some butter i’m going to put a pack of butter in here guys and we’re just going to melt it here i’ve got a pan about an inch of water put the bowl on top add a little tablespoon of white wine vinegar i’m gonna add a little bit of salt a little pepper okay so as you whisk it’s gonna start to double in size slowly add in the butter if you don’t whisk constantly it’ll split so at this point let’s take it off the heat i’ll remove that then now in kitchens we’d make that at the beginning of service and then what would happen is maybe an hour later someone puts it on a higher heat and it splits so it’s quite a vulnerable source so a brilliant way to stop that is just get a good old-fashioned thermos flask put boiling water in and preheat it and then pour that away and this is the best place to put a fantastic hollandaise sauce and just pour it in it’s gonna stay warm for two hours sauce done so guys let’s talk about eggs right one of the ultimate eggs is a double yolker when you get two yolks in one egg fantastic but we can’t wait for luck so let’s make it let’s make it happen right and i’m going to show you how to not only guarantee the perfect poached egg every time but also guarantee double yolkers and it’s really simple so we’re using heatproof cling film get a little bit of olive oil so we rub that on there then we get our bowl put that underneath and then just use your hand to push the cling film in then we get two gorgeous eggs these are lovely free-range organic eggs and in they go and then simply all we do is pull up the sides and we’re just going to squeeze the air out and then tie it in a knot it couldn’t be easier so let’s take these eggs put them into simmering water so while that’s cooking let’s talk about flavors so first up dry grilled mushrooms and when you dry grill them like that they go nutty and completely different flavor next combo smoked salmon we’ve got the ham you know this stuff is nice and normal right we’ve seen this before but let’s just kind of play that story then we’ve got crab you can just get it and you can dress it so in with olive oil in with chili and a basil a little squeeze of lemon juice mix it up and it will be divine and delicious let’s explain the last one burnt ends is all the end bits of big pulled pork butts or beautiful short ribs of beef or any of the barbecued meats and then we just dress them in a bit of barbecue sauce and that’s it right next my eggs they’ve had about eight and a half minutes the mushrooms here are ready and with the mushrooms very simply you know they’re cooked and they’re dry and they look a little bit uninteresting but if you put nice extra virgin olive oil on here all right a pinch of salt and pepper and again a squeeze of lemon juice and even a little parsley or something like that this is going to be a thing of joy one more thing spinach just put it in that griddle pan just wilt it down you literally just need 30 seconds again just a little kiss of olive oil and lemon juice and seasoning and that’s all you could possibly need beautiful look at that done so now i’m going to take my buns you can toast them if you want but not too much i’d say you want it to be spongy okay lovely extra virgin olive oil let’s have a little bit of that very very nice then we’re going to go on with the smoked salmon first beautiful the next one we’re going to go ham good quality dry cured smoked ham lovely and then the spinach on there then a few little bits of those gorgeous mushrooms let’s pack it in then we’re going to go the crab really nice and then the burnt ends amazing right so then we’ve got the eggs just simply cut off the end like that and then you can just grab this and pull it up and it’s not going to break it’s beautiful this is the end of the story guys hollandaise sauce over the top thick and rich with that little bit of acidity mushrooms oozy egg crab meat burnt ends look at that the wonderful world of eggs benedict so there you go guys i hope you enjoyed that if you want to get the old man something beautiful for father’s day check out the jaime magazine subscription it’s fantastic value full of ideas chefs cooks artisans you name it we pack it into that mag every single month until next time lots of love [Music] bye
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