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Eating In The World’s OLDEST Chinatown. Binondo, Manila 🇵🇭

hello and welcome back to Manila in this video I’m going to be exploring Manila’s Chinatown in the district of Bernardo it’s the oldest Chinatown in the world and one of the oldest parts of Manila [Music] Hey my first impressions are really it’s dark it’s gritty the buildings are really high streets are narrow everything feels quite claustrophobic the light just going on like I say in a few of my videos fruits just being sold on the side of the street incense burning in different places and lanterns hanging here we go loads of dishes to choose from and I sat down with my food which I can’t wait to eat it looks really here I have a curry this one looks like mock me sometimes fried rice is not me chicken and again either tofu or motley chicken I’m not too sure if some peppers in that and a drink I’ve gone with fresh honey calamansi calamansi is a small citrusy lemon / mind looking fruit that’s used for adding taste too many dishes here in the Philippines and there’s a homemade honey version of it so well that was quite neat all of this together 200 Filipino pesos so actually I think quite good value [Music] [Applause] [Music] just finish my dinner in pancha in che and I’m now at the edge of one thing stream which offers some of the best Chinese Filipino food in Manila and it’s also full of tea houses herbalist incense places so really one of the most interesting streets in Chinatown let me take you on a little walk down it now and let’s see what’s around right now it’s rush hour in Manila so expect a lot of cars should I be in this video check it out lots of Chinese New Year type decorations one ping Street has various bridges crossing over this canal which are likely hundreds of years old we’ve got bakeries supermarket all with Chinese characters even hotels and shops of course fruit and veg being sold on the street typical Chinese restaurants I really need to have a ride in one of these little things so many different types of vehicles in Manila to tackle against his traffic people making all kinds of improvisations which I love but what they call the king of the road is the jeepney one pastry is quite long it makes a choux horse like Bend around the canal and crosses over the canal with those old bridges that you saw earlier Chinatown is quite large I can see all the way down to the end of the street Chinese characters there we go that’s Ajit me but I was talking about the king of the road in Manila which actually helps to take a la vía khals off the road because so many people can cram into one over 20 the end merry old cathedral right in front of it and a water fountain I’m still in Chinatown I’m walking through a slightly different path of Bernardo and I’m heading towards a relatively well-known bakery which I hope is still open to try some of the sweet snacks that they have that there are Taiwanese restaurants and Japanese restaurants on this street also Chinatown isn’t the most romantic place in Manila you can find that a bit more in Intramuros however if you are interested in history of Manila and just to kind of see the world all this Chinatown you know then it’s worth the trip but mostly it’s for the food eating is the main part the main reason why a tourist we want to come to Bernardo this is the one I heard was good along Tapia factory along Xavier bakery so let’s take a look it’s quite modern inside not here alongside different types of cakes alarm authentic Chinese fresh limpia as it’s pretty late in the day I’m going to try one of these could shy freshly-baked we’re not so freshly brave is this quite late you can see in 1966 give you an idea of the age of this place so the last one of the day I was hoping for it to be sweet by just a little bit she told me this vegetables and can see vegetables and the savory filling in that but it’s actually quite sweet despite the fact it’s a savory pastry just 40 pesos so quite a nice little snack to pick up in Chinatown as good as that was I do fancy something sweet to wrap up this Chinatown video and I found another bakery just walking along it’s called one key so in we go so the guys in there couldn’t speak English and I didn’t want to film so it’s a bit awkward I picked up a pop here yellow Mungo I don’t know this week or ever savory or not it’s ten Filipino pesos so let’s try success it’s sweet it’s quite thick and chewy but it’s hit my sweet tooth which is the main thing hi video many open all day oh yeah yeah sorry I took some videos ready what about the kids yeah they’ve already eaten pretty nice to see all these flowers and plants on sale I’m gonna end this Chinatown video here sorry if it was a little bit short I kind of run out of things to see or I’ve walked around a little bit and that’s enough to give you a taste and have the head all the way back over to Makati so it’s gonna be a long journey I’m gonna call my ground now so stay tuned a little bit more coming from Manila including how expensive is Manila I’ll see on the next one peace you
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