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[Music] good morning you may have noticed if you watch the previous video that is the same morning that I finished the last video that’s because I was a bit hungover yesterday I didn’t want to do any vlogging so today I’m heading across the river to the Buddha side I’m about to cross this bridge here a famous bridge in Budapest that’s one built over the Danube and then I’m gonna head on to Buda Castle which is this building here and then Fisherman’s Bastion and a few other things on the other side of the river [Music] and like I said first bridge to be built in [Music] [Music] you did your best to make me yours if I knew all of this would turn us [Music] as you can see there’s a funicular you can take to get to the top of Castle Hill where buda castle is but I’ve decided instead to walk I’ve just walked up a fair bit of the hill already it’s quite steep if you cut through and do shortcuts I wish I’ve been doing some doubt bread now that’s Buda Castle behind me and an amazing [Music] [Music] make sure when you go to buda castle that you go to the back and check out this view there’s nobody else here and it’s quite impressive so behind me and over there is a statue of Sir Stephen who is the first king of Hungary and he’s the guy some more views of the Danube over there and you can get a closer up view of the Parliament building as we’re a bit further up River this whole area with the Gothic architecture is known as the fisherman’s bastion [Music] you did your best to make me yours I’ve come to this great little place for some lunch so she got two pancakes one Sultan one site one with chicken and broccoli inside the other one with cocoa and it came to 674 in in total which is insane I put the name of this place just [Music] tomorrow I’m heading up Gellert Hill which is this one here and I’ll be taking the bridge over there to get there and I’ll be going to a few other places the Central Market which is on the west side good morning it’s another beautiful day in Budapest Hungary so firstly I’m gonna head to the Central Market and check it out I’ve heard good things it’s supposed to be interesting lots of Hungarian food and its proper Eastern European market [Music] as you can see it’s quite big and a whole variety of stuff on sale and food to plates to clothes to creepy dolls this is the biggest sausage I’ve ever seen just kidding it’s not actually real don’t forget the garlic to keep out the vampires I’m gonna need some of that when they go to Romania [Music] so I’ve got the goulash soup it’s got potato carrot chunks of beef it’s the classic Hungarian dish it’s nice it’s quite sold and looks quite oily as well if you come to the top of the Central Market then that’s where you’ll find tons of local food it’s the best local food I’ve seen [Music] heading over the Danube but this time on the south side to reach Gellert Hill as I mentioned in previous vlogs this way or this way I’m gonna go it this way I don’t know if I’m going the right way all I know is I have to walk up the hill the signs here is so completely random look how badly these are drawn it’s in Hungarian as well there’s no I have no idea what they’re saying but I’ll just make sure I keep heading upwards and I’ll definitely get [Music] definitely the best here at Budapest you can see right down the Danube and see the split between Vader and pest [Music] [Music] hello it’s now the next morning I am leaving my hostel in Budapest now and I’m heading to my next destination in Hungary so I’m gonna end the video there thank you very much for watching and check out the next one to see where I am in Hungary [Music]
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