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Easy Yoga Workout ♥ Fat Loss & Flexibility | Koh Kham

Hey guys welcome to the beautiful island of ko kham Today, I’ve got a yoga for fat loss for you this yoga practice is going to be a combination of heart raising movements as well as yoga postures, so If you guys are ready grab your water grab your mat and let’s do it All right, you guys we’re going to begin today at the very back of your mat standing with your feet together Let’s start by reaching the arms up to the sky deep breath exhale arms down and again the breath in reaching the arms up exhale release Good one more inhale reach me arms up to the sky I’m going to exhale folding from the hips into your standing forward fold And just hang out here walking out those knees Letting go of any tension in the hamstrings and your neck and your back Letting go of any tension here Awesome. Let’s take those hands now behind your back interlace the fingers and allow yourself to go a little bit deeper thinking about bringing those hands to the mat Really great shoulder stretch here And then slowly bringing yourself up to standing arch in the back opening the chest into your standing cobra And just let go of any tension in that upper body And then come back to center taking a deep breath in arms up I Feel down good one more any of reach up exhale Folding yourself all the way down up and this time walking over to your point position shoulders over your wrists knee into your chest step back other side that knee to chest and four five six is strong in your plane and eight nine, and Hold your plank Chaturanga, Dandasana inhale upward-Facing dog Open the chest in the heart And then exhale downward facing dog off and just take a moment here really push those heels right down to the mat Sigma-z breath in and then exhale releasing back into that plank position Start by kicking that right leg back up and Then need to check that’s one other leg pick up and then that seam need to chest keep repeating and what we’re doing here is engaging the glutes and the core and the upper body So your entire body is working really hard here pushing through this Good kick it up and then need to chest Your goal here is to keep the body straight as possible and just work from the glute and then keep the Core strong good now let’s do last one and Then take your chaturanga upward Facing dog and exhale pushing back into your downward facing dog Awesome, just pull that here deep breath in exhale. Let’s reach the right leg up to the sky Taking a moment here to feel a nice deep stretch And then bending that top knee you’re going to come forward and just bring it in for two and then extend it up So you’re pumping the knee one two? and then extend right up again one to Extend I’m actually working with the breath exhale one two Inhale reach it up exhale one two inhale reach up exhale One two, just a tiny pump as you bring it to your chest keep going one two and one two Bring it up Fold it and then slowly come here step that same foot between the two hands Holding that lunge. Take a moment to catch your breath as you exhale extending the front knees forehead to me inhale coming back into your lunge exhale Extend forehead to knee Keeping those hips as square as possible inhale come back to your lunge exhale push Wonderful lift adult one more time here inhale come forward into your lunge exhale Extend the front knee pull the right hip back push the left hip forward feel like lengthening stretch, the right hamstring Stay with your breath bring oxygen into those muscles into the patient And now slowly let’s come back. It’s that lunch When you’re ready both arms reaching up to the sky high lunge open the chest in the heart look forward See if you can sink a little lower with the hips possible And then from here shifting all of your weight to that right foot Warrior 3 so your hips are square your arms are right at your side of your body Or if you wish you can reach them forward Find your balance in your center grip the mat with your right toes great job Now slowly bring yourself up with your chest hands and prayer that back knee comes up to your chest or your belly button Keep your core strong stuff that same foot back into your lunge now with power need to that belly button again okay, if you wobble a little bit step back into your lunge egg and belly button and Step back with lots of power bring it up Awesome step back into the high lunge again bring it up. You’re going to feel this not supporting leg Hold that knee hold it a little bit closer towards your chest and then just rotate the ankle around letting go of any tension there in the ankle Joint and Then you’re going to let go of your knee hands in prayer and just pump it up two three four five six seven eight nine Ten and step it back into your high lunge hold Releasing the arms all the way down to your mat And then stepping back into your find position nice and slow and then opening into your side client Bring your weight over to your left hand hold it just adding an arm circle with the top arm for one and Two keep your balance keep your straight line one more and now from here you’re going to drop back over to your high plank for push up up and Two remember you can modify this by bring the knees to the floor last one Chaturanga Dandasan I take it down upward facing dog exhale downward Facing dog awesome Right you guys going to take it to the other side now left leg reaches up to the sky hold opposition first And then bending the knee and starting with that double pump bring it over to your plank One two and then extend the leg up exhale pump it one two inhale up Exhale one two inhale up Exhale one two Inhale bring it up keep going you guys keep your shoulders over your wrists when you come into plank Comes at any two times as you exhale wonderful fold it there and Then big step between the two hands into your high lunge Take a second find your bound. Take a deep breath in and then exhale extending out siphoning hips are square Feeling the stretch in the hamstring come back into your lunge exhale push back inhale lunge Exhale push back Awesome one more time inhale Come forward exhale Extending into that posture if there’s square forehead is reaching towards the knee Feeling a nice length aney stretch in the hamstring And just focusing on the breath with each exhale allowing yourself to go a little bit deeper into the posture Beautiful let’s come back into that lunge position Finding your balance and this time reaching both arms up to the sky hold open the chest and the heart and Then from here. We’re shifting the weight into that front foot find your balance and then extending back into that warrior three posture Hold it here finding yourself grounded strong and balanced Breathe inhale into your nose exhale out Slowly from here the hands are going to come into prayer bring your weight up right knee to your belly button Exhale step all the way back into that lunge knee to belly button step back for two loss of Power Here open the chest step back again bring it in and Stop them to your high lunge Bring it in and go right into the pump one two three four five six seven eight nine and Beautiful go ahead and reach for that knee a little little bit closer towards the belly button towards the chest rotate that ankle and Then let go over the knee and very slowly stepping back into the high lunge opening the chest one more time Open the heart hold and then release the hands to the mat Stepping back into fine and then opening to your side find on the other side Stack the feet if you like or bring the top before rotate that arm for once two big circle three and Four awesome bringing the top arm right down to your mouth when you’re ready Holding that plank and give me four push-ups. Go four and three remember you can modify come down to your knees last one and Then taking your flow upward Facing dog inhale exhale downward Facing dog Beautiful job folded here. Give yourself a nice deep stretch Inhaling into nose exhaling through your mouth as you come right back over to your knees taking your camel posture so hands either at your lower back or You can go a little bit deeper and grab those heels pushing the pelvis and the hips forward opening the chest and the heart If you can throw your head all the way back Let’s just look up to the sky Allowing yourself to release any tension out of the core out of a chest out of the arms Take one more deep breath and open up Exhale very slowly when you’re ready to release out of your panel First we’re going to bring the hands over Towards the lower back Supporting your backward and then coming into a seated position onto your heels Let’s take one more deep breath in Reach the arms up And exhale taking a child’s clothes rounding out the spine the opposite Direction If your wrists are feeling a little achy hear from the planks give them a little stretch as well. You can roll them out Let’s take one more deep breath into your nose And exhale all of it out as you come back to seated inhale reaching the arms up And then exhale hands to heart Well done you guys. Thank you so much for joining me today for a yoga workout, and I can’t wait to see you again soon Hope you enjoyed this video if you like to see more videos like this feel free to click the subscribe button and of course follow Us on social media like Instagram and Facebook lots of love and we look forward to seeing you again. Bye
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