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Easy Warm Up Cardio Workout – Fitness Blender Warm Up Workout

this is fitness blenders easy warm-up cardio workout for this warm-up we’re when we doing 10 different exercises at 30 seconds each for a total of 5 minutes also this routine does not require any equipment so with that said let’s go ahead and get started with our first exercise the lateral step with a pull get ready and begin you’re doing kind of a side lunge back behind you a reverse lunge stepping down leaning forward just slightly and as well as adding in that arm motion that pull motion so as you swing those arms down you actually want to work against yourself pulling those arms down back by your sides and then extend them right back up as you come back up from that lunge and then go right back in over to the other side so keep all fitting back and forth left to right the same time is moving those arms we’re gonna move on to the next exercise the slow rocking butt kickers and switch it up just gonna move back and forth nice and slow bring that heel up to tap that butt just altering that weight back and forth from foot to foot now make sure that you just slowly bring that heart rate up you don’t have to really push into it real hard at this point but by the time you’re done with this routine you should be sweating so every single one of these exercises should get just a little bit harder than the last so I had a few seconds left when we move to that next exercise coming up next we have high knee pulls and switch it up focus on that high knee motion first driving those knees up making sure you’re all turning back and forth nice slow controlled motions getting that knee as high as you possibly can every single time as well as adding in that arm motion every single time you draw those arms down you want to be working against yourself pulling those arms down as well as getting a little bit of a crunch as you lean those shoulders forward the bottom of that range of motion with those arms just got a few seconds left when I switch that next exercise you’ve got arm swings plus a lateral step coming up next and switch it so those arms can swing straight across in front of your chest just a stretch back behind you as well as bring them across over top of your chest as much as you possibly can make sure you’re alternating which arm is on top every single time as well as just kind of slowly stepping back and forth from side to side opening up those hips trying to give that a hurry up just a little bit higher keep it going got just a few more seconds till we switch that next exercise we’re doing a torso twist plus a knee and start them up they’re going to be doing four torso rotations and on the fifth one as you come back across you’re gonna drive your knee up to that outside elbow that opposite elbow then start again four rotations and on that fifth rotation you bring that knee up now if you keep on that rotation making sure that every fifth rotation you bring that knee up you should be using a different knee different elbow every single time now we go just a few more seconds till we switch to our next exercise which is going to be jogging in place which it up this is just regular jogging in place and nothing fancy just slowly keeping that heart rate coming up a little bit more a little bit more you almost does a few more seconds our next exercise and be just traditional squats and start him up get those feet a little bit wider than shoulder-width squatting down really nice and low since you’re not using any extra weight on this one you want to really focus on range of motion try to get really nice and low dropping those hips down to at least knee level lower if you can as long as it’s comfortable now let’s keep that motion going again trying to focus on getting that hard up just a little bit more as you get closer to the end of this just a few more so we’re moving on to our next exercise front kicks and start him up that legs is gonna come straight up in front that hip it’s all turning back and forth nice slow controlled motion you don’t want to snap that leg out too far you don’t want to go to an actual full extension on that leg you always want to keep that knee just a little bit soft you don’t want to damage that knee just keep those legs moving back and forth really use those core muscles and those leg muscles to keep that motion going almost done exercise and me the boxer shuffle and start them up just shuffle those feet back and forth make sure it’s a really nice quick motion again trying to get that hard up just a little bit more now feel free to add in a little bit of a jump rope motion with those hands just to get a little bit more exercise out of it to try to get that hard up a little bit faster if you need to just a few more seconds till this one’s done coming up to our last exercise last one is going to be crossed toe touches and start him up so reaching down with that opposite hand to foot rotating those shoulders left to right you want try to get a nice torso rotation as well as leaning over nice and straight forward keeping a nice straight back leaning down trying to touch that toe on that opposite side of the body so that left hand is going down to the right foot that right hand is going down to the left foot just keep altering back and forth come back up to a full standing position every single time keeping that motion quick but under control just about five seconds left let it relax alright good job this warm-up is complete now you’re ready to start in any one of Fitness blunders hundreds of workout videos
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