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Easy Guided Meditation For Manifesting Dreams ♥ Day 8

hey guys welcome to meditation day 8 im so happy that you’ve taken this time out of your day and dedicating it to yourself and your wellbeing todays meditation will be confused on manifesting your dreams every single one of us has a different goal and dream and the beauty of it all is that our thoughts play avery important part our words are very powerful vibrations that we put out into the universe reflect the outcome we almost always end up attracting ask yourself what are your dreams what do you aspire to achieve sometimes we hide from our dreams because they’re too scrary to admit to ourselves and our fear of failure makes avoiding them very easy I’m asking you that for the next ten minutes simply face them embrace them and give them the attention they deserve. everything is energy you and me have energy within us and so do our thoughts so if we truly begin to to reprogram the way we think talk and express ourselves we can begin to make incredible changes that will attract great success abundance and true joy into our lives conficious had once said he who says he can and he who says he can’t are both usually right and so with that said lets genii our meditation lets begin by coming into comfortbale position on your mat or bed inhale exhale allow yourself to feel grounded strong and feel the strong energy running through your spine inhale exhale feeling yourself grounded begin to slowly to close your eyes becoming aware of your breat deep inhale in exhale out long exhale off deep breath in exhale out you have everything your need right now you are exactly where you need to be right now just take this time to accept the very present moment inhale xhale begi to bring awareness to your face relax the face allow your tongue to lay softly in your mouth completely let go of any tension you may have in your face inhale exhale relax your shoulders and feel your body becioming more and more relaxed let go of any thoughts of what you have to do or perhaps of what you did be completely present in your body with yourself breath deeply into your nose become aware of any sensations that may arise in your body and then as you exhale let it all go deep breath in exhale out remember if any thoughts begin to arise or you become distracted from surrounding noises just come back to this calming breath focusing on deepening inhale and elongating the exhale accept thoughts don’t fight them but simply acknowledge that they’re there and then let them go see them like clouds flowting through the sky just let them come and go inhale exhale slowly were going to introduce themantra inhale exhale as you slowly repeat these words happiness, abundance and prosperity flows easily into my life happiness abundance and prosperity flows easily into my life. as you repeat this mantra feel free to envision what success might look like to you repeating this mantra visualizing the best outcome and your dreams becoming a reality what is it that you dream of what is your biggest desires and now silently in your mind its time to release the mantra slowly begin to bring awareness back to your breath inhaling deeply exhale out beginning to bring movement back to the body by moving each finger and toe and then gently wiggling each toe feeling yourself re-enrgized inhale exhale just take a moment sit quietly and reflect before you contunie with your day take the next mount or so and simply visualize your dreams goals how would it feel? let that feeling sit with you understand that you’re capable of achieving anything you put your mind into have faith believe in yourself the possibilities are endless and it all starts with one simple decision it all starts with you right now
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