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ladies and gentlemen on the Internet my name is Kelsey and I’m Becky and we’re sorry girls yes we are so today we have for you three different copper DIYs that you could do out of copper piping if you have leftover copper pipe or a DIY that we did recently which we will link here sing go watch it if you want know more about copper DIYs cover DIYs and we were like guys do so much over you want to see more copper DIYs and everyone was like you guys left us suggestions below of what coffee DIY do you like this yes do against your copper do with the extra copper yeah and so we bring you for each day hope you guys enjoy these easy simple quick let’s do it the first copper pipe DIY is a hanging jewelry holder this was featured in our apartment tour and we have lots of requests for it so here it is to start you’ll need to cut a piece of copper pipe this is a half-inch pipe and we cut our piece to about 14 and a half inches long to cut your pipe you’ll need a pipe cutter this works by tightening the cutter around the pipe and twisting the cutter will start to feel loose as you begin to cut through the pipe so keep tightening and twisting until the pipe splits in half next you’ll need a long piece of rope thread it through the pipe and knot the ends of the rope together we hung ours on a small nail undo your jewelry and clip it together around the pipe for a super chic display our second DIY is a 3d copper diamond pendant light shade for this really the smaller size piping we’re going to use this copper piping coil that’s about a quarter inch in diameter start by bending the coil into a straight line and Mark out the length of about six inches next we’re going to cut it using our pipe cutter again the process is the same so tighten and twist the cutter at your mark continue tightening and twisting until the splits in half we’re going to be cutting five six inch pieces 15 3 inch pieces and 5 2 inch pieces next we’re going to need some clear fishing wire string all five of your 2-inch pieces onto a piece of wire tie it tightly together in a circle to create our base shape next starting at one of the points on your base it doesn’t really matter which one not a long piece of fishing wire at the middle between two of the pipes string one 3-inch piece onto each side of the string add a second piece onto one of the sides and thread the opposite string through the other end and pull it tight to form a triangle shape next add one six-inch piece onto both of the strings and not the string together to form a second skinnier triangle starting at the next corner of your base repeat the same process when you’re ready to add your long pieces at the top only add one this time the second side would be created by stringing the wire to the closest side of the tall triangle on the first piece that we made earlier pull it tight and not the string you should see at this point a 3d shape starting to form repeat this process on all sides of your base before you knot it shut you’ll need to add in your light chords the one we’re using is a plain cord set from Ikea when you reach your last side don’t add any long pieces to the top instead thread your fishing wire through either side of the neighboring sides to close your diamond pull the fishing wire tight around the court and knot it into place as a final step we added a few drops of super glue onto the knots at the top just to make sure that nothing fell apart and came undone our final copper pipe DIY is copper pipe handles to start cut three pieces each 11 inches long protip if your copper is looking dingy and a little bit tarnished wipe on a little bit of regular ketchup and it’ll shine right up next you’re going to use these pieces called copper you clips they’re essentially just rounded copper pieces with nails on each end going to be adding our copper handles to this wooden storage container with a pencil mark where you want your clips to go we make initial holes in the drawers with a regular nail and hammer just so would be less hammering on our nice copper pieces place the clips into the holes we add a thick piece of felt on top of our copper so that we wouldn’t be damaging it hammer your clips into the drawers once they’re almost all the way in slide your copper pipe into place and finish it by hammering the clips all the way into place repeat this process on all of your drawers and it should look something like this we use these on a small storage container but these could be added to larger pieces like a desk or our dresser hope you guys like that do I let us know what went out of the three is your favorite and if you have any more brilliant ideas and let’s do with copper I can’t leave them below because we bring two more you like it Nike we love it I don’t like it but I love also are you guys following us on Twitter and Facebook cuz like what is that words you said I know who want using our arm make sure you’re following up there because we do do things you can do things where we ask you do why do you want to see like tacos up you’re like what what give us ideas we actually do use your ideas we have the our list and we add to it yeah take your knowledge and we add to it and we you do that we steal from you guys mmm if you guys are in SPO you guys are in SPO you guys already esto three times to get that Hannah Krauts gonna say something different every time but also guys we just want to thank you guys so much for like getting us to where we are I don’t know if you guys know this but like we’re pretty much doing this kind of like full-time we do some side jobs here and there like freelance work but we do like the story girls we love it and you guys love it and we’re almost a 300,000 which miss is so happy maybe we’ll be there by the time this happens we don’t know if I want to show you a little dance because summer plans here we go so let’s go to fries and somebody joins pottage yeah but that’s not cool I have to go to France because I’m gonna have a cottage Becky oh he’ll start if that’s a personal problem if I ever heard one that was it well hopeful but yeah I did want to say like I just continuing on for that thank you guys so much if we’re after in 2000 yeah if you’re not I’ll thank you I already said like we’re gonna do a giveaway when you reach in 300,000 I like tweet tweet it bad then that’s gonna be an idea we’re gonna do I didn’t ask Africa it has to be done because we appreciate you guys so much thank you for watching this again um hope you guys liked it if you liked it like it and if you loved it sub it and if you share it where it I’m gonna try to work in here and we’ll try it every week until we get one lipsticks yeah all right see you guys next week bye I although that is super special announcement we are having a meet-up this summer it’s going to be August 22nd and there is a Facebook at that we can find out all the details about it below basically what we’re doing is we’re obviously meeting you guys we’re giving away a bunch of our craft supplies for free so we can make room for new craft supplies and there could be selling a couple of our our TV cameras that we have from really cheap for you guys there’s going to be a photo booth hopefully gonna have someone doing flash tattoos maybe have like a little lemonade stand they’ll be so cute gonna music some of your really fun days so if you guys are in a Toronto GTA Area make sure you wreck it off on your calendars and come see us again click below please go check it out because we really want to meet all you guys could be so much fun little want to miss it let’s jump together
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=COE8S9F_Vak

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