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Easy Chocolate Florentines | Sharon Hearne-Smith

Hi foodtubers my name is Sharon Hearne-
Smith and I hold the secret to baking without using the oven. Right now I’m gonna show you how to no bake my florentine biscuits they’re really quick and easy to make.
They’re my favorite festive treat They’re great as edible gifts and the
best bit is that they’re really chocolatey. So to start off this one pan wonder I’m going to pop some butter into my pan, I have some caster sugar and some yummy soft light brown sugar and this makes it really lovely and fudgey. The top tip is to use a really high heat and if you have one a heavy based pan but the heat is just really important so have it nice and high. All of the time and just continue to stir it, it just takes a
little while so this is where when I first started working with sugar I used to freak out a little bit because I thought it had crystallized and it does look a bit crystallized on top now but actually just give it a really good stir, and look at all that lovely colour coming through it’s going nice and golden, a really rich colour and that’s what’s gonna give the biscuits their lovely
colour. So the first ingredient is gonna go in on top of that now which is creme fraiche Keep it on the high heat once it’s settled down from spitting and keep stirring it and it will come good
in a couple minutes Now for the next lot of ingredients I’ve
got some bicarb of soda Just a little bit of that and that reacts with the creme fraiche, the acid from the creme fraiche that we’ve just put in and it just volumises the mixture a little bit and then a little dash of vanilla extract
for yummy flavour of course and now we’re ready for all these
yummy nuts and fruits so we’re just gonna tip in all of the flaked almonds, these delicious cranberries and some yummy mixed peel and not forgetting my favorite ingredient the stemmed ginger so just really simply give everything a really good
stir up. See the way it’s all starting to clump together these are going to make our kind of clumps for biscuits now it’s looking nice and moist and nutty and fruity and can you see that really rich colour It is perfect to pop onto our sheet now, so here we go So just get two spoons, I like to leave it on
a low heat so that it stays nice and sticky just kind of work as quickly as you can with 2 tablespoons and pop it on the
non-stick sheet or non stick parchment paper In little kind of clumps and them
flatten them down to make little biscuits Okay so just pop all the biscuits out there There’s all our biscuits, I’m just going to turn off the heat So like I said just need to wait for them
to cool down a little bit and then I’m gonna pop them in the fridge and then we’ll come back to them So here I have my set florentine biscuits, not in the oven, in the fridge have a little listen, don’t they sound nice and crunchy and look at all those yummy and shiny nuts and dried fruits I can’t wait to eat them but not without adding a bit
of chocolate So I’ve just melted down some chocolate in the microwave so it’s nice and gooey and I’ve used dark chocolate you can use milk if you like or white chocolate but I just like the bitterness of the dark with the sweetness of the biscuit So give it a little squidge about, then pop it on the tray and squidge it down okay there they are all nice and squidgy and chocolatey While they’re just setting on the cold tray, let me just show you some little ideas if you do want to part with them I’m not
sure that I can but you can package them up in really nice little gift boxes and look at these little guys I just making slightly smaller ones I
still have the dark chocolate look at all set lovely on the bottom and then I just drizzled some white
chocolate across the top and it just makes it a bit more festive and snowy and Christmassy, aren’t they cute? and then these are the kind of bigger regular ones. Again just in a nice box of paper and look at this little guy, you could be
teacher’s pet at Christmas time and do a little parcel for the teacher or your favourite friend If you want to make your own florentine
biscuits check out my book no bake baking or my website all the details are in the
box below don’t forget to subscribe and I really
really want to hear your comments all the new flavour combinations that you
made how you how you got on with the sugar work and how they tasted and whether you came them away as gifts or ate them yourself so onto the subject this one is for me mmm crispy nutty gooey, oh hang on bit of ginger hmm and that bite from the ginger perfect mmm my perfect no bake florentines
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