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Dubai’s Millionaire VIP Driving School

in Dubai you can get your driver’s license in a luxury car why train to get your license in an older beat up car when you can do it in a Porsche Cayenne in a Tesla Model X or even a G-Wagon this is my ex-girlfriend Inca hi and to this day she still hasn’t gotten her driver’s license what everything is about to change today she starts her course today she drives a car for the first time we’re at Emirates driving Institute and this is the Incredible World of Dubai’s VIP driving schools all right I mean this is the fleet which one do you like let’s start with that I think I would like to look at the Tesla all right let’s go to the Tesla what have you ever seen a learner’s car do this wow yeah what’s interesting is learning how to drive in an electric car I mean this is something from the future right like I learned how to drive in like a 1995 beat up Sally Visa this door is worth more than that entire car put together right this one right here is a Porsche Cayenne as well you get a little sneak sneak peek quick quick quick what’s interesting about all of these cars is that they actually have a break in the passenger seat you know why they do that Inca why just in case in case you make a wrong turn or you push too hard it’s like an insurance plan this is a new Range Rover Sport this is my favorite interior wise take a look open it up open it up please that is awesome and what’s cool is that if you look closely they actually still have the plastic on because they bought this yesterday so this is the newest addition to the fleet so go ahead peel peel one of those plastic no no not a little bit just one of it it’s middle one oh yeah that’s nice that’s nice and then this is the most expensive part of the Philippe the G-Wagon more or less 250 000 US dollars for this for a car to learn how to drive it open it up wow I like this one a lot and then we have a Mercedes C-Class at the end c200 this is just a nice car always so what do you get with a VIP driving course right this costs about eight thousand dollars compared to the basic driving course where you’d be driving something more like that right so so the first thing you get is that they guarantee that you get your driver’s license in much shorter time so you’re getting in about one to two weeks they also pick you up from your house in one of these cars right so you get picked up and dropped off to and from your house in a luxury car which is always nice you don’t have to get a taxi and lastly they also have this kind of VIP Villa that’s just for the VIP customers and that would be where you take your exam uh once you’re ready to go by the way this VIP Villa even has a couple of driving simulators so you can get a little bit of uh test the digital roads before you actually put it on the real road now that you’ve seen the cars uh you gotta pick one to drive which one is it come on uh I think I changed my mind and I’m gonna go with the G wagon oh after seeing the inside you want the G wagon now okay okay we started with the Tesla now she wants to do what I mean yeah that’s a 250 000 SUV right there do I trust her with my life not sure about that all right let’s see take a seat how is it oh wow it’s too big can you reach the pedals these are the seat adjusters so look you have all these little buttons oh oh all the way to the front please search search are you kidding me my feet this is how you should be driving I actually cannot believe it goes up that close but excuse me this driving like position is like you can tell that this is a new person driving like with straight back with the both hands like this how am I supposed to be if I see someone driving like this I know I’m in danger I start to drive a little bit further away you start telling me when it starts to feel uh like comfortable okay good is it good yeah yeah all right good so now we need an instructor so we have our friend Anwar over there come on Anwar have a very difficult job today she’s supposed to be on the highway in in 12 days I’m gonna be taking this as we mentioned before he has a brake pedal um yes so let’s first start the engine start the engine yeah first place the food break what foot break from the right foot yeah just press the brake on the left the left pedal the the left pedal press from the right foot and just start the engine which button here just press the button I’m really scared that’s good just leave okay I’m really hot where is the AC I’m petrified I’m more scared you should be don’t worry I have the break we’re actually just going to take off but that’s it yeah let’s press the footprint just press the foot break this one yeah deep racing cool and this is the gear you need to put down let’s go and put down and then just wait and don’t release the blade let’s go slowly oh yeah and just look on the left side just unstable lamp side I am so scared you gotta turn the wheels just on me to the left and look where we are going you’re looking straight turning left yeah keep going yeah my leg is not on the egg no problem just take the stirring keep going and just now we are going for the left side so keep looking left I’m looking left yes I’m looking left wow wow wow are you pressing the brake all no no no no yes you are you pressing the breaker you have to break out first who is present you are pressing the praying give it a bit of gas okay just use the accelerator huh great and now before depending you need to keep your food on the break yes yeah yeah my foot is on the brake yeah now you know how to drive the car right oh I know now how to drive that’s great I think we’re ready for the highway more yeah oh my God okay now we’re going all right one one whoa we’ve been doing this for like probably 20 minutes now and I think is finally getting the gist of it okay really fast okay okay a little bit too fast but uh yeah I mean the braking has improved a lot the acceleration that’s not sure about the acceleration but the braking is great now [Music] yo syringe huh come hop in we’re going to the road right no let’s grab my bag let me go get my helmet and uh I’ll think about it so seriously we’re going on the road you’re joking right hello she’s going on the road I thought they were kidding but we’re actually driving on the road now oh my God oh my God so where are we going to go out on this side oh my God I don’t know if I can fit in I can’t believe we’re on the road man this is crazy look there is people let’s go get them they will leave their own you can use the phone real fast oh my God oh my God what was that don’t do it don’t do that so there is a roundabout ahead we’re going for the ride are you joking I don’t want to do a roundabout this is the roundabout we’re going for the ride where where is here all right go right yeah okay okay we got orange light that’s right no that’s not for us now we’ll take a YouTube I want to go on a bridge no yep it doesn’t want to go more left go more left it stops here yeah so keep going oh my God we’re gonna have to turn right out I haven’t done any right turns yet guys oh pedestrian it’s too far okay keep on the left line left line why because we are going for the left side yeah but you’re supposed to drive on the right side the right side only for the straight and for the right left y side this side oh I’m going there now yeah this is your left this is Christ I’m getting dizzy but look we’re on a public road so I think today was a great success the fact the fact that you’re on a public Road all right that’s enough for today good job Binky I had great fun so yeah that’s it job well done I will see you guys next time [Music]
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