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Dropping Oobleck Off A Building + Shooting Oobleck! – SMS#5

this isn’t an ordinary water balloon it’s filled with Oobleck and today we’re going to shoot it put fireworks in it and toss it off of a building so let’s get started Oobleck is a non-newtonian fluid which means it changes viscosity when a force is applied to it for example when I pour it into the container it flows like a liquid I can slowly put my hand in and it sinks in with no problems but if we hit it with a hammer it instantly turns solid in the hammer bounces right off now it’s time for our first experiment shooting this with a BB gun first let’s find out when I shoot a regular water balloon that little lead pellet zipped through the balloon and bounced off the back of the fence and it looks pretty cool but it’s nothing out of the ordinary it’s exactly what you could predict would happen so what do you think will happen when I shoot the black balloon now it’s time to shoot through black balloon instead of a nice clean puncture you get a ripping tearing and cracking effect caused by that little lead pellet quickly dumping all of its energy into the cornstarch all right so now we’re gonna try throwing firecrackers into the elix so I’ve got a little pile of firecrackers here the bowl of Oobleck here and I’m gonna light it and just toss it in then we’ll see what happens placing a firecracker about an inch below the surface gives a pretty dramatic effect and explosion but placing a firecracker at the bottom of the container well it gives more of an earthquake that last one completely covered my camera and everything well I had an idea to try to hit the even live with a tennis racket I was pleased to see if it remained a liquid or if it turns solid and just bounced off the racket let’s find out it turns out the Oobleck isn’t strong enough to harden and resist the tennis racket it pretty much just gets diced up alright so here I am on top of the building with the balloon full of Oobleck now if you drop a balloon full of water on the ground it’ll just explode and go everywhere in every direction so we’re gonna drop this Gulick balloon and see what happens are you ready three two one amazingly the balloon didn’t pop even from a height of 30 feet but I think I know how to fix that I’ll just remove the blue tarp well there you go it just stops dead as soon as it hits the ground and it slowly melts onto the ground the next couple of seconds well that’s it for this week’s slow motion Saturday if you’ve got a cool idea to drop it down below in the comment section and I’ll give you a shout out for next week if I try the idea until then stuck you later guys
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