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[Music] i worked for a software development company and they relocated the office hour and a half commute each way it definitely took a toll on me so i put in for a job application that was here in sunshine coast australia and i told gene about it she laughed at me she said yeah right you’re not gonna get it and next thing you know hey they helped sponsor the visa and got us over here yeah in order to make this move work we we had to sell our house the cars and with that we we’ve got a little bit established for a down payment the sunshine coast is an outdoors lifestyle if you love the beach if you love bush walking if you just like being probably out in nature i’d say this is the place shopping transport schools everything’s right within the community so gene scott tell me what you’re looking for here we need three bedrooms oh four would be ideal and two bathrooms two baths two baths yes i need a proper work space okay i have to have a good internet line i have to feel like i’m in an office that is equipped okay i’d really love a good kitchen okay most of our time is ends up being in the kitchen something more modern and convenient so with that in mind in this area here tell me what you’re looking for i want a beautiful view i want to be surrounded with nature and seeing the wonderful beauty that australia has for myself being able to walk out there to the beach it’s definitely a big deal wow look at this house looks nice the beach is about solid mile from here so it’s not really walkable it’s not too far but you’ll be happy to know this house is 620 000. wow wanna see it let’s go have a look let’s go i like the price tag but location is a problem it’s lacking the walk to the beach uh nice tile wow it’s open and bright that’s a big kitchen i like the island it’s big i love the space the living room is nice it’s just an open concept which we’re not very formal so this is nice it’s just blows easy okay coming don’t be shy i don’t even see this i see that you’ve got a view off the bedroom i wouldn’t mind waking up to this view so this is perfect and it has an uh well it’s air conditioning yeah well it’s a bedroom i don’t see a closet in here well you’ll be happy to know there is a closet and a bathroom just for this bedroom so look at this oh kenzie’s going to love the top um i think that’s a jetted tub i like the double vanity that’s nice that i can have my own things and you can have your own things on one side it’s good oh nice right oh wow it’s nice and bright clean it it’s a bedroom i do hear traffic you’re right yeah it’s a beautiful view but can that make up with hearing the traffic walking on the right you’ll find kenzie’s bathroom this is really good for her yeah yeah i can just see her separate commode and to your right will be the office well i mean it’s the bedroom but i mean we could turn that into an office you can have a nice little area to do some work outside no i could i could it opened those doors up and it would give fresh air as well the office space is great i really like the separate entry i like that it can be completely isolated away from the rest of the house that is the view that we were talking about earlier wow it’s just sweeping views of the whole area it’s a really nice house first of all i love the number i definitely like the the separate office space right i don’t quite feel like i’m in nature hearing the traffic well well this property distance wise it’s about a 20 minute drive from the beach oh i couldn’t see myself doing this every day it’s a nice drive six bedrooms three bathrooms multiple living areas and it virtually has a whole floor that can be dedicated to an office i’m scared to find out what the price is this one is 670 thousand it could be workable oh this is nice low maintenance for you wow oh that is amazing you see out to everywhere yes let’s say yes this is what i want i’m amazed you sold her on the view and she hasn’t even asked if there’s a kitchen in this house it’s one thing to go to a natural reserve and appreciate the nature in its natural habitat but when it’s in your backyard i think that might be a little too close because this is this is the vibe i like inviting nature into our everyday life here in australia it’s going to be really important [Music] look it’s got an island in the kitchen this is really oh i like that backsplash oh it’s really really nice with light countertops oh it’s got gas seriously i it’s just almost too good to be true but it’s still over budget gene knows very clearly what she wants she knows where she wants it and i’ve got a feeling she knows how to get it this is a great bedroom it’s a little small we have the view in a nice balcony area yeah this is gorgeous oh this this is perfect minimalistic clean it’s perfect now she would like a tub i’m sure oh but she doesn’t have to clean it around and you’re in the bedroom and she’s got a view i think her view might be better than ours this is a gorgeous room i could just see kenzie having our own little excursions with kenzie’s friends kenzie’s not gonna have any friends that are willing to come this far away oh my god you still have a view you’ve got a full bathroom there and bedrooms it’s a lot of room for your office this is a whole extra everything same beautiful view as above the birds the lighting it’s just absolutely beautiful i notice how you’re just totally ignoring the walk to the beach but it hits so many of the things that we really were so many of the things you want to do well you’ve got to think about having this fantastic workspace and every morning taking kenzie to school just 20 minutes and the price this is definitely a great value for the money but the whole idea of sunshine coast is a coast can you show us something that’s close to the beach that i can do but it’s a 20 minute drive go come on follow me up it looks really tropical it gives me that feel like i’m walking in like a tree house wow the view got better oh my gosh it’s really stunning all right darrell you got the beach steps got a great view got a neighborhood but i’m sure it’s got a price tag 660 thousand 660. um well we’re looking at 650 with this view let’s go have a look oh look at that view though oh my gosh right through those windows centuries you see those birds just huge just one big living area ah okay so this is a bit different this is a change from what i just thought but i feel a bit crowded i’ll tell you right now daryl looking at that face the meals aren’t gonna be very good it’s a really big disappointment it’s just not my dream kitchen not even close oh this is really bright yeah i like this beautiful room nice view you do realize it’s more stairs kenzie loves oh this a-frame kind of shape like a cubby actually it’s kind of quirky it’s kind of funky i like it there’s no wardrobe and where would we put the bed look i like the room as far as the functionality i think we can figure it out oh wow oh my gosh this is huge and we’ve got some funky angles too creepy bowers those are kookaburras not cucumbers there you go well quick spin around and you can check out the bathroom you sure you want to show us this girl it does match the other bathroom and it does match the kitchen oh well there’s a little consistency it’s basic it’ll do the job but it’s just not going to be quite comfortable realistically speaking i’m definitely concerned that my target number is way too low for anything we’re gonna get here the kitchen i really can’t see the potential i just feel really cramped in there and i just don’t know if that’s just gonna really put a damper on the whole living situation scott’s a little bit fixated on the money but gina’s not just gonna settle she knows very clearly what she wants and i’ve got a feeling she knows how to get it i wasn’t thrilled about the modern beach house with the road noise with the power lines that’s out yeah definitely well i really like the price but that was definitely a house you could just put anywhere i know you’re not gonna be happy there neither am i roll that one out well that leaves us with two the country house and the tree house the country house as soon as i got out the door it was just great we don’t have to do anything to that house 20 000 more than i wanted to spend i can start cooking tonight but it is still at least a 20 minute drive back into the city back to the grocery to get to the beach the tree house was only 10 000 more than i wanted to spend the kitchen is a big project but the proximity to the town the proximity to the beach that location is paramount you felt at one with nature in that house so the the tree house [Music] [Applause] we had a lot of expectations coming into australia and surprisingly we’re meeting most everything that we wanted to out of this yeah giving in with the kitchen was big at the time but now it just doesn’t feel like it was such a sacrifice we got the view we got the walk to the beach you can’t pay for the life like this [Music] you
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