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[Music] i grew up in mount macedon which is about an hour and a half north of melbourne i think the last i checked population 700 people or thereabouts but josh was having a hard time finding work in new york as a climate change consultant and happened upon a position in his native australia i think i’ll miss just like my community my doorman you know the grill guys at my local bodega but i sort of felt like i was at a place in my life where i was like ready for an adventure as long as it was with him it looks like there are a few shops over there but definitely very quiet this is more of a residential area it is over what they’d asked for but i think they’ll see that if they want to have everything that’s on their wish list they will have to pay a little bit more she’s probably seen that we’re a little bit out in the burbs and i think she might feel like we’re a little bit far from job opportunities the house is beautiful yeah and what i’ll show you is two bedrooms one bathroom but it is eighteen hundred dollars per month but it does have everything else so this first room really big bedroom it’s actually the second bedroom wow great storage yeah lots of space this one is the main bedroom which i think has some really nice features in here yeah what a fun little stained glass window here plenty of natural light it’s huge compared to our tiny apartment in new york oh really oh wow wow this is amazing this is like a fancy hotel but what about the many times feel free to try out decision making of course i feel like we could fit all our house guests in here too when they visit [Laughter] caroline fully operates her life from that bathtub she lives in that thing i’ve known her to have more than five baths in a day and then let me know wow this is amazing whoa although it does i notice just have an electric cooktop yeah is that that’s different to what you’re used to is it um i actually grew up with an electric cooktop which is how i know how much i hate that [Laughter] the views are the windows into the garden are just beautiful it’s such an inviting space such a beautiful japanese maple yeah it’s a lovely little space i’d probably pull out just some of the plants here to plant the veggie patch in the herb garden yeah i’m sure that would be fine i don’t care that much about having a garden or outdoor space for me it just seems like a lot of maintenance but i want josh to be happy and i’m sure he’s really really excited there’s some really different priorities for josh and caroline but then they both want to keep in quite a low price so it’s really hard to find a property that ticks all of those boxes i’m really excited about showing josh and caroline this apartment because it’s a really great place for caroline to be able to explore and to get around easily and it has got the bathtub so we’re coming up to fitzroy now this is a really like buzzy neighborhood i’m sure you can see that already we’ve got two bedrooms one bathroom and two separate toilets wow it sounds great it is over the price i don’t know how realistic sixteen hundred dollars will be for everything that they’re looking for so yeah this is the fitzroy duplex so what’s the price range of this one this is 1750. so it is a bit over what you’re asking for um so you’ve got everything that you need in here everything you’ve asked for obviously fridge freezer cooker but i’m noticing that the oven is like quite small oh that is pretty small and just behind here is the dishwasher oh great i’m sure josh in the kitchen is immediately looking for a dishwasher assessing the size of the sink since he does the majority of the washing up let’s have a look upstairs sounds great so we’re going the second bedroom first which has built-in storage here and it’s really nice bright room again oh great really cozy great little room for the studying yeah great view of all the fitzroy rooftops okay so we’re going to have to get a little step yeah so you’ve got your main bedroom here it’s a little bit small so you definitely wouldn’t be able to fit any other furniture like a dresser or vanity table that’s true and i have to say i really don’t love the carpet upstairs i feel like it gets dirty it attracts smells oh really i have to disagree on that one i love the carpet up here i think in winter it’ll be really cozy they do seem very divided on upstairs caroline is not impressed at all with either of the bedrooms but we do have a bathtub oh it is a good bathtub it’s a nice size okay yeah i think that’s pretty good i’m gonna put my laptop right here send some emails it’s actually not too big so you can have multiple baths a day without destroying our water budget yeah and i won’t brown in it i don’t think i’ve ever met anyone that’s really had a bathtub as such a priority just purely for decision-making or working from so you have a really sunny courtyard here yeah it’s actually a pretty good size i like that it’s tile so there’s no dirt to deal with we could definitely fit a barbecue maybe a citrus tree uh veggie patch as long as you’re responsible for caring for all of it sounds great i think it’s a really nice apartment but i’m really not a fan of the carpet the bath however is really nice only drawback i think the price is still a little bit high for what we were anticipating i’m hoping caroline’s happy with location and i think depending where caroline gets a role as a librarian she should have like a lot of different options for good ways to get there i think they’ll see that if they want everything on the list then they’ll have to move a little bit on that we’re just coming up to saint kilda here it’s not a part of the city that i’ve experienced a lot of and it could be kind of cool for caroline and i to be experiencing kind of a side of melbourne that neither of us have seen before i think this really works for caroline in particular you know moving to a new country really buzzy community you’ve got the beach you’ve got nightlife cafes for josh it is a slightly longer commute into the cbd but there’s really good tram lines wow cozy this is incredibly charming i love all the art deco features they’re beautiful you’ve got two spacious bedrooms one bathroom and what’s the price of this one yes so this is sixteen hundred dollars per month okay great that’s great should we start in the main bedroom just at the front there sure oh this is nice great i love the ceiling rose heaps of storage yeah the storage that’s great it’s a huge room we could definitely fit a dresser you know vanity table i am quite surprised that it’s such a big space i really love apartment living it’s something you know that i grew up with it’s familiar to me oh this is beautiful i love the subway tile again reminds me of home yeah i love the rain shallow very decadent it’s a great shower but it’s just a shower you could feel the butt though definitely definitely a big drawback for me their reaction is really positive as we walk into the main bedroom but a bathtub it’s actually part of her lifestyle so that’s quite a big ask for her to live without it oh yeah wow yeah great i love the ceiling rose and this is a great light fixture yeah plenty of natural light coming through here dining room space is great i like this fun old telephone this is incredible there’s definitely some photo ops here straight through to voicemail and you can cook and prep and then you know you’re coming straight into the dining area so you don’t have to be schlepping plates across the apartment yeah very schlepping in this household we don’t schlep i mean it seems like a great neighborhood it’s so busy and vibrant and lively all kinds of shops and restaurants although the bathroom is beautiful the lack of a bathtub yeah is gonna be a tough hurdle to get over yeah in terms of the senkilda area there’s a little bit of a surprise i can really imagine caroline having access to a lot of different ways to explore melbourne the only issue is that we are a little bit further from my work for my daily commute i’m interested to see what they will actually um compromise on together ascot vale cottage is first to go i think it’s too far away it’s very expensive expensive for how far out it is so we’re just scanning that one yeah i think that one’s out if we drill down a little bit more into the fitzroy duplex great commute really in the middle of the action so you can get out there and uh sort of establish yourself in the city yeah but it’s more expensive than we were looking for quite significantly but how centrally located it is there’s a lot of conveniences that come with that and it did have a bathtub with the art deco apartment i really love the floor plan super functional the price is right but i’m gonna be kind of socially isolated i’m not sure how i feel about you commuting for a really long time i feel like we’re kind of gravitating towards a decision that’s right yep all right i definitely wasn’t expecting it to be as different as it is i’ve been buying the same brand of mayonnaise for the last three decades and now all of a sudden i have to like find a new mayonnaise the garden’s a bit of a work in progress we found like a citrus tree but also the citrus tree brought like a lot of disease into the garden and the whole thing just collapsed it’s a real jungle out there but i here i am and it’s pretty okay you
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