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Dollar Store Challenge In The Tacky Aisle

[Music] hi guys my name is Kelsey hi guys my name is Becky and we are the story girls and we’re back with another dollar store challenge we haven’t done one of these in a while so it’s well overdue but today we have an exciting challenge because it’s almost February which means it’s almost Valentine’s Day so today we’re the dollar store and we’re doing it with a twist the rules this time is that you must use something from the mouth it’s a Feb 14 I’ll the red and pink I’ll the glittery aisles so we’re gonna have to pick something from there and it doesn’t do me Valentine’s Day related we just need something from that aisle that has to be incorporated into our DIY Kelsey’s in another aisle we’re scoping out stuff and we’re gonna see who can make the coolest thing so I’m going to get looking around see if I can be inspired at the dollar so today these are actually really cute little something I’m gonna need this they’re cute they’re little like ice cube trays but you could use them as a mold or something hmm I just want to say like no to all of this glittery plasticky stuff like if you put this up in your house I have questions for you oh okay this is kind of cute oh my goodness this house is having a rager of a party where’s my invite sup okay I think I need to head to the rest of the store to get other ideas of other things in here that I can work with as well because too much of Valentine’s Day is clogging my brain creative process we just take it and there’s this Easter section in the middle of the section identity crisis much so one challenge might be trying to find a Valentine’s Day item that isn’t candy a lot of options here but a lot of it is candy but when I saw like the suckers and stuff the first thing I thought of was melting it down to create like a stained glass kind of weird kind of cool could work maybe I don’t know yeah I don’t know what it is but all the felt here but it is just vibing with me this looks like stuff he could buy at Michaels you know I know that Valentine’s Day is like a Hallmark day anyways but we decided that’s gonna be red and pink like just wondering where that came from who decides those colors it is so interesting scented modeling though bamboo super trendy right now hmm [Music] maybe have an idea okay I have three fabric options that I can go and don’t know which one I want to do is Sam you’ve got the stripy that kind of goes very beachy we have this like linen grey that kind of goes sort of like a Scandinavian and we’ve got this kind of like stripy blue and white bath mat it also goes be cheap up to different type B G less nautical more like beach beach I don’t know okay I think finding my Valentines Day item will really help with this I don’t want it to be like I just throw hard on it because I have to do like I want it to be nice and kind of smart you know I’m sorry little buddy but you’re gonna have to come with me [Music] so for the record is would buy this but I have something like it at the office so I just wanna let you guys know that I’m inspired by the speech Matt but I’m not gonna pick it up but if we really want to we can include this in my price which is – okay we are back from the dollar store we both picked up a bunch of interesting things so I’m going to start by DIY with my items first so what I picked up is this gray apron and it was about three dollars this is like a trellis for plants to grow up and it’s bamboo and it was 354 – which is great because I actually need to and for my Valentine’s Day item I got this pack of little chalkboard hearts for a dollar fifty so my plan with all of these is to actually make a really cute bamboo magazine rack because I realized that it’s a little like grid pattern of the bamboo will like fit together nicely to make a little v-shape rack and then I’m gonna use the apron is like a liner for it so first steps are going to be open this up and trim down the bottom so that they’re all even so I have the long pieces cut off the bottom of my trellises paralyzed and now I’m gonna assemble them so essentially the bottoms are just gonna like intertwine like folded fingers and go like this and the good thing is I can actually use two of the off cut pieces as side pieces to help it stay open so I need to tie this all together somehow and last to leave thinking about this my little chalkboard hearts came with little pieces of cord on them so I think I could take these apart and probably use those to help tie this all together [Music] so that was extremely easy and essentially the bones of my magazine rack are done spending it actually kind of looks like bones but you could entirely stop here if you wanted to but what I want to do is make a nice little liner for it so it hides all your magazines if you don’t own only kinfoke magazines so I have this apron that I’m gonna cut a little sheet to go in it and then I think and then I can use the little strappy on the top to actually make little ties to hold it in here [Music] [Music] okay so my little liner is in and that was extremely easy to do I just I tied them on to little gaps on the top you see little ties we made my very last step is gonna be to incorporate this valentine’s day of the court even further so I have one of these little chalkboard tags I’m gonna write get your weed on as a little reminder maybe it’s your goal this new year in 2019 to read more this little tag is gonna help you remember so I’m gonna write some cute text on it and tie it on to make is that let’s tie it on to the make is that I can’t say magazine I’m gonna write some cute text on it will tie it on to the magazine rack and then it will be [Applause] [Music] I love how this turned out it was actually you know one of my more clever dollars toward challenge thoughts I think sometimes I don’t know I get in the store and I blanked it so hard but I’m excited to see what comes he comes up with because I thought what was in her shopping cart go I’m confused so from the dollar store I picked up this trash bin it was four dollars and I also from the Valentine’s Day aisle got this little guy who is not going to be a monkey for much longer that I’m sorry and he was also photo this is the dollar sorry it’s the dollars store and then also I was there I checked out this bamboo beach mat and I was about to get it but then I was like we have something at the office that’s like basically the same thing so I’m not gonna buy this beach mat from the dollar store if we already have it we have this like I think it’s like wallpaper but it is the same like bamboo straw lighting just change so my plan today is to actually make a stool or like footstool and then have this little Chi become a cushion at the top so my first step is to actually cover the outside of this I was thinking that I could spray paint it but I did want to not look like a trash can anymore so that’s why I am gonna use the bamboo straw wallpaper [Music] dawai this wallpaper I just put down some hot glue and then wrapped up the can I trimmed the tops and the bottoms and then along the top I cut little slits all the way around since it is a circle and then put down some hot glue and then folded the little tabs in so now I have my trashcan covered and honestly this trashcan just got a huge makeover it’s really cute even just for a trash can but we are making it a stool so it’s gonna go this way and my next step is to make the top cushion so I don’t have the guys thought I was coming but he’s gonna be my cushion so I went in on my monkey with an exacto knife I’m just trying to make as much of the fur fabric as possible I’m also taking out the stuffing for my little seat cushion so after taking out the stuffing taking off the arms and the hands and the feet in the face I kind of have a flat piece of fabric kind of looks like a rug like animal this is so gross I’m so sorry guys I didn’t mean for it to be this way this furry fabric is going to make up the top of my cushion but I’m also going to use some extra fabric that we had here at the office to make the base of the cushion so I’m tracing the top of my stool and cutting out two circles as well as a long strip out of this white fabric and then I’m just pinning my long strip around the circle and sewing it up and then now I have to make the top part of my cushion with the fur fabric so I’m gluing on chunks of the fur to my other white circle and luckily furs very forgiving you can’t really see any of the seams I mean the first kind of going different directions but I think it looks fine so I glued down all of my first so it’s completely covered and cut off any excess and now my last step I just realized that we have to sew through glue hopefully that’s not an issue my next step is to attach my furry top to my cushion stuff it and then I’m done and then lastly to attach my cushion I glued it to the top of my stool just so everything stayed in place and this is what my final stool looks like this is from the dollar store it don’t look like it I think I did a pretty good job if you ask me [Music] how’d you guys like those dollar store DIYs I’m pretty impressed and I also realized after we finished and we saw each other’s DIYs that we kind of did like a Bali asked Lightwood 410 vibe oops sorry now sorry I love it I think it was kind of inspired by your check out the log jam and it worked in the living room yes I hope you guys enjoyed this video make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss out on future of dollars or DIYs because we like doing this on it’s fun before you go though can you let us know in the comments below if there’s any themes do you wanna see or like what you want us to do next time we do this challenge because it’s helpful yeah last we went to go check the last video of like what you guys want to see it and we realized that there weren’t really any yeah so I actually went to Instagram – you got his birth theme there because Instagram team is very helpful I know that’s where we were inspired by the Valentine’s Day little add-on thank you guys so much watching this video if you liked it make sure you give it a like if you love it make sure you stop it and we’ll see you next Hey hi guys welcome to the end screen I just want to give this awesome DIY a shout out this person we created our speckled pottery into bowls and it looks like they even made little nametags for their plants so adorable make sure you share your photos and your DIY creations with us on Instagram for a chance to be featured you
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6iSKXdQrE4

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