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Does Watermelon Make Your Turkey Juicier?

that is one of the worst things I have ever tasted in this studio today we’re testing out a video that a few of you asked to see can you cook a chicken inside of a watermelon guys multiple people have sent in links mostly through Instagram or discord asking to see about the veracity of a video that shows a chicken being cooked inside a watermelon this is a video by five-minute crafts so basically what it shows is they take a watermelon they cut partway it’s actually a fully in half the other one has like a circle taken out and then the chicken squished into it out we’ve we’ve actually seen a couple different I think one was from blossom ones from five-minute crafts which I trust approximately equally which is not a ton not everything they do is false but some is and so I think the idea behind this is that being inside the watermelon rind it’s always being like hit with hot moisture and so it’s supposed to make the chicken really nice and moist and that sounds like a good thing yeah like cooking in humidity so you have a humid humid chicken that’s how I just when I go to a restaurant I’m like I’d like the chicken and will you please make sure it’s extra humid humid here’s the basic idea a few different people sent us a link to a five-minute crafts video showing cooking a chicken inside the rind of a hollowed-out watermelon we’ve got ourselves those little chicken and we have a watermelon we’re gonna see if it works and if what it makes is any good it’s November when we’re filming this there’s not a great selection of watermelon that you even found this one I kind of m2 but we did we found a watermelon the head I’m at Walmart it’s not the world’s best watermelon I don’t know what its gonna be like on the inside we also found a chicken or it says a baking him so we’re gonna try this we’re gonna cut open our watermelon yep carve it out cut cut the top off all right hollow out all the fruit which way do we want to do do you want to cut it perfectly in half like the like the lid version I like it too so you cut off a little bit less almost like a pillar shape in the top scoop it out and then you have to stuff the chicken in it’s a little bit harder to get it in there but I think it encases it a little bit better then you have to cut it back on yes put the whole thing watermelon and chicken into the oven and and I think if the watermelon does happen to fall apart spectacularly if we haven’t cut it perfectly in half can is the last likelihood of making a mess everywhere and one other step we have barbecue sauce out because the video shows painting something approximately the colour of barbecue sauce all over the chicken before it goes in doesn’t say what it was just shows someone being painted on one video on Instagram does say barbecue sauce but it looks like it’s a clip from another video and I was like written over so we’re gonna see it we’ve got a couple bowls here I’m thinking we can put watermelon is this I’m not you’re just gonna put the whole chicken here cuz it you’re sloshing and I don’t want raw chicken stuff to slosh all over the counter oh yeah I think I want to take this and just run it under cold water for about 15 minutes to make sure it’s thawed all the way through before we start cooking it very important point cold water don’t run your when you’re deep on something don’t run it under hot water don’t start the cooking process that would be bad I’m gonna not have anything to do with that and I’m going to cut open a watermelon lid style I’m just gonna not cut it just kind of see that’s a decent-sized chicken I also don’t want to make more than one cut so I don’t want to just start hacking at it before I have an idea of what I’m gonna do okay that’s not perfectly even but it’ll hold the chicken and I think we can get a chicken in it we’re still in Halloween mode so I feel like they should be a pumpkin what I’m doing here but it’s not so this is just a very confusing process all around for me so then the question is how much of the actual fruit flesh do we want to keep I’d say as much as we can but I don’t think there’s gonna be much that’s not a lot because the water moans barely bigger than the chickens so I’m gonna try and leave as much of the lid as possible and now I’ll just be moral support for me whoo good job you scoop that watermelon so good supporting and sporting sporting real good guys [Music] we have our watermelon guts now we want to paint it with barbecue sauce I think just to make the barbecue sauce stick a little bit when you get some paper towels and dry it off yep are we gonna try and do both sides because it just looks like they set it and then just like coat one side I kind of want to like smother it I’m on it own a coat isn’t like all over and then I’m also worried of like I don’t want to boil the chicken in barbecue sauce it’s not the goal here all right we’ve got our chicken covered in barbecue sauce I’m starting to doubt the chicken to watermelon ratio I am looking at that exact same thing now is your goal to yeah flip it okay I think we’ve run out of space I’m gonna have to take the thighs off all right I’m not an expert on how to do that so this is we’re just gonna start chopping any closer have you dress the skin yeah back over all right let’s rebar bq– sauce this because lost all the sauces well actually I mean we did it that chicken is in the watermelon work most of that chicken is in the watermelon obviously part of its out of the watermelon I’m gonna go ahead and just roll these around a little bit more barbecue sauce and leave them on the tray probably finish cooking me before the rest of it that’s fine we’ve got our chicken sans size fit into the watermelon you hadn’t preheated the oven and we don’t know what temperature to preheat the oven specifically it doesn’t say in any of the videos we’re going to 375 because other oven roasting chicken recipes recommend around there so we’re gonna try it so once it heats up we’re gonna throw the whole thing on the pan into the oven you cook it for about two hours and see how this goes it’s either gonna be a fantastic lunch or just another big mess for us to clean up it’s been about two hours yep and the studio is full of smoke we pulled the drumsticks out here early because they seem to be done we think maybe a little overdone probably very overdone these weren’t in the watermelon they were just off to the side some of the browning / blackening might just be from burning the barbecue sauce we’re gonna take our chicken out and take it out of the watermelon and see what we’ve got I do think a lot of the smoke is because we had spilled barbecue sauce on the pan and that just burned and burned but here goes a source a lot of smoke I can’t even tell what’s happening there right now I don’t even know does it have a strong smell kind of smells like watermelon rind burning which isn’t great that doesn’t look cooked from this angle okay here we go here’s our big reveal of well it does look cooked it’s not that nice crispy oven-baked look that you get in the videos we don’t know what they used is their wash they may do something that stained it brown a lot more than our barbecue sauce lightly good barbecue sauce was the one that I had did say barbecue sauce maybe skin definitely not a nice crispy skin you’d want to eat yeah it’s like feeling way like skin well it’s definitely cooked okay it’s gonna be watermelon flavored [Music] does have a slight watermelon rind flavor I think don’t hold back [Music] yeah why oh you know what I have to do right I know I don’t want this but I have to know cuz it’s chicken and barbecue sauce in water boy no no how about is that that is one of the worst things I have ever tasted in this studio nothing we saw had instructions about temperature so it could be that we have a temperature way too hot we had it as high as you would normally roast a chicken for for two hours that weighed this much so we don’t have crispy skin we have what looks like boiled skin it’s tough and the flavor itself is really really chewy the skin is still skin texture like it’s stretchy no no no no that’s not accessible these two videos that we looked at on five minute crafts and blossom they’re not the only ones lot of shows right there are other videos talking about how to cook a chicken in a watermelon for some reason and there may be some advantages if you do it very carefully but what they showed in their video I would say well it is technically a cooked chicken but the watermelon is just an extra step and it’s not like a super moist juicy so to all of you who sent this to us asked me if it was really possible it’s absolutely you really can put a chicken inside a watermelon and cook it it’s not a good plan at least as presented in the videos that we were sent to ours at 375 ruined the outside didn’t cook the inside recommend this for any reason you know it would have been good if you say there’s a pepper and olive oil on the outside of the chicken cook that and then eat it with a side of sliced watermelon exactly yeah you eat watermelon and roast chicken separately in the same meal that’s just called dinner I know that’s what would have been a good way to do that this was there would have been so much better all right there have been times in the past where we’ve done stuff with chickens and people were upset that it was a waste of food well in having done this hopefully other people will not see those videos and think oh I can cook a chicken in a watermelon in two hours and it’s gonna be delicious and then they would waste their chickens we wasted one chicken so you guys don’t waste several chickens net positive world focus on that this is gross guys that’s not all we’ve always got more for you to see click the box up at the top to check out our most recent video and we will see you in the next one doc you been [Music]
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