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– Hello, everybody, I’m
Doctor Mike, and that’s… – Ari.
– How old are you, Ari? – I’m 11. – I’m 29, so we’re basically the same age. I also want to introduce my special friend who you may not have seen
is back, look at this guy! Speak. (barks) Good boy, and he just
slobbered all over my face. Today, we’re gonna be
doing Disgusting Science. I wanna know why feet stink.
– Making fake snot. – And? – That’s in Spanish. – That is in Spanish. Can you translate the sentence, “I have a dog named Bear” in Russian? (speaks Russian) He said he wants poop. It’s the grossest, most
revolting science kit out there. Grow your own friendly
germs and fuzzy mold, mix up a batch of coagulating fake blood. It says learn science
in a disgusting new way. – No doubt, okay. – If you’ve watched my
channel, you’re gonna know the answer to this question. Where do I tell everyone
that watches my channel to never put these? – In your butt. – Where do most people put these? – Their butt. – I feel like we
shouldn’t have a dog here, it’s like a biohazard. You need a slice of
bread, you need vinegar, I don’t think I have any bread. Do you have bread?
– You don’t have bread? – No, why, do you eat bread? – I don’t eat it, I use it for sandwiches. – So you do eat it. – Yeah. – All right, you wanna do
the sickening slimy snot? – Sickening slimy snot that looks so real, you might just want to barf. – First we have to do is
measure one tablespoon of water into the bowl and
microwave it for 15 seconds. – Okay, this is a teaspoon, so how many tablespoons are in a teaspoon? – Strike that, reverse it. – Okay, so that’s one teaspoon, that’s two teaspoons, three teaspoons. 15 seconds in the microwave, let’s go. On the bottom of the
microwave, on the touchpad, Bear! Do you see why you don’t want dogs around science experiments? – Okay, remove from the microwave, well I think we did that. Add one drop of green
coloring to the water and stir to… – Dilute. – Dilute, I knew that. – [Mike] The suspense is killing me. – I think it goes by itself, you know? Okay, you’re not patient, okay. – By the way this is a
great way to stir it, if you just wanna stir
something, you can just do this. – Yeah, like wine. – Why do you know that? One tablespoon? – [Ari] Yeah, so then. – [Mike] You sure one tablespoon, that sounds like way too much. Try that and let’s see what happens. Maybe that is a
tablespoon, not a teaspoon, and we messed up. – More like you messed up. – We’re a team. I feel like we’re making such a mess, we’re the worst scientists ever. Ari, you have to do better
when you’re in med school. – Why would I be in med school? – Why, you don’t wanna go?
– [Ari] And three. – [Mike] Okay. Aw, it smells, smell it. – OH! Maybe it’s just your water. – What? – You might have really bad water. Let’s just keep going before I throw up. – What’s the learning objective in this? It says digestive science secrets. – Your nose is lined with a
mucus membrane that makes mucus. – Okay. – Mucus is the scientific term for snot. Its sickness helps trap
dust and dirt particles in the air you breath. Without mucus, your lungs
would eventually get clogged with dust and lots of dirty gunk. – Okay, so can I put some
of this on your face? Just a little bit! – Okay, first let’s scoop it out. If you put it right next to
my nose, I’m gonna throw up. – No you’re not. A little
bit, just a little bit. – I wanna put it on Bear, he’s used to it. Get a napkin, I’m gonna throw up. – Oh, it’s so slimy. Aw, and it smells! – No, get that thing off me! – Do I have any? – I don’t know. – Look at my face! – No! – Aw, why do we need bread for everything? Should I just knock on
all my neighbors’ doors, hey, do you have bread? Yo, yo, are you home? Do you have a piece of bread? Nothing, no any kind, I need
it for a science experiment. Yo, we gotta get that bread, son! You got cash bread! We just got some bread. Let’s do disgusting digestion. – Kay, we need the balloon. – Balloon, check! No, why are you touching my balloon? – We need vinegar. – We need vinegar? Tell me a fun fact about you
while we wait for our plate. – I can tell you what I wanna be grow up. – What do you wanna be when you grow up? – Teacher. – What kind of teacher? – I’m not sure, that’s why
I’m trying to figure out what’s my favorite subject. – But why do you like teaching? – Because you get to
make an impact on people. – You can make an impact
doing many jobs, why that one? – Because of Boy Meets
World and Mr. Feeny. – I wonder if these guys
even know what that is. – Or Malcolm in the
Middle, Saved by the Bell. – This kid is stuck in the 90s. How many breads do we need. – Breads? It says a slice of bread, so one. – What else? – Pour some cooking oil. – Where? – In the thing! – In here? – Yeah. – That’s hard. – And he’s somehow a doctor. You have to rub it inside. Take some bread from
the center of the slice and break it up into small pieces. – Why are you putting it here? – No, that’s a seed. – You’re a seed. (faux crying) – The small things always count. Stuff the small pieces into the stomach. – So stuff the small pieces into… – The balloon. How much pieces do we need? – I don’t know, just
throw a bunch of them, here, put some in here. – Add a few drops of
vinegar into the balloon. My favorite number’s 19, so I remember 19. It said a few drops enough. – Okay, we put a lot of bread in. All right, so so far
this is pretty accurate, you have your stomach, you eat the food, the food goes into the stomach,
the acid is the vinegar, it all mixes in cause
the stomach mixes it up, here, you squeeze it up. – Tell me more, tell me more. – You kinda smell singing Grease songs. I’m gonna put you on some good music, who’s your favorite musician?
– How am I supposed to know? Continue squeezing hand over hand. As you do this, the stuff
inside will ooze out the opening and onto the plate. – Oh, I get it. Ugh! Look at that. The intestine has muscle in it, and the muscle rhythmically
contracts like this, as your fingers are, and as it contracts it pushes the food forward
and forward and forward. – Which is now comes into poop. – And then it ends up being poop. And you see how it’s on my fingers now? – Wanna eat it? – No, I’m gonna spread it. The stomach has acid in
it, it has food in it, it mixes it up, and then when
it goes into the intestine, the muscles, through peristalsis, push the food along and then it comes out. – And some parts of your
stomach are still uber tasty. – Do you wanna see another experiment? I wanna see another experiment, do you wanna see another experiment? Blood and guts, what do we need? Gelatin, check. – [Ari] Red coloring packet. – [Mike] Red coloring packet. – Is that a packet? – Yes. Step one, water, half a cup? – Yes, add one half of a cup of water into a microwave-safe bowl. Heat the water to boiling
in a microwave oven. Add one half tablespoon of gelatin. – Okay, throw this in the microwave. – Why me? – [Mike] God… – [Ari] Look, how is that my fault? Perfect. Wanna smell it. – Put the food coloring in it. One, two, three. – We’re totally not even following the instructions at this point. This actually looks
kinda good, doesn’t it? It kinda looks like jam. Let’s do something fun out of this, cause this is actually
turning out pretty… – Let’s just take this off. – No, let’s do this, and try and decorate our faces like we’re injured. Make me look like a boxer
who just got beat up. – I’m gonna do what I wanna do. – No, no lipstick. – You are my daughter. We will now look upon ourselves. – Okay, okay, okay, enough on my face. – My hair! – [Mike] No, it’s not in your hair. – It’s on my… – I like this, hold on,
I’m giving you whiskers. – Oh! – He’s dying, this turned
out to be a huge failure, but I hope you guys had fun with us. – Here, wanna do some red. – Did you have fun? You look like you had
fun, did you have fun? Tell ’em if you had fun! As always, say it, say it,
stay happy and healthy! – You got on my sweater!
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