Doctor Reacts To WILD BuzzFeed Medical Videos

– I’ve watched BuzzFeed medical videos. I’ve been in BuzzFeed medical videos. But today I’m actually reacting
to BuzzFeed medical videos. (upbeat music) I played never have I
ever with Dr. Mama Jones. – Never have I ever
gotten a really bad grade on something in med school. – Who hasn’t? I mean, med school is tough. Like some of the subjects
just absolutely beat you down. I dunno why biochemistry
really stopped me the most. – Never have I ever pulled an all-nighter. – Come on, who hasn’t pulled
an all-nighter in med school. If any of them say they
have not, I don’t buy it. – I don’t believe in all-nighter. – She’s never pulled an all-nighter? That’s really impressive. – I would go to bed at
like 10:30 every night. – Look she knows herself
,that’s impressive, that’s a good thing. The fact that she’s organized
enough to prevent that from being a problem, amazing. – Never have I ever
messed up when learning or trying to do something. – Oh God. – And that’s what learning is about. – Even if you read about doing something, in practice, it’s a
completely different story. Like you learn on a mannequin
and you go to see a patient and then you realize they
are human not a mannequin and they have their own intricacies and anatomic anomalies, it gets hard. – For us we are practicing intubation, which is basically a putting
tube in someone’s mouth. So that they can breathe if
they can’t breathe on their own. And it was mannequins obviously
but the very first thing the doctor said was, “Don’t go like this, or else you’re gonna break their teeth.” – And the actual mannequins
have a design in them so if you are pulling like that it makes like a huge
crunch noise to scare you and teach you that you could
could be hurting their teeth. – Never have I ever
fallen asleep in class. – I remember. This is such a funny story to tell. When I was in undergrad, the professor had a very strict rule, if you were going to fall
asleep in the classroom you had to sit in the back row and rest your head against the wall so it looks like you’re paying attention. That was a legit rule and
I thought like he was being maybe sarcastic or something so one night where I didn’t get good sleep, I’m in the second to last row
and I fell asleep on my arm. He kicked me out of the class. And at the end of that
class there was a quiz that I then got a zero on. I really thought he was kidding. – I am not a doctor. – By the way doctors aren’t
also good at pronouncing these medical terms. And Sam already has told me
that I have to pronounce these so be prepared for some bad pronunciation. English is my second language. Borborygmi, borborygmi This is actually just like
the sound your stomach makes. So like this isn’t that exciting. – Borborygmi. – Borborygmi. – Borborygmi. – Borborygmi. – Borborygmi. (ringing) – I feel like it has
something to do with the butt. – It’s an ADHD problem. – Being born with an extra of something. – Like you got a bad butt. – Why is everyone talking about butts? Choledo, ooh this is good. Choledocholithiasis. I’ve actually pronounced
this term in residency ’cause I couldn’t pronounce it. Choledocholithiasis. I don’t even need to look at it. ‘Cause it was so hard for me to pronounce. I actually practiced, reciting this. ‘Cause this means you have a gallstone in the common bile duct. – Choledocholithiasis. (laughs) – That guy is my favorite. Ankylosing spondylitis. This is an easy one. – Ankylosing spondylitis – Ankylosing spondylitis – I like when they call it, Ankylosing Temporoparietalis. But like, I think this is just like a headache. You have to take it Latin. So temporary means your
temples, parietal is the sides. Parietalis, I don’t know what this is. – Temporoparietalis. Oh, it is a scalp muscles. Sphygmomanometer, remember
Dilshad couldn’t get this. – Sphygmomanometer Sphygmomanometer. – It’s Sphygmomanometer. Is that how you say it? I thought it was Sphygmomanometer. – What’s the craziest
thing you’ve seen in the ER a guy with the thing used
for guacamole, I guess to like grind it I don’t know
what that thing’s called. He put that up his rectum. – I feel like we did
like a whole Reddit thing of people putting weird
things into their bodies. While with Dr. Jones on the
channel said something similar. – The things that come along
with gynecology are endless. Anything you can imagine
has probably happened. – What’s the worst smell
you’ve experienced. – I don’t know if you want to hear this. – An infected gangrenous
wound by far the worst. – Has an incident ever freaked you out. There was a guy that came in one time and I unwrapped his foot and there was magnets all over his foot. And it was my job. Lucky me to go and clean up the maggots and the maggots pretty much
ate like down to the bone. – Well the maggots
usually eat dead tissue. They’re not feeding on live tissue. So that means there’s some kind of gangrene already setting in there. – How often do you have
to look up a diagnosis? – Every day. I mean, things are changing all the time. – You see a lot of the
same things all the time. And then like once in a
blue moon, you’ll get a, you’ll get something that
like you don’t know at all. – I mean, that’s part of medicine. You just can’t know everything. So yeah. You’re going to look stuff up. When you look stuff up you become more comfortable
with dealing with the unknown. And that’s what makes medicine fun. It’s like an ever learning field. (upbeat music) – Do you still check web,
WebMD when you don’t feel well? – Absolutely. First of all,
everyone still checks WebMD. Even when you become a doctor maybe you shift over to Medscape but little did you know WebMD and Medscape are the same company? – Do you rely on coffee to keep you going? – Now yes. Med school no. – Every single day. There’s a schedule too. It’s like for three months
coffee and then two week break. So that it works again. – That’s a true doctor. He’s like cycling his caffeine intake to make sure he’s getting the
maximum benefit from it. – Have you ever successfully
diagnosed yourself with something? – That’s classic med school
101, you learn a condition. You think you have the
condition, you learn a condition that occurs in one per
million people that comes with a headache. You have a headache. You say you have this condition. It’s just normal. It’s part of the process. – No, but I have successfully
misdiagnosed myself with a bunch of things. – What was your least favorite
part of medical school? Step one. – That’s the first boards that you take like the licensing exam. Oh, you have to know so much information. So much of it being pretty
practically speaking useless. Oh man. That was tough. Cause that decides a lot of times where you end up
in terms of your residency. So like. – Is it true that a lot
of med students experiment with drugs? caffeine all the time? – Caffeine yeah. – I wouldn’t say experiment. – I feel like there’s more to that story. Right from the ocean
dolphin and turtle safe. I’m not joking either. Yay tea with honey. Menuca honey green tea combo. A little lemon with the
vitamin C kick. Yummy. No, no, no, no. get that apple cider vinegar out of here. Now it doesn’t stop there. Stop that nonsense right now. The honey actually works
quite well for cough. The American Academy of
pediatricians actually recommends this as part
of their growing body of evidence that honey can work as well or better than some over the
counter cough suppressants. You just have to make
sure not to give honey to kids younger than the age of two. – This is just extra. You do not need to do this
for cough suppression. Just let it cough. Like if you have phlegm in your lungs and you’re trying to get it
out, let your body get it out. This is a good thing. Drinking, lots of fluids
or a decent amount of fluids when you’re sick
and phlegm is really good. Cause it actually thins the mucus and you’re able to clear it easier. – Oh come on. This is like
a commercial for almonds. This is definitely sponsored. That’s like saying, oh, your head hurts. Take a magnesium tablet come on. – Come on! – I mean, I just prefer
going out and shelling out the five bucks or so for
like the saline nasal spray. That’s really good. Cause it does clear out your sinuses. You can just like spit it back out. In fact, it’s also really
good for allergies as well. So yeah, I’m for it. I just don’t know like this
technique specifically. Never do this. You’re going to
wake up with athlete’s foot. Cause your foot has been soaked in water. It’s all going to be all shriveled up. We don’t live in the 18 hundreds anymore. Like you just don’t
need to do this anymore. That’s ridiculous. The reason you’re having a
fever is to actually improve your body’s chances to
fight off whatever bug is causing you problems. So putting on cold socks
is not the solution. I would never recommend this. Check out here for a playlist (upbeat music)
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