Doctor Reacts To Wacky Medical Memes #10

– Lower your child’s risk of overdosing by building up their heroine tolerance. Who made this meme? What kind of savage are you? ♪ Comin’ in ♪ Number 10, this is meme’s number 10. I can’t believe we did 10 of the series. Let’s read some memes,
let’s watch some memes, let’s react to some memes. I don’t know what I’m saying. It’s kinda late. Let’s have a good time. Woman: I need a drug to
increase my reflexes. Doctor: with great reflexes
come great response-ability. Dad joke. Get well soon Mark Zuckerberg. I guess it kinda looks
like Mark Zuckerberg. I’m not buying it. I think the hairline just
kinda looks like him, and the eyes, but that’s about it. He has a weird hairline. Doctor, what happens after we die? We clean the bed and admit a new patient. Don’t say that. Antivax kid in the pool. Marco! Polio! I wish I was like, an
electron microscope expert to see if that really is polio. ‘Cause that could be like,
lint, under electron microscope and I would think it looks like polio. See, doctors don’t know everything, but we do know that if you
don’t get your vaccines, you can get serious diseases. Maybe not polio but maybe
like the flu, measles, mumps, rubella, tetanus, varicella, pneumococcal infection, all right sorry. Prostitutes, doctors, TSA agents. Make more per hour than you do all day. Okay, doctors and prostitutes. Get paid to touch your junk. Actually, all three of them. Okay, I see the overlap. Doctors and TSA agents
wear blue latex gloves. (laughs) That’s kind of messed up that they’re comparing
TSA agents to prostitutes as both having very little training. I’m gonna disagree with that. I think they require training. Not as much training as doctors but still not very little. Give them some credit, come on. Patient with hemochromatosis:
I am Iron Man. It’s a disease where you have extra iron and it actually affects your
liver in a negative way. It’s quite dangerous, and of all the things that
we used to do back in the day that I like to pick on, blood letting, essentially letting a person
bleed out, is one of them. However, just how a broken
clock is right twice a day, give you a minute to think about that, our old archaic medical
procedures were right sometimes too, and blood letting
works for hemochromatosis. That’s actually one of
the treatments for it. Medicine commercial:
side effects may include internal bleeding, multiple organ failure, and instant death. People in the commercial. Joker. There’s only two countries
I think in the entire world where they allow direct
to consumer advertising from pharma, United
States and New Zealand. Why that’s the case, it blows my mind. Let’s get that out of there. It doesn’t help anybody. Patients shouldn’t be dictating what kind of medications they get. Doctors should give patients options and then together they can
come to a mutual decision. But yeah, some of the
side effects are scary. Chest compressions, chest compressions, chest compressions, but
you don’t have to slap him. Oh my God. I heard the clicks. They were two inches deep. Looks like about 100 beats
per minute, looks solid. Don’t slap anybody. There’s no need to slap anybody. That’s unnecessary. Don’t be funny, you’re
saving a person’s life. Kinda funny. Dr. Dog: would you be willing
to donate your organs? Patient: yeah. Dr. Dog: and your bones? My bones, why? Dr. Dog: mouth watering,
just answer the question. I think if Bear was here,
he would play the same game. By the way, Bear, Dan, are you tied to anything real quick? Can you throw me that giant bone? Just to put it in perspective for people. This is Bear’s bone. Look at this thing in comparison
to my face, to my body. It’s bigger than my head and neck. He loves this. Look at him, he’s coming. You heard me talking about the bone. Don’t attack me for the bone. Look, it’s bigger than him. What’s up? Look at this giant little Newf. (dog panting) Do you hear his breath? All right, go get it. The Bear has left the building. But his tail hasn’t. Gross, that bone smells. This eye pun could not
be any cornea (laughs). Why do puns make me so happy? Oh my God. When you ask them if they’re
just having a seizure, but they just spasm on the
ground instead of answering you. All right then, keep your secrets. What? I don’t get it. What do you mean? When people have a seizure,
they can’t answer you, buddy. They can’t speak, they lose control. That’s what a seizure means. I don’t get it. Roses are red, let me tell you the scoop, I’m not seeing a doctor
unless he’s saying pee woop. Oh! That was a good one. And you should see a doctor, even if they don’t say pee woop, ’cause I don’t know many
doctors that say pee woop. If they do I actually
would be kind of concerned. Basically, my entire life
during medical school. Shouldn’t have said that, I
should not have said that. (laughs) This is good. When you’re in medical school, that is your time to make mistakes. If medical students don’t make
mistakes in medical school, they’re gonna try and fail as real doctors and that’s gonna become more of a problem. So don’t be afraid to speak
up as a medical student, ’cause if you speak up and you’re wrong, I promise you that’s gonna stick with you. You’re gonna learn that
information even better. It looks like your breathing is hampered. And then he’s looking at the X-ray, there’s a hamper on it. I wouldn’t ever use the term as a doctor is your breathing is being hampered while looking at an X-ray. I might do that while listening, but still, hampered is a weird term. This is bad, but I actually wear this. We really need Dr. Mike merch. You have Dr. Mike here and
banks open on Tuesday, folks. – [Man Playing Basketball] Banks open on Tuesdays, folks. – Dr. Ian sent you a request. Hey sweety, see you soon. Oh my God. You know what’s weird? Not only are individuals stealing this, companies are stealing my
image to promote their stuff. Stop it. Oh, this is a Dr. Mike Reddit. Welcome. A while back I made Bear his
own logo, so there’s that. It’s probably really dumb. No! It’s so cute, but what is DB? Da Bear? Dr. Bear? Ah, you think I should get him like a little ID badge if
he comes to the hospital that says Dr. Bear? By the way, this logo is amazing. I wanna put it on his
profile on his story, if you’re cool with it, but
you have to be cool with it. Giving essential oils to
someone with four broken bones and a terminal disease. Is this the guy from Ghost Busters? It looks like Ghost Busters. They have that little kit. I’m not mad at the
essential oils community. I’m a little mad at them, but only because there is some validity in what they’re saying. I got a massage the other
day, it was a Thai massage, it was spectacular. By the way, if you’re never
had one, highly recommend it. Not as medical advice, just as a person to person type thing. When I got the massage,
the massage therapist put some lavender essential oil around me. It helped me relax. I enjoyed the smell. Did it cure some of my medical ailments? Absolutely not. Did it cure my bones? No. And it won’t, so let’s be honest, and battle this misinformation together. Doc: you’re kinda like a honey bee. Little Girl: why, because I’m sweet? No, because you’re dying
at an alarming rate. Oh my God, these memes
are straight burns today. How EMS administers Narcan
in Southern Indiana. Oh, let’s take out Southern
Indiana from there, but I understand that there’s areas where there’s high need of Narcan use because people are ODing from opioids. Narcan is the reversal
agent to an opioid overdose. Med school gunners be
like, cut them into circles and replace your
classmates contact lenses. Whoa, whoa, calm down Satan. For those of you who may not know, gunners are medical
students who are so eager to be at the top of the class and be looked at by the
senior doctors as the best that they’ll sabotage anyone in their way, whether that makes them look bad, whether that means they’re gonna cheat to get some answers, or in this case, they’re gonna cut up Listerine strips and stick ’em in people’s eyes. That’s gonna burn. And it’s not healthy. Assault? You need to teach them early. – [Mom In Video] Doctor,
we got a code moose. Chest compressions, chest
compressions, chest compressions. Chest compressions, chest
compressions, chest compressions. – Oh, that’s the cutest video ever. Oh my God, I hope the person
who gave this clip to us on my Reddit is actually
the person who is the parent or guardian of that baby
because I can’t use it unless they gave us
explicit right to use it. When the resident tries to
give you an easy patient. (laughs) Med student. Doh! There is no such thing as an easy patient. They may be easier patients, but there’s no such
thing as an easy patient. Every human being is
interesting, is important. We need to learn how to
communicate better as doctors, so if a patient has a simple condition like the cold or the flu that we know how to manage,
use that opportunity to learn about them as a human so we can give them holistic care, we can figure out what they’re doing that’s unhealthy in their habits that could prevent them from
catching the flu next time. Think primary. Me planning my funeral
after Googling my symptoms. Yo, the doctor verse Google series is lit. You gotta watch it. But seriously, if you go on Google, it’ll take you down a weird trail, not only about you’re really sick and maybe you’ve got cancer and stuff, but also like, crazy
remedies that don’t work and are actually super unhealthy. See a real doctor, one
who’s board certified. Nobody will make fun of your legs if you don’t workout
the upper body either. Workout both of your body parts. Why both? Workout the upper body and lower body. In fact, my go-to workout
is an upper-lower split where it’s like a four-day split. You do upper A, lower A, upper B, lower B. Actually wanna show you that. Oh my God, is it challenge time? Is it challenge time? Yes it is. 100,000 likes on this video, you’re gonna get my workout routine. I feel like I’m selling you something but I’m not selling you anything except the fact that I want
you to come with me to the gym. If you wanna come with me to the gym, drop it down below in the comments, get it to 100,000 likes. If you do it, you’re
coming with me to workout. You’re gonna see me get my gains, upper and lower gains. Yeah. If you love memes, click
here for this memes playlist. If you wanna see me in
action in the hospital, click this video here and we can be healthy and happy together. ♪ State your name ♪ ♪ Big, big dope on flame ♪ ♪ I just switch the lanes ♪ ♪ Damn he did it again ♪
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