Doctor Reacts To Memes That Are Actually Funny #13

– How can I help you, sir? I’ve gone blind in both eyes. I see. I don’t, oh my God. I know I said I was gonna do
a video on reopening schools and I promise I’ll do that. I just want to make sure that
I get that video perfect. I want you to have the best info, but what I got for you
today is a laughworthy, awesome medical meme review. Are you ready? Don’t take a panoramic image
when watching Dr. Mike. Whoa, what happened to my face? “Doc McStuffins”, medical accuracy. “Grey’s Anatomy”, medical accuracy. Obviously one looks way more
diesel than the other one, but yeah, “Doc McStuffins”
was dropping smart bombs. When I screamed at the gynecologist, it was just an ovary reaction. Punny. It’s an overreaction,
overreaction, ovary reaction, ovary action ovary action. No, it still sounds like overreaction. The interns calling a consult
consultant for first time. – You ever had dreams that,
that you, you had your, you wish you could do
when you, when you want, you can do so. You do, you can, you, you
want him to do it yourself. – This is an intern calling a consultant for the first time or presenting their case to an attending physician. When you’re an intern, and you have to present in a
succinct, logical quick way, and you haven’t done it in a while and you don’t really know the consultant you’re speaking to, it’s really nerve wracking to present. You know, you have to be sharp, quick, ’cause there’s some
consultants who are like, why are you wasting my time? What do you want? You know, as an attending physician, now I have residents
present to me quite often, even medical students. I’ve gotten to the point where
I can tell where someone is in their training, based on how well they
present their cases. (dog snores) It’s just, it’s funny,
’cause he’s sleeping. But at the same time, he’s like snoring and
dreaming at the same time. So he’s half kicking me, half shaking. His eyes are opening and
closing, but he’s dead asleep. Imagine you dying during the plague and this (toy squeaks) walk in. Authentic plague doctor masks. No way. Are these real? Dr. Mike makes a video and says something about sleeping well. I’m gonna be honest with you. I didn’t get my full seven to
nine hours last night and I’m quite sleepy and it’s not good, ’cause my performance suffers. I get a little delirious, get a little bit less motivated. So please try and sleep a
consistent seven to nine hours. Trust me, listen to me. I’m losing it. Sustainable skincare advice
from my dermatologist. One, avoid the sun at all costs. Two, use sunscreen before
going to bed at night. Three, never think about the sun. Four, wear a wide brim hat in the shower. Five, if someone mentions the sun to you, report them to the authorities. The reason why we in
the healthcare community and dermatologists specifically,
warn you about the dangers of the sun is not only, and this is obviously the
most important reason, because of the cancer risk that
the sun poses to your skin, but also the integrity
of your skin changes. The appearance of your skin changes. And this is not only when
it’s really sunny out in the summer. Yeah, that’s obviously dangerous, ’cause you can get sunburned
and the more sunburns you have throughout your lifetime, the more predisposed you
are to all sorts of cancers. But also when it’s cloudy,
UV rays are still banging. Why did I say banging? It’s a weird term for
UV rays, but it’s true. By the way, a lot of
people assume that sunblock is the best protection from the sun. No, my friends shade and staying
out of the sun is the best protection from the sun. Covering up, whether
that means an umbrella, t-shirt, staying underneath a tree. Does anyone know CPR? Hey Bear, slow motion pee, whoop, bear. Oh, Bear’s not a corgi,
but this is adorable. And CPR should not take place in the back or on the, the kidneys. When you’re hungry, but don’t want to leave
your bed to go out to eat. Come on, do gluconeogenesis. Ah, that’s so cute. For those of you who don’t know, gluconeogenesis is the creation of glucose through your liver. Me ow, why does my neck hurt so often? My posture. This really reminds me of
the last TikTok talk video and the guy’s like shoulders up chest out, neck forward and down. And then he just walks
around like a dinosaur. I’m like, what is this thing? Posture is incredibly important aspect, not the only aspect, of
why your neck can hurt. Another thing I see quite often
happening is my patients who are side sleepers, not use a
pillow that has enough support. So remember when you’re
sleeping on your back, you don’t need much support
because you really just need to align your, your spine. But when you lay on your
shoulder on your side, now there’s more room for your
head to collapse and fall. So you need something to
sort of keep it propped up and you need a firmer pillow. There’s actually specific
pillows that are designated for side sleepers that I
encourage a lot of my patients to check out. What my patient sees as I wake
them up at four a.m. every morning to ask t if they’ve pooped. Oh God, I remember these days, Like I would be on
surgery as a med student, you come in at four or five, six a.m. and you’re waking
patients up and you feel so bad ’cause you want them to get
to get a good night’s rest, but at the same time, you want to make sure that
you’re evaluating their progress. Do you create a plan, should they go home? Do they have to stay,
present them to the surgeon? So the surgeon can make their decision about if they need further treatment. Vaccines act like virus to
train the immune system. Virus actually enters body. Immune system, hey, I’ve seen this one. That’s exactly how it works. You know, it’s funny, I saw someone who’s, anti-vaccine say something
like if there was only a way we could make the virus, enter our body without
actually getting us sick, and that would solve all our problems. And I just face palmed so hard
that I actually hurt my eye a little bit. It was like red for a few minutes. No one. Me entering residency
with all of the medical knowledge I’ve retained. You know, it feels like that. But in reality, you know,
a lot more than you know. You just haven’t accessed
it all on demand. You’ve only accessed it
regurgitated on tests, but the more you sort of
access it in the moment, even if you have to look
it up in the moment, the more you’re gonna get
comfortable with accessing that information again. It’s just about getting
the key tone locked in. Me: any allergies to medications? Patient: grass, mold,
cats, and mosquitoes. I forgot what I asked the
patient the other day. Oh, they were having a really
bad case of cellulitis, which is a superficial
infection of the skin. They had like some sort
of bite and then they were scratching at it and
they were excoriations and started spreading. Because of that, we needed to treat it with an oral antibiotic. So I asked, do you have any allergies
to any antibiotics? And you’re like, I have a
horrible pollen allergy. And I’m like, I understand
why you’re saying that. But the reason I’m asking
about allergies at this given moment is because if I give
you a penicillin antibiotic or penicillin derivative antibiotic, and your have anaphylaxis to
that and your throat closes up, I’ve done a big booboo. When you slept for two hours
and think coffee will help. That’s a busted up car. That looks like a Russian car called a (speaking foreign language). Don’t try and Google it, ’cause I have no idea how that’s spelled. And just so you know, the way coffee works is it
blocks, your adenosine receptors, which as you function throughout the day, you’re using ATP and it’s
getting transformed from ATP, your energy molecule to ADP, and you’re having excess
phosphate and adenosine floating around as the day goes on. Because you have this adenosine binding, it’s those receptors,
you’re getting more tired. Caffeine blocks those receptors. Therefore you get less tired,
so you don’t feel as sleepy. That being said, it only has a limited benefit over time in keeping you focused. Keeping you not sleepy is one thing, but keeping you focused is
a whole different animal. So don’t think that when
you don’t sleep 24 hours and then you have a cup of
coffee, you’re all good. You’re not back to baseline. You may not be sleepy, but your reflexes and
all that are still shot. The average human body
contains enough bones to make an entire skeleton. I just heard the funniest
thing in the book that I’m reading. I don’t even know what
this meme said, by the way. I’m reading this book called
“This is Going to Hurt”. And I’m actually reaching out
to the author to get them on this channel because it’s
such a dark funny book. And he tells the story of
when he’s at a party with his friends and he’s the only
doctor and it was pop trivia and the question came up. How many bones are in the human body? And he didn’t know what the
answer was and everyone judged him for it. He’s like, that’s not practical. No one would ever ask me
that question on rounds. I would never know that
information to help out a patient. And yet two of his friends
knew and he had no idea and he felt super embarrassed. And I understand that struggle. Happens all the time. People ask me some weird stuff, Mike, what happens if I inhale
apple cider vinegar? I’m like, I have no idea. They’re like, well, aren’t you a doctor? You walk into a patient’s
room and see this, what would you do? What would I do? I would just very confidently walk out and pretend I didn’t see it. Three a.m. medical student
is studying. (laughs) This looks like Chernobyl. I don’t know why I feel
like this is Chernobyl. I’m probably the worst example
of late nights studying the day or the weekend before an exam. But it’s when I focus
the best, under pressure. That sort of, it drove me. It doesn’t work well for everyone. In fact, there’s many people
who should not do that. As a medical student, I highly advise you invest in two objects, two products, maybe three. One, a comfortable chair. Two a nice lamp. And three, a money money set
of noise canceling headphones. I’m Dr. Ross, Geller. Ross, please. This is a hospital okay? That actually means something here. He’s a paleo, paleontologist, Paleontology, pimp, paleontologist. Why am I having trouble saying that? By the way, Ross is my favorite, most relatable character from “Friends”, and fun fact, Dave Schwimmer
and I share a birthday. What, what? Oh my God. Or is he November 11th? Check out this comedian, roasting my Instagram or check out you guys roasting me on Instagram. Which one are you gonna laugh at? Either way it’s me, but which
video are you clicking on? Stay happy and healthy while
clicking on these videos. Why am I shaking like this? I don’t know. It’s late, I haven’t slept. Click.
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