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– I got my official invitation
(suspenseful music) to be the battle medic
for the Area 51 raid. Here’s what I’m thinking. (rattling) (static) (beeping) (sizzling) (static) For those who don’t
know (suspenseful music) what Area 51 is, this is a top secret United
States Air Force base that’s found in Nevada. It gained popularity in the ’40s, ’50s, and ’60s mainly due to UFO and
governmental conspiracy theories. While some of these were really
interesting to read about, none of them have ever proven to be true. – I am just a figment
(high pitched buzzing) of your imagination. – We’ve all heard about the
Roswell, New Mexico UFO landing, but the evidence just isn’t quite there. – Yeah, well. – And now Area 51 is
gaining even more attention courtesy of this Facebook group where people wanna storm Area 51. – All right, let’s go. – Please, do not raid Area 51. It’s a top secret government facility. You’ll get fined, you’ll get
hurt, you’ll get arrested. You don’t need that in your life. Trust me, whatever’s going on there is probably not that exciting. And I know the majority of
you joined the Facebook group just for the awesome memes. I actually checked them out myself. They were pretty funny. On that note, I did let
my imagination run wild for a little bit. And I thought “If I participated
in this Area 51 raid, “what could be some of
the coolest medical tech “that they would have there?” This list is completely
based on my imagination. I feel like I have to make
this clear to some people. Number one, there’s a machine in Area 51 that gives you
the perfect genetic testing. It doesn’t need to do a full swab or a lot of blood to be given, just a little finger prick. You take that little sample, it runs its magic inside the computer. And all of a sudden you get this app, that not only tells you what to eat, but in what quantity to eat. What foods to avoid. What exercise to do. For how long to do it. Your life expectancy. There’s so much information that’s hidden within our genetics, that this machine can just tell us everything we want to
know about ourselves. Should I eat these peanuts?
– You’re gonna love my nuts. – Or is this gonna be
harmful to my health today? And all you have to do
is scan them and boom. (robotic voice) The
genetic test is complete. You may think to yourself, “Well, there’s genetic tests out there?” The genetic tests we have
that are available now are maybe for single genes, for very specific diseases. And even then it gives us
very limited information, as to what we can do about it. For example, if we know
that we have a 60% chance of developing Alzheimer’s
based on our genetic makeup, what do we do with that information? We need more. This leads us into the perfect number two, where we have a machine that
is a 3D printer for foods. (banging) And not just regular foods. Foods that you can customize
based on your genetic testing that the other machine just gave you. So if you wanna print
out a piece of broccoli with specific micro and macronutrients. – You can do it! – A juicy, juicy steak
without hurting an animal. – You can do it! – Turning down the amount of carcinogens so you’re not causing cancer to yourself. – You can do it! – Curing world hunger. Eating unhealthy foods,
but making them healthy. (chimes) Sounds like a win to me. Number three, this one I really
hope, hope, hope, hope, hope is in Area 51. And that is the B.S. meter. You heard me right. The B.S. meter, cause there’s so much B.S. on late night infomercials, on the internet, on social media. Misinformation about vaccines, weight loss, cleanses, detoxes. It kind of just makes me wanna squirm. (upbeat music) (suspenseful music)
Number four A magical, injectable,
polymer like compound that you can inject directly
into your blood vessel, that will automatically seal off any bleeding with inside the body. You know we have the Fix-a-flat thing, where you put it into a tire, you squeeze it, air goes in and the foam. And it automatically seals
the tire from leaking. That’s how this bad boy works. If you get a gunshot wound and it’s tearing a piece of your artery. Automatically, if you inject that it’ll seal the leak. Five, this one’s all about
A.I. and mental health. The world is dealing with anxiety, depression,
social pressures, addiction. What works for almost all of the above? Cognitive behavioral therapy. Well in Area 51 they have a Tamagotchi, – [Announcer] Well,
(upbeat music) if it isn’t Tamagotchi. (suspenseful music)
– Inside of it has an A.I. of the world’s best CBT. You talk to the Tamagotchi
as if it’s a therapist. A lot of people struggle
talking to another human about their problems. But they can talk to a Tamagotchi. And their Tomagotchi is gonna
give them perfect advice. – [Robot] Well, it’s
okay to be sad sometimes. You just don’t want to go
into a depression over it. Because it’s these sad
moments and challenges that really define us
and make us who we are. Wouldn’t you agree? – That thing’s pretty awesome, Right? – [Robot] Also Dr.
Mike, try and suck less. (shattering) – That’s the beta version. Bonus, number six. They’re also gonna have a
cure for the common cold. Yeah, that little common cold virus that no one seems to have a cure for. They have a laser for it. (laser firing) – Cool! (suspenseful music)
– I wanna hear your theory, of what you think could be in Area 51. From the medical side of things. Drop it down below in the comments. Cause I’m gonna be in there. I’m gonna be responding. I’m gonna be reading. And I wanna see if you’re
more creative than I. And if you wanna watch another fun video, which I super recommend you should. Click here. For my Apex Gaming video
which you obviously missed cause of the YouTube algorithm. But as always stay happy, and healthy.
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