Doctor Challenges Skin-Specialist Hyram

– No way, how did you get that? We are gonna show you images of, skin, and you’re gonna have to tell us while it’s macro-zoomed in
like that, what that skin is, if you get it correct I will be donating $500 to
the foundation of your choice. Tell us what foundation you’ve selected. – Yes. So, I have selected DirectRelief, you know, looking through
the different organizations that are available for COVID relief, I wanted to choose one that
was focused as holistically as possible on the solution, and I think DirectRelief is great, because not only have they been
delivering medical supplies, but they’ve also set up funds for specifically marginalized
groups to have access to proper healthcare and resources to be able to get the
same, you know, quality of health care, as they
would in other areas. And I also wanna say I will be matching your donation as well. I’ll be donating $500. – Wow. Okay.
– Hell yeah. – So the pressure is on higher. Let’s play Name That Skin. (makes funny sound) Those look like pores, and those look like
blackheads, I would assume. Oh I’m so nervous.
– Okay. Final answer. Zoomed out version, blackheads.
– Ooh, okay. – You got 500 bucks for DirectRelief. This is a tricky one. (soft suspenseful music) – It’s like violet. – Do you want a hint? – Yes. I would love a hint. (chuckles) – You’ve seen this image
before, many times. – Well, when I see it, I think
of like around the eye area, because that area can darken
and turn these colors. That’s that’s my best guess. – Okay. The truth of this
skin is, Hyram, it’s yours. – Oh. (both laughing) Oh my goodness. (laughing) I mean immediately I think
of, up-close of a forehead. – Issa Rae! – Ooh. – Who has naturally beautiful skin. – Beautiful skin. That’s why. – Good job. – Oh, beluga? – No way! (both laugh) Beluga whale! – Oh my gosh.
– How did you get that? Oh my God. – I have no idea how I guessed
that so quickly. (laughing) – Wow. That is the best $500 DirectRelief is ever gonna earn. – Human skin. I have no idea. (both laughing) – Well, this one is actually
a hemicolectomy scar, – Oh, it is a scar.
– which is a scar for a procedure to
operate and remove a part of the colon.
– Wow. Okay. – Name That Skin! I don’t know why I’m yelling. – Immediately I thought shin,
of like an older person, but I don’t think that’s right. It’s not that.
– This area of an older person, you my friend are correct. It’s Danny Trejo. – Oh. (sighs loudly) I was like, I swear to God
if I don’t get this right, I am, I’m just gonna cancel
myself at this point. It looks like, like a Canyon on a planet. I was like, is this Mars or something. Maybe it’s the color
that’s throwing me off. It looks like scar tissue. – You had it right before, it’s the Grand Canyon. – No way. (both laughing) – It’s a skin of the Grand Canyon. – Are you kidding me? Are you, wait, does that count? (laughing) I mean, it looks super zoomed up. (suspenseful music) Belly button. We’ll just
go with belly button. Super, I’m crossing the belly button. – Final answer, belly button. It is actually the skin, of a rose petal. – Ooh, wow. Yeah. I never would have guessed that. My gut definitely was not telling me that. I mean, it appears to
be broken capillaries, cheeks or nose is where this typically, at least I’ve seen
occurs, but I’m not sure. – We missed the last one which was rose, this is human skin,
– Okay. – and it is rosacea. – Rosacea. Yes. – Which is nothing to do like a rose, but the skin color is rose color, because of those capillaries
that you mentioned. Good call though. You got it right. – Maybe I’m totally off. I’m gonna say it’s the arm. – It is the arm area.
– It is! (indistinct) not that excited. (laughing) – And it is shingles. – Shingles! Ooh, okay. This looks like wood. – (scoffs) Wood. The previous was shingles. These are roof shingles. – Okay. – We need to ask the judge. Judge did his answer, graded wood, is that a correct response? – [Sam] Grained wood is what shingles are, I’m giving it a thumbs up. – We got a thumbs up. – Yeah.
– 500 bucks, let’s do it. – You know what? I totally thought this video was just gonna be 20 minutes straight of Dr. Mike embarrassing Hyram. (both laughing) I’m surprised at how many I’m
getting right. (chuckling) So definitely, I mean, that looks like hair, it looks like a scar. You know what, just in case, I’m just gonna say armpit because I don’t know where else this could be on. A human armpit. – My ankle when I sprained it a few years ago playing tennis. – No way. That is brutal. – Yeah. That’s not a pretty foot. But now people have a picture of my swollen foot, on the internet. – Wow. Dead skin. Definitely. I’m gonna say heel of the foot, because of the deads, the flaked up. But it looks to be like flaked up akin. – Heel of the foot, final answer. The reality is, grape. – Oh, grape? Oh my gosh. Wow. I was totally (laughs) – Let’s say, I know you have
experience with this one. – A mole? – The reason I said you experienced this, is because of where you live. – Oh, it’s a turtle. – It’s turtle skin. Are there not turtles in Hawaii?
– Ooh. – There are. And it’s, you know, it’s funny because a lot of times
when I’ve gone swimming there’s turtles nearby. A lot of the times actually. This kind of looks like a basketball, but it could be like a
amphibian or something. Snake. – Final answer, snake? – I’m gonna say snake. Yeah. It’s my best.
– What happened to the gut? – Oh, no. Oh gosh. Dang it! No. (both laughing) I should’ve just gone
with my gut response. I think a fruit, like I immediately thought of
like pomegranate or something, but I think that’s a little bit too light. I’m just going to say really bad sunburn. – Okay.
– That’s my guess. – You said human skin sunburn. You were right with your gut, it’s a raspberry! Look at that skin. That’s delicious skin. – Oh, okay. So this definitely looks like human skin. I’m I just right to say it’s
human skin with a condition? – It is actually, a strawberry nevus also known
as a strawberry hemangioma. They’re generally
harmless, but should always be evaluated by a doctor. – Strawberry. (both laughing) You got the strawberry. You didn’t get the strawberry nevus but you got the strawberry. – What is this? – Name That Skin! – Is, are all of these– – Are you going, are you
thinking human skin here? – That’s what I was gonna ask. I was like, are all of these human skin, or are there other other species? (laughs) – This is just skin. I will not give any more. I will not disclose any more information. The game show’s called Name That Skin, and you’re the skin specialist. – Oh my goodness. I wish I was a specialist in
other species kind as well. (both laughing) I was gonna say pig snout? – It is a poison ivy rash on skin. So it is actually human
skin, not pig skin. But, the reason why it has
this abnormal appearance, is because there’s a form of dermatitis, that happens as a result of exposure to the oil,
created by poison ivy. And that is why, individuals
who touch poison ivy, if they get some of that oil, not only do they have the
rash where they touched it, they also sometimes scratch their face and they get that rash on their face. They scratch their arm, they get it there, ’cause they’re spreading that oil. – This looks like sand. – You said it’s so sad. Sand.
– Yeah. (laughing) – It’s actually Mars which you guessed earlier, somehow.
– Okay. Wow. – Sam, is Mars technically a desert? – [Sam] Technically I
can’t say, but I think in the spirit of the
game, he wins a point. – You got a point!
– Yay! – For the desert on Mars. – Is it just freckles on darker skin? – You are right! – Yeah. (laughing) Yes. – You named that skin perfectly. – Oh, okay. This looks like, is a turkey? – It is a bird, but it’s parrot skin. – It’s parrot. I was just like so close. Like I’m almost there. (laughing) – This one is so hard that if you get it, I’m
doubling your price. – I mean, it almost looks
like trapped air bubbles which is why I thought it was ice. Oh my goodness. This is hard. I’m just going to say algae. – For a thousand dollars to name that skin the correct answer is– (soft chime) – Oh. Whoa. Wow. Really? – Name That Skin. And we did it purple in your honor. (Hyram laughing) Speaking of purple, how awesome is Brad Mondo? – Oh, love. It’s, I, Brad is literally one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. Like so awesome,
– Agreed. – so supportive. He should dye your hair at some point. – We did a collab and we said that if it gets to 300,000 likes, he’s gonna dye my hair some crazy color. – Oh my goodness.
– He’s thinking dark blue. – The only thing I can think
is like a highlighter pen. Like the, (indistinct).
– Wow, how close you are. – Oh, I’m so close. Oh my goodness. – But I don’t, Sam, I don’t
think we can give that to him. – Yeah, no. – [Sam] My instinct is no, but
if we had an audience here, they would be begging to give it to him. – I know.
– [Sam] So I’m gonna give him a point. – Oh, we’re giving you the point. – Oh yes. Oh, I really had a loss for words. I don’t know what this is. I mean, to be honest,
the first thing I thought of was just like, it looks like fabric. – It’s money! – Ooh. – Wait, first of all, did he get that Sam? He said fabric. – [Sam] Nope. Not specific enough. – Wait, come on.
– Yeah. – I’m gonna argue on that one. – [Sam] Are you gonna veto? – I don’t know, but fabric,
it’s made of cotton. – [Sam] I have been overruled by Dr. Mike. – Wow.
– We are overruling. You got it. It is fabric. It is money. Seven grand! You just won, for DirectRelief. Talk about money. Everyone who watches my channel needs to go check out Hyram to
learn more about his opinions and his takes on
everything related to skin. His reviews are phenomenal. He’s an introspective soul. Just like we advise everyone to be. – Thank you so much for all you do, for the content that you create, that you’re, you know, spreading as much information out there. I feel like one thing I
always wanted to walk away from my channel with, is knowing that I’ve
informed and edified people. And I think you’re doing that with your channel and I, just keep it up. Thank you so much for having me. This was so much fun. And I’m so glad that, all of
the support can go to charity. It can go to a good cause, so, thank you again. – We’re linking all your stuff down below. And if you wanna see my
collab with Brad Mondo, click here to check that out. And for some really
funny videos, click here. As always stay happy and healthy. (hip hop music)
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