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Do You Know Your BF By Their Cooking?

i’m kind of nervous because i try to be very strategic about this i was like i have to make something that could be any one of us but i don’t know her intuition’s been very strong lately so in a sense who’s behind the curtain okay okay if i lose then i will cook for the rest of the week if you get it right then i’ll do dishes for the week i like that so these chefs need to include these three ingredients garlic chili oil and potatoes [Music] for this competition i’m going to be making a scalloped potato roll so first what i’m going to do is i’m going to create a layer of parmesan over here do about half i tend to cook grandma style because i actually did kind of learn how to cook for my grandma just basically means you don’t measure anything so now we’re gonna get our potatoes and lay them down into sheets more or less okay now we’re gonna add one more layer of parmesan on top oh look at that cheesy goodness all great flavors require great sacrifice we’re lactose intolerant pop it in the oven for at 400 degrees for 20 minutes now we’re going to make our beef mixture with onions tomatoes parsley paprika salt and of course our favorite chili oil so now we’re going to add the onion plenty of onions add the beef oh that was close so i always give janna the better looking plate because sometimes i mess up and it just does not look good i don’t even question that anymore that’s just the norm all right so now we’re going to throw in everything else first goes the tomatoes tomato tomato tomato paprika a lot of parsley we’ll save some and then for our special ingredient fried chili oil this old asian lady has saved our household my favorite part of this specific one are the peanuts i like to use a lot of this because it just tastes good here’s one more little spoon just so that she knows it’s me janna’s told me before that i needed to add more seasoning so ever since then i make sure i always add enough seasoning so now we’re going to do our spinach mixture i’m going to wilt this melting wilting wilting add the garlic now this is just to make sure that we are vampire free today all right now i’m gonna check on the potatoes let’s see how these look oh they look like they’re coming along nicely look at that and crispy and delicious all right so now we’re gonna mix the spinach with the ricotta this is our popeyes inspired contribution to this dish okay now that the spinach is ready we’re going to assemble the roll all right oh this beef mixture i don’t know how chefs just do their job in general because i would want to eat every moment that i’m cooking because i am hungry right now let’s do one dusting okay so now we’re ready to roll everything together there we go oh come on stay together oh boy casualties oh it’s almost there ah more casualties oh my god this is a mess i guess that’s it [Music] i am going to make a california breakfast burrito but i’m going to use filipino tapa instead of bacon i’m hoping that because of the ingredients that i picked that will make jana think it’s austin because it’s something that she likes all right let’s just get started so i have my chopped potatoes i’m gonna mix olive oil garlic powder and i’m already going to add some chili oil so it absorbs i remember seeing this chili oil in janna’s instagram story i’m not sure how spicy she likes it but chili oil isn’t that spicy i’m going to mix them together so you put it here the oven is preheated and i’m just gonna put it there and let it roast so this is pickled veggies it’s specifically carrots and daikon so this has vinegar water sugar and salt so we’re gonna put this aside and let this like pickle i’ve said pickles so many times pickle pickle pickles pickle pickle pickle pickle can pickle anything and this is the tapa it’s just beef sirloin that you marinate with soy sauce and basically like a bunch of like asian ingredients you can marinate this on your own but i just got it from the filipino store i chose this because i wanted to have a filipino ingredient in the breakfast burrito because janna’s filipino i’m filipino and austin is also filipino so it’ll really confuse her oh it’s crackling all right next up eggs i’m gonna cook the eggs the way that i saw gordon ramsay cook it which is like a lot of butter and can like mixing it all the time he’s just like continuously whisking it to make it creamy he like he didn’t mix it in the bowl you just poured it in and then he mixed it here and then he would take it off so it doesn’t like burn or something and then you put it back on and like mix mix mix mix mix i did not think if this is how austin makes scrambled eggs maybe janna will think oh austin learned something new he really does love me so it’s almost at the consistency that i want i’m just gonna add the cheese now i’m gonna check all the potatoes now oh they look crispy so i’m just kind of making like an aioli chili oil spread because it looks nice i’m just gonna like a sandwich spread i’m gonna add the potatoes i decided on carrots and daikon because that’s what they use in bunnies and i like botami i read that when you wrap a burrito you like start here right and then you like do it like this i think i did make too much like i put too much stuff in here but it should be okay and we’re done [Music] for this competition i’m making a potato crusted pizza with fried garlic chips and a drizzle of chili oil on top not knowing jana very well i just wanted to make something that was crazy delicious and that like you knew it was going to be good just by looking at it i also wanted to make sure that you could get everything in one bite and i think a slice of pizza is the way to go all right i’m going to start by making our potato crust so i’ve got some shredded potatoes that i drained really really well to make them as dry as possible and we’ll go ahead and we’re gonna add two eggs to it as our binder for some seasoning we’re gonna add some garlic powder we’re gonna add some onion powder salt and i’m gonna hit it with just a little bit of black pepper i think for a little kick in the base and then i’m just going to mix this together all right that holds together like something and i think i’m just going to this and now i’m going to spend a couple minutes just trying to build this crust i mean that looks like a crust to me i’m gonna pop this into the oven moving on to our garlic component so i have very thinly sliced garlic here and i’m just gonna fry these very quickly so that we have some crispy delicious garlic chips and then we’re gonna use that oil to brush the crust of the pizza when it comes out i’m gonna go sausage directly into the pan grab this crust brush this all with this delicious garlic oil really make sure that garlic flavor is all over the place then we’re going to top it this is just monterey jack cheese i wanted to choose something that was a little bit more neutral it’s not a tradish mozzarella and we’ll take our sausage gonna put this one back into the oven let this cheese melt and then we’ll top it with our garlic chips and our chili oil and we’ll have janna taste it and then the last thing for some color some scallions i don’t know janna but i think after this we’re going to be buds what what is this wow this smells fancy is this potato i’m impressed it’s really flavorful i will say so whoever made this really got the flavors in i don’t know i don’t know if austin is capable of making it look like this because it’s so fancy but he could also want to be fancy so that he could throw me off well job well done mysterious person number one is it you austin i can’t tell anyway on to the next one [Music] oh what interesting it’s a burrito it’s a breakfast burrito this looks amazing i love a breakfast burrito is this brisket oh man i feel like this is austin i feel like this is austin i don’t know if i’m wrong but i don’t know he also wants to trick me this feels like an austin meal though because we love breakfast burritos so i feel like that’s his thing oh it’s a pizza i’m assuming this crust is potato crust oh whoa it is soft [Music] um okay hefty i can tell she’s thick which i appreciate the presentation was good the potato itself i feel like isn’t seasoned or not not like it’s not season but i feel like it’s not seasoned enough for me which makes me think this is awesome but i’m not married to that because i know how austin makes his potatoes sometimes not to say that he doesn’t season it it’s just it i don’t know that’s what my gut is telling me but i’m debating whether i should go with my intuition or just go against my intuition but i think i’ll go with it i think this one i think this one was austin it has to be i i i refuse i refuse to cook for the rest of the week oh my god i’m scared [Laughter] yeah that looks really good this is really good damn now i don’t know maybe austin is capable of making that first dish sorry i’m gonna say that this is cody oh my god i’m scared i’m gonna get it no no i will just see you watching your cats i’m so sorry there wasn’t enough salt i am sorry you made this yeah unbeknownst to your mind and imagination wait does that mean i don’t have to cook i guess so okay [Music] you
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