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Diying Your Requests So You Don’t Have To Spend Bank

hi everyone my name is rachael and welcome 
back to the story girls on this channel we   tackle all things diy design and we learn 
things together today we’re going to be   doing a lot of learning because i’m 
going to be figuring out how to diy   your dms it’s time to do some banging a 
little bit of wood glue goes a long way let’s begin okay so the first diy that 
we’re gonna attempt is from molly   she actually sent a bunch of photos so i was 
trying to find a seller for this bench and i   found a bunch of different people who sell the 
same style so we’ll link those down below if   you do they do have some affordable options but if 
not keep watching because i’m going to make it and   i’ve never made anything of this caliber before 
aka meaning i’ve never made a seat so i’m really   excited for this one i think it’ll be a little 
bit challenging or not let’s hope it’s not missing a couple things so let’s go to the store it smells so good in here i love it do you think that’s too thick it would 
definitely be a thicker look to it whoa thank you get me out of this parking lot right now back 
from the store if i had time on my side i   probably would have ordered this online which is 
twine and you can get cecil twine or jute twine   i do like the color of the jute twine better and 
actually matches the stool more but this cecil   twine was a bit thicker and that mimics the stool 
we’re trying to create and to make the stool i’m   using dowels i’ve found two inch dowels and seven 
eighths of an inch dowel first step i’m going to   cut my two inch dowel into 12 inch pieces okay so 
my two inch doll specifically is 48 inches and i   want this stool to be a foot high so i’m gonna 
use a miter saw to do this you can also use just   like a regular circular saw but i really want 
these cuts to be as straight as possible nice basically the stool’s done kidding there’s a lot 
more to do okay so the next step i’m going to cut   all my 7 8 inch dowels also into 12 inch pieces 
each but instead of cutting just four of those   we’re cutting eight because we’re going to have 
a top row for the bench seat and a bottom row   for support so i have all of my dowels cut and 
before we continue i want to prep all these dowels   i’m going to mark an inch in on each side and 
then i’m going to sand both ends of the dowel   this way if we when we sand it will create sort 
of a taper and that way we can easily hammer it   into our other dowels okay so all my sanding 
is done our middle dowels have all turned   into these like little torpedo guys and i also 
went ahead and just sanded down our main legs   just to give the tops more of an organic shape 
and the bottom a nice clean taper as well so the next step which i’ve already started is 
making our drill holes for the smaller dowels   to go into what i’m using is a three-quarter inch 
spade drill bit and i’ve actually marked it with   a piece of tape so that the depth of each hole 
is going to be the same across all the legs and   why i’m using a three-quarter inch drill bit it’s 
because it’s an eighth smaller than the width of   these small dowels and what that’s going to 
do because we created this taper on the end   it’s gonna help creating a really snug fit when 
we like tap these into our legs it seems legit   okay so the next step is gonna be building out two 
halves and i’m gonna use my dowels and a little   bit of wood glue because a little bit of wood 
glue goes a long way it’s time to do some banging not like that apologies to everyone in the office 
today because it’s been a lot of power sanding   and it’s going to be a lot of banging danny 
is there a better word i could be using   nah pounding okay here we have a sweet little bed 
this is just to protect our legs and wood glue i’m going to use this right angle tool 
and this is really helpful just to make   sure that the legs are going to go 
in completely upright and straight so we have this and to put the top piece on 
i’m going to cover it and i’m also going to   use a piece of wood between the leg and the 
hammer just to protect we don’t want to create   any divots because we really are banging 
this hard i have to say it had to say it these look great in my opinion i’m 
very happy with how this is going   i’m gonna go ahead and do everything we just did 
all over again but obviously on the corresponding   sides the only thing i’m gonna do 
differently is the corresponding beam   at the bottom is going to 
be an inch and a half above   so if this was two and a half inches up 
that would be four inches up from the bottom okay it’s made she’s got a little bit of 
a wobble but it’s so slight nothing like   a little felt foot can’t fix i don’t know i’m 
actually so happy with how it’s turned out so far   the next part is going to be the the nice the 
seat which we’re using this cecil twine for this   stool seat it has like a basket weave style 
there’s so many different ways that you can   like weave the tops of these but this one this is 
a good starting point this is a good first timer   the first thing i’m gonna do is tie a knot okay 
once you tie your knot we’re gonna wrap it around and you’re going to use anything of course we’re 
using timbre here but it’s going to sit on top of   the poles what this is going to do is create 
space so that when we go to the other side   there’s a little bit of give that we can actually 
feed it through i’ve done seven wraps but i’m   gonna do eight this will all vary depending on 
how wide you want your basket weave to be how wide   your string is and also as you’re wrapping make 
sure that your tail end is getting wrapped inside   too just so it’s not like flailing now so i’ve 
done seven and this is eight after the eighth wrap   you’re gonna wrap it around the pole instead of 
coming all the way around and then bring it under   and then wrap it around the other side and then 
bring it back around and we’re going to start our   eight wraps again so this first pass that we did 
is actually called the warp and the next pass on   the other side is called the weft and that’s left 
with a w and to help us this spacer is gonna go   over under and why we did that loop around each 
side is for this reason i’m gonna do the same   thing on the bottom because this is going to be 
a lot more safe and secure if you do the weave on   the top and the bottom so to help us with the next 
step we have this thing called a shuttle we’re   going to wrap our string around it because this 
is going to help us literally shuttle the string   through you’re going to flip this up that gives 
us more room to get this shuttle through on the   left side i’m leaving each strand on the top and 
flip it over to weave across the bottom and i’ll   do this again seven more times alternating 
the weave for every set of eight strands this looks amazing i am super proud of the work 
that’s been completed today the real test though   is the seat test is this gonna fall apart when 
i sit on it i don’t think so but we must check moment of truth um so it works i feel like 
that was so underwhelming   i will see you guys tomorrow for another diy 
of one of your dm’s but before that happen i definitely have uh i mean i already had 
a huge appreciation for people who made   and handcrafted furniture and all that such but 
boy did it grow just a little bit more today   new day new diy our next dm is from haley and 
she sent us this really cool mirror from urban   outfitters and it actually isn’t available online 
anymore so i’m really excited to try this out   it does look like this was made from like 
metal piping but we’re gonna try pvc because   it’s more affordable it’s easier to work with 
the pvc piping that i’m using is half an inch   i’m creating a freestanding mirror for a 16 by 58 
inch mirror so it’s a tall mirror and to start i’m   going to cut down all my pvc pipe at least for 
the frame not so much for the back arm because   we’ll we’ll get there later for the sake of the 
video i’m not going to tell you each dimension   as i go but it will be up on our blog haley 
if you want to check it out i do encourage you i’m using the miter saw to make straight cuts 
but you can also do this with a circular saw   or table saw or a hand saw this is absolutely 
doable with hand tools i went ahead and laid   out all my pieces this is just so i can get 
a visual of what’s happening the next step   will be using these connector pieces this is 
like a t-connector this is an elbow connector   and this is also in the same section as a pvc 
piping obviously and i’m just going to bring all   these pieces together i’m also going to aim 
to have this black writing on the back side   just in case i have any coverage 
problems with spray painting those sounds are probably weird   the next step i’m going to do is take some framing 
lumber this is what’s going to hold our mirror   what i’m going to use to attach these pieces 
are called mending plates so i’m just going to   screw all these wood planks together and then 
i’m going to screw my supporting frame to our   actual mirror frame and i’ll just put a little 
bit of construction adhesive just to reinforce it   this is our frame it’s pretty sturdy and 
all we’re going to do is add more support so   the next step is figuring out how i want 
this like lean to go will you come help   and hold for a hot minute thank you okay okay just for temp temporary reasons   jacket on this looks great now i need to find the 
length of the side pieces that hold this mirror   up after i cut my supporting arms it’s time to 
continue the assembly with more t’s and elbows   i also cut a very small piece of pvc to connect 
the elbows that connect the frame to the arms   the last part that needs to happen are these 
go on this end this will go in the middle and   we’ll create a cross beam that’s just going 
to connect these two together and it’s going   to be super sturdy and before i finish with 
assembly i want to spray paint what we’ve done so while the mirror is drying i just want to 
talk about how i’m actually going to attach   the mirror to this whole frame i’m using 
something called mirror mirror and it’s a   construction adhesive and this is specifically 
for mirrors because it doesn’t damage the back   coating that actually creates the mirror i do 
need to let this sit overnight so before i finish   full assembly i’m gonna have to 
come back tomorrow and finish it off this should honestly be if that costs how much 
because i think this mirrors like 228 dollars and   it definitely didn’t cost us that much but this 
is a diy your dms it all kind of goodbye okay the mirror is totally dry and it’s looking really 
good we have just a couple more things that i want   to do just to finish it off make sure it’s super 
secure so i’m gonna bring it let me bring it over   she’s looking good i’m gonna flip it 
around and just put in this last piece   the reason i didn’t attach it all together 
right away is because i wanted the mirror   to be able to dry flat and also if i need to 
make any adjustments i would be able to do that   what you can use is a pvc pipe glue which is 
what would hold these all together or you can   just use screws in the back and hold them together 
that way i do want to talk about something cool   these aren’t necessary but i really wanted to 
try them out they’re called self drilling screws   and instead of having to make pilot holes 
it actually makes a pilot hole for itself   and then the screw will just screw right into that 
so definitely saves you a little bit of time but   you can use regular screws or the glue the 
self-drilling screws i’m using are all an   inch and i’m going to focus them 
in any sort of like connection area   to finish it off i hit all the screws with some   more spray paint and let’s 
go see how it looks styled   i love the industrial look of this mirror i think 
the color is really classy but my favorite thing   might be how easy it was to make so i 
do really encourage you to try it out okay thank you guys so much for watching today’s 
video i hope you enjoyed me diying your dms please   keep sending your diys to our dms because we love 
getting notifications from you guys and speaking   of notifications make sure you subscribe and turn 
on that notification bell because here’s a little   sneak peek of what’s coming next week you don’t 
want to miss it this was like temporary we’re   like um we’ll get to eventually and here we are 
a year later say it with me there’s so much room   for activities we know what we’re doing there 
i don’t think we really know what we’re doing   here i would love to know that oh my god hi are 
you kidding me i’m like speechless this is insane
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HeYy6TbJuCs

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