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oh hi so this DIY we kind of thought of it because you get these like cute little rocks and like souvenirs one either a family member goes away or when you go away friends go on vacation without you yeah so then you have these rocks as you’re cute and all but it’s like whatever you do with that I just shelf of like nice jokes so we thought of a practical and fashionable way that you can actually use these things the end of collecting over time so to make this DIY you’re going to need some wire whatever color you want and the thinner wire is going to make your life so much easier so go forth in I think we use 24 gauge for this and you’re also going to need some pliers and a chain to put your necklace pendant on and if your chain doesn’t come with clasps or anything need to buy those as well classes and jump rings so first you’re going to pick which stone or rock or souvenir pendant that you want and for example this one is kind of shaped like a triangle so there’s a bigger end in a smaller end and we’re going to want with a smaller end down just because it’s going to be a little bit more secure so it doesn’t slip out of the wire that we’re putting it in and then you kind of just like wrap it around all crazy for this we kind of started by making a loop with the wire and then slip the skinny end into the loop as a kind of starting point and then from there you can wrap it around the back to make kind of like an X shape and then you can just repeat this process and kind of wrap it around a couple more times until you feel like it’s secure and then you’re going to cross the two end pieces and kind of twist them together so once you have them is securely tightened at the back you can go ahead and twist them to create a loop which we will use to pin it on to the chain and then cut any excess is going to be different every time you do it because all these rocks are different shapes and sizes so you’re creative some rocks might require a little wrapping than others so for another alternative way to do it or we’ll just show you again how we get this one and we took this piece just actually salt bags with a solid piece of dried lava which is from Hawaii okay mm-hmm so we’re lucky with this piece because all the rocks are using before we’re really smooth and polished but this one’s actually jagged so you can just kind of do your wrapping at the top of it and it will stay after wrapping it around a couple times we slip the extra up and under to make the loop and then just cut off any extra so the next step is taking some of your chain and you’re going to want to measure it around your neck however long you’d like your pendant to sit and just cut that using some pliers and then you’re going to slip your pendant on and next we’re going to add a jump ring or the little circle enclosure on one side as well as the clasp on the other side so you can just do this by using your pliers and opening up the jump rings that are attached and slipping on the chain and closing it so you can do that or you could also use a chain that you already have that something on it and then you pretty much just string your off pendant onto it so easy dough that wrap ended go though so we’d love to see your souvenirs turned into rock pendant necklaces so send us pictures if you do this yes we would love to see them the links are below where you can find us and we will see you guys next week bye
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DoAlLjmzOkI

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