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DIY Waterproof Picnic Blanket

[Music] hello i’m dennis i’m andrew we are the crafty lumberjacks well warm weather is finally here and that means it’s time for picnics yes we love to go on picnics you get to the park you put on the perfect spot yes you lay out your blanket you get comfy and then you got that picnic booty yeah you get it sound is wet your butt is wet yes so right through into your jeans gosh it ruins the whole day yes well we are going to waterproof one of our old blankets on handmade let’s get started so we have a piece of vinyl that was cut by the yard and we cut it to size of our blanket so we’re going to start by adding all of our holes to one side then change out the attachments and start adding our snaps so the great thing about these heavy duty snap pliers is once you have it you can punch the hole and you can attach both sides of the snaps with it looks pretty good oh yeah i’m saying look at that hole look at that look at that hole holy moly we have our first hole punched and now we are just going down the line and we’re gonna punch our second hole looks good looks good yeah all right let’s keep it going all right now that we’ve switched our attachment we’re gonna start adding our snaps are you looking at me like i’m doing around kind of but but you’re doing it right all right you want to press really hard there you go we have our first little snap i mean look how cute that little brass detail is utterly charming oh all right now that we have the right attachment we’re gonna attach our snaps again there we go that is nice and secure okay we’re gonna keep going down the line now we have our final attachment on this side and we’re gonna finish up our snaps wow and the process is the same for every single side so this should be pretty easy all right yes i mean this is great and i love what you said like you can put it on a picnic table if you take it apart if you have more friends come you can you know have two blankets and bye bye picnic booty bye bye picnic booty bye-bye now to make this more manageable and portable we wanted to create a little strap so that we have a little carrying strap we can carry it with us on our way to the picnic and we’re going to snap that together as well uh so right now we’re folding our blanket to see how big we want to make the strap so we found this strap material at our craft store and we’re just going to wrap it around our closed blanket to see how much we need so i think just about that much what do you think yeah okay and then we’re just going to double it because we want two straps and then we’re going to measure out and cut two straps this will be to carry the blanket and we want one the exact size of the width and then one just a little bit longer and we’ll show you why in a minute so now we’re going to add our snaps to our straps and we want it pretty nice and tight just so it holds the blanket in nicely as you can see the strap is starting to fray now you can either take a lighter to this and that will help close it off but we have these really cute brass details that you’ve probably seen at like the end of a belt or something like that and we’re just going to press them on i feel like it’s all about the details for sure all right now that we’re done with the straps we’re going to add the handle and now we’re just going to punch through all three layers of the straps to connect it all together and instead of snaps we have these brass details which we love because all you have to do is screw them on and you can actually do it just with your finger and you can just tighten these by hand instead of using a tool here it is it looks super cute oh my gosh i would buy that yes that is so cute you know in new york we don’t have yards so picnicking is a huge thing and we are ready for it this year yes we want to hear about your tragic picnic stories let us know in a comment below give us a thumbs up subscribe and we’ll see you soon [Music] bye
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTtoEviI0zs

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