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[Music] hey guys today’s UI is pom-pom based we made a pom-pom garland that you can take them in your house to decorate in the room clearly behind us and we have our friends outwards easier so gorgeous that works that Starlin so use pop-ups or anything you can put them on the top of your tube so you can put them on your shoes you can make arts and crafts with them or you can put them on a garland and hang them up it’s really simple so we’re going to be showing you heavy so just everybody needs some a recycled cardboard or cardboard of bristol board and you’re just going to draw it with a small circle you can either trace the circular object you already have or you can do the measurements ours is about three and a half inches wide so we just made a cross and then kind of rough handed a circle around that you don’t have to be exact at all and then you also just make a smaller circle in the middle how small doesn’t matter just size a quarter about how small we made it here and then you also cut out a small little silver of a triangle or just a sliver and you’re going to make two so once you have it to basically cardboard seeds cut out we’re going to take whatever yarn you’re gonna use thicker yarn is better and I’ll lay it out on the cardboard see so that’s long enough to go all the way around and stick it at the end of it then we’re gonna sandwich that piece of yarn together and cut two notches just in the side there so that we can hold those pieces of yarn in place while we wrap yeah we just found it makes it so much easier yeah and you don’t lose those pieces because they’re really important yes so then you can just start wrapping and it gets it’s a little bit hard to get started but don’t worry the more you wrap it the more all your strings stay in place so you’re basically just wrapping your yarn around that C shape and once you get to the end of the seat you can go back the other way and we did this total of four times so they are back and there and back again but the more you wrap it the thicker your pom-pom will be go is up to you so we’ve got come in do more is better and then when you’re done that you’re going to take out those long pieces that you started with that are notched in place right now take them out and just tie a kind of loose knot just to hold it together then we’re going to start cutting so you’re gonna stick your scissors we use fabric scissors cuz it’ll be easier but it all depends on what yarn you use and we’re gonna stick them in between the two pieces of cardboard and you’re just gonna start cutting all the way around make sure you kind of hold all the pieces of yarn in place because you are cutting them loose we don’t want them to all fall out everywhere yeah so once you have that cut off then you can go ahead and tighten that food snot you made with your longer pieces just get that nice and tight you can do a double knot to hold it all in place and look that’s not it then you can pull your pom-pom out of the C shape and you can reuse this template again and again to make even more problems and the bigger template you make the bigger yes the bigger you see the bigger your pom-pom will be yes so you can meet all different kinds of sizes so once this is done you can go ahead and depending on how gradually your pom-pom ends up looking you can give it a little haircut just trim it up and make it look nice and rounded and neat this parts really fun I don’t know why pom-pom haircuts I know it’s like when you use to cut your Barbie’s hair it’s true and then you realize that you made them all really ugly yeah so yeah we’ve just repeated this about 13 times in different colors the next step is to cut out a piece of string you can use yarn you can use string you can use twine whatever and you need to figure out how long you’re going to hang it up like what wall or where you want to hang it yeah and then you can space them out evenly so we just did each eight inches apart and just alternated our colors but it’s totally up to you so you’re just gonna take those two long strings that we had originally and use those to tie it around your long string and you can go ahead and cut those to the appropriate length once you’re done tying them on and just repeat that until you have a garland full of pop off it’s that easy it’s so easy so easy you can probably do a pom-pom in like five minutes if you’re lazy 2 minutes if you’re like me we’re on top of things yeah they’re so easy to make a mess so fun hope you guys like that pom-pom garland but like we said make sure you try pom-poms in different ways and we actually made a child crafts it’s perfect for babysitting it’s a little pom-pom Hedgehog inspired by a little Harley yes so if you want your own Hedgehog or if you have a younger brother just sisters or if you’re a babysitter you can try this craft out with them and we actually made it for a contest so we would love if you guys checked out the video as well as maybe voted for us on there it’ll be linked below with all dating from that you need to know so just go ahead and check that out if you’re interested and you can give us a vote if you want and it’s also a thousand dollars for just voting so if you vote you can also win if you want to grant it’s like just I would so that’s like a weakling women win win no this work all right well thanks [Music] [Music]
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_6CdK9IVVo

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