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DIY Thrift Swap Challenge W/ Buzzfeed!

your confidence is amazing so funny no you’re doing a wonderful job we could not think of anything anything to do with you Oh got real can I add a raccoon [Music] hi my name’s Kelsey hi my name is Becca and we are the sorry girls today we have a really exciting collab video yes we do so today we’re doing a thrift flip swish swap a Fripp swap and throw flip yes it is an international surf lot because we teamed up with BuzzFeed’s nifty Ashley in Cana they went shopping for some surfed items and then they sent it to us and we also went shopping for some thrift items and we sent it to them so we are going to be upcycling what they sent us and we don’t even know what it is yet that’s true I’m so happy because I think you said I said it’s international flip-flop Hey really it’s not video so they actually have footage of them shopping for the items we’re gonna watch right now I have no idea what they sent us either and Before we jump into that make sure you guys subscribed if you’re here from BuzzFeed’s nifty channel and if you’re just here not because you’ve found us through that oh you can also subscribe to men’s allowed love to have you an easy-bake oven is that it’s so bright there you gotta buy it Cheers what are you gonna do with mugs Christmas theme that’s kind of yeah I don’t wanna do anything New York search shopping only go away oh my god the metal chicken oh my god how much shopping did they do we do not do that much shopping I feel like we found good things though yeah I think we’re gonna be ending up doing holiday content based on what they’re shopping for challenge because I want to win I know it well then like what’s the strategy way she wants to win what is this a competition what is there to win okay there’s somebody’s price Texas isn’t your inner earnest we did actually second time’s a charm okay okay I still have no idea what they bought us except maybe some mugs we got the goods there’s children out for two days of hunting and yes there are finding me working me a little bit tricky because there are a lot of thirst or that’s world darn made it I excited I gonna do can I add a raccoon oh my god but I think we did good either way I’m excited about this it’s missing a squirrel which is the perfect place for you to add a raccoon I think this one I have a prediction of what they would do or what I would do oh yeah don’t give us ideas this is a this one is nicely teed up the other one I don’t really know what they’re gonna I don’t even know what I would do it’s a squirrel I’m excited about this yeah this is a really good one I would even call this a 2500 that’s cute we love that we were looking at similar things I think but I don’t see often something like that yeah we did I think so yeah it was like a shop thing Oh fun oh I want that for my jewelry but no be so cute I honestly might hang this one I think yeah how much was that one this was $7.99 I like how they’re upset but that’s like reasonable for prices here that there’s stars the safety net this is good I think there’s a lot of things that you can do with that I think you could do so much with in the we’ve done a couple of nifty videos like a makeup case man they’re making this work I feel like yeah you could do something really cool with that okay they like don’t have to use this if they don’t want to I’m not gonna be mad because I vetoed this one but Kane is in charge here for Intel because they were also $0.59 so like no loss for Sheena dip boys I mean yes but like I don’t even know what you would do with this oh no Nita but like you have to have an idea before you send it to us that is the rule that’s like fair ground rules I hate it it’s a plastic yeah flow maybe it’s something like this yeah you could definitely do something with it but like they look like the robot boobs okay and then last which is nice because this is the piece I found this one oh that real I think it’s real wings but it’s no really I’m gonna stop it ed the border I think I stopped it at the border and exactly what I thought if this package gets rejected we know why I think even just making it a mirror like that sorry girl for you stop giving us ideas I didn’t hear it all right let’s package this up alright had just pre-fitted Oh cash casual our packages did not look that good spoiler alert okay we’re gonna just package everything up in a lot of bubble wrap because we win hand on the glass change your plan they didn’t put in one box so now we have two boxes I think these look cute I’m really excited to see what they do love stuff I know I’m nervous you send this off I kind of wish I open their boss before me that’s the fun of it it’s like you can’t give your uber driver rating until he’s giving you one it’s a secret or he can’t read your rating until you’ve said he sent you one rate that often is that bad okay to the post office he’d go yells delivery from New York oh thank you I like I loved this sticker wrapping so much Wow oh yes my new jewelry tree hopefully ours arrived in one piece we did not bubble wrap I’m confident about my rapping skills not my protective wrapping skills right if that makes them okay yeah this is pretty cute God like rock inside okay I know this one Oh our poles made it oh it’s not broken ice not white and I thought this white part was broken okay we’re gonna take a little five-minute break while we do some brainstorming and we will be right back with some genius ideas what we’re gonna do with these things so we talked to a bunch of concepts and we have some pretty good ideas so I’m going to get started with this right here my plan for this is to use the tray as well as the and the sushi rolling mat that’s what I believe this is there’s no easy way to take out the glass from this to get to add to the butterfly and plants here so I think the best way is to crack this glass so that I can then remove it and put down a layer of our sushi rolling mat here as a new base [Music] so my first step is to cut open my sushi mat so that I have all of my sticks individually and then I’m gonna hot glue them to the bottom light ray kind of like you would lay down wood flooring that’s my goal is to kind of like like offset them to have cuts but that they’re offset just because the sushi sticks aren’t big enough to fit all the way across so I’m just gonna repeat that tediously and slowly until I’m done and this is what it looks like when it’s done I think it’s quite a vibe and I was going to stain this but looking at it I have a lot of that hot glue in there and although you don’t really notice the hot glue I think that if I were to stain it it wouldn’t stain the hot glue parts which means that it’s gonna look very blotchy and splotchy so instead I’m gonna leave it raw and I also have these little wooden circles they’re actually called doll heads at the craft store but essentially just like a round wooden bead that I can add to the bottom as feet and this kind of brings out the natural color of my sticks in here as well [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] okay so I’m gonna tackle this sort of vintage looking bathroom art frame and I think what I want to do is maybe turn it into something that just kind of suits our Styles a little bit more than it currently is so the very first step is gonna be to dismantle the entire frame and I want to paint the edge of it white okay so the frame is now completely white which i think is just a little bit more neutral I did like the gold but it was gold with kind of like a old-fashioned partnership back to it it just felt like too much so the white I think is a really good place to start the next thing I want to do which of you guys have seen some of our recent videos we did a video with woven cane and we have some extra of it and I see it in the office every day I want to use it again so I think what I want to do is try and create almost another mat to this frame that is made out of the caning I really want to use the white mat that came with this frame so I need to remove this bathroom art that’s behind it so I can have just the white mat so I’m trimming down the cane sheathing into four strips to to do the vertical and to do the horizontal also PS if you want to where we got this check out the video about nightstands linked below next I’m going to use a tiny bit of hot glue just to hold these pieces in place actual picture frame is what is gonna sandwich just in place permanently but just so when I’m flipping it over things don’t fall over I’m using a tiny bit of chocolate so last step is figuring out what art to put back in this frame and I could draw something but that’s harder to explain for you guys to do so when I was at the craft store I actually saw in there kind of fall floral area these maple leaves but what I liked about them is the fact that they’re like nude maple leaves which I feel like you don’t often see these and not like a super bright red so I feel like this DIY is for the person that really likes fall but also really likes natural colors or like muted tones this is for you go buy these so what I’m going to do is just take one of these leaves off and place it in my frame kind of as if it was like a dried leaf pressing and the last thing is going to be to assemble the whole frame back together so when I took this apart you saw me removing all these staples which unfortunately are not the really easy tabs to put back down so what I’m gonna need to do is use some any little finishing nails and luckily there are holes in the frames from where those peoples keep out so I can kind of push the finishing nails back into those holes and use a hammer to lightly tap them in place so that they hold so this is my finished up cycled artwork I think I think it’s really cute kids I love how this one [Music] so next up I’m going to be tackling our squirrel Christmas Bowl that’s what it is but the plan for this is to turn it into something that’s a little bit more current season which is Halloween baby so the first step is to take this outside and give it a coat of a matte black spray-paint and this is what she looks like with the matte black I think it looks so cute and now we’re gonna turn those not cute it’s creepy and now we’re gonna turn our little tree trunk here and squirrel into just a little bit more spooky so my first step is going in with some white because as we learned in a recent DIY if you want a color to be vibrant you’re gonna want to put white underneath it to make the squirrels eyes bleed it is and there’s scene where there’s bunny rabbits that are Wallace and Gromit curse of the were-rabbit so I did white in all the areas that I wanted to be read which includes the squirrels eyes as well as some blood drips on the sides and the acorn the bottom part of the ate corn and I went in and texturized the bowl a little bit [Music] and then went in with a red paint over all of these areas and I learned something when doing the blood drips I found that it looked a lot more real if I added a lot of paint on my brush and then kind of let it drip towards the bottom of the blood drip instead of just painting on a flat blood drip because Oh blood usually dries like 3d dress whatever I also added some white fangs on the little squirrel but overall I kept it pretty simple so that it didn’t get too tacky too quickly this is what my final bowl looks like I think it looks pretty classy as far as Halloween goes and I think it was a simple transition from like slightly tacky Christmas to like cool Halloween and low-key I don’t have a Halloween candy bowl and you know handing out Halloween candy in your Tupperware is just like not super cute so this is the goal all we need is candy never done not sponsored where’s the Reese’s [Music] so I’m gonna do this cabinet next which it already is very cute as it is but I think I want to turn it even more so something along our style lines that it already is so a big trend that we are loving right now is arched doorways arch windows arch everything so I think it’d be so fun to try and turn these little window frames into a more arched design I kind of have a thought of how I’m gonna do this but I don’t know if it’s gonna work so you guys are just gonna come along with me on the adventure okay so to create the new arches I’m just going to be using some fairly thick it’s not even that thick it’s just solid and not the corrugated type of cardboard and I’m gonna be tracing starting off with the current curve of the window and then adding in what I want my new curve to be so I’m just tracing something circular to get a nice arch and then joining the sides of the circles to be flush with the edge of the cardboard anything some scissors I’m cutting out these two shapes so now I have these two little inserts that when I put them on the glass part will now make a new curved bottom before I go and add them in permanently I want to paint the backs because you will see this through the glass and once I attach them I don’t know how I’m gonna get in there to paint so I’m paging just the backs for now then to add them onto the doors I’m just using some hot glue along there’s a little bit of a beveled edge which can have the glue sit there and then place the cardboard pieces on top okay and now this part maybe is where I get a little bit questionable but I’m really hoping it’s gonna work I’m gonna be using regular wall putty that you would use to patch holes to fill the cracks along where I added my new curved edge so that it looks like a seamless front to these doors I like putty because it’s honestly so smooth and easy to use and fill in gaps and it dries nice and solid and it’s really sandable if you make any mistakes so that’s what I’m be attempting to do on top of my new pieces to make them blend well okay so now my putty has dried it’s looking like this I also did a little bit of puttying around the edges just to make everything blend which is why there’s now tape here it does look a little bit putty s which is why I’m gonna come in with some sandpaper now and hopefully smooth everything down [Music] once the fronts were all sanded down nice and smooth I actually took apart the entire cabinet so it could get all of the silver Hardware off once I had basically just the shell of the cabinet with the two doors I went ahead and painted everything I’m using this really pretty sage green color once everything was dry I put it all back together but I chose to leave out the center shelf the reason I’m leaving this shelf out is because first of all I think it’d be hard to find things that small to fit on below the shelf and on top of the shelf and also I want to turn this into kind of a jewelry tree or a necklace holder cabinet so once I was back together the last thing I wanted to do with advocacy hooks on the table to actually hang some necklaces wow we’re like really channeling Gabby’s thing here with hope it was Green in it oh my gosh so to do that I’m just gonna use a drill a pilot hole with some holes in first because these things can be a little tricky to get in with just your fingers once the holes were there they’re easy to screw in and I did four of them all in a row so this is the finished upcycle little mini cabinet that now has the little hook in there to hang necklaces on I think this is so cute I love kind of the fresh touch that the arched windows add to this and I’m loving this green color a lot so I love [Music] so last up we have these questionable plastic salsa dishes we could not think of anything anything to do with these but then we’re thinking we’re already running with Halloween as a mood for this video so check out what we made [Music] [Music] [Music] thank you guys so much for tuning in to this week’s episode and make sure you go check out our I mean it’s not our video but we’re in it a little bit you can watch a shop but you watch a shop on BuzzFeed’s nifty channel yeah I’m really excited to see what Ashley and kind of made with our item because we don’t even know yet I’m hoping it’s gonna be something I’m a it’s like true it’s like different creative minds you know that’s right thanks so much for watching you guys you like this view make sure you give it a good old like if you love it make sure you sub it and we will see you next time goodbye [Music]
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVlVFo_v2gk

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