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hi guys it’s LC n its Becky know where the saira ground today’s DIY are the super trendy off-the-shoulder shirts you guys have seen them everywhere and so we want to do item for you because it really not that hard yes so we did an easy upcycle one from a shirt that you may already have or you can get at the fixed store and one that we did from scratch but honestly is like so easy beginners so a project for sure Kelsey was wearing this in an earlier video and you guys work where did you get it from can you show me how to make it and so what did yes we totally deconstructed the other one to figure out show you guys how to make this one which isn’t too bad and before we get to the video is going to remind you guys to subscribe so you can have awesome DIYs come to your subscription box like at least once a week all day earn dollar yo all day a week oh yeah exactly I’ll get into video for our first off-the-shoulder t-shirt method you’re starting with a button-up blouse straight from the 80s that we picked up at the thrift store we chose this shirt because it’s a flowy fabric and the amazing print make sure you pick up a shirt that would fit loosely on you we went a couple sizes up the first step is to draw a line across get blessed as high as you would like your shirt to start we did ours pretty much as high as we could we drew one line all the way across and then added vertical lines that run parallel to the seam of the arm the shirt connect your vertical and horizontal line with a curved line cut through both layers of your shirt along this line within a flip dress shirt inside out for this shirt we chose thick elastic we’re adding a tube all along top of the shirt the width of the elastic we folded the top over and then fold at the bottom under about a quarter of an inch to hide the raw edge we will sew align all the way around the shirt on the bottom part of the tube make sure you’re not putting the front and the back of the shirt together and make sure to leave a small gap for the elastic so we can thread it through after once the tube is sewn up we’re gonna take our elastic we bought about one and a quarter meters of elastic you guys know how to do this add a safety pin to the end and thread it through the tube you put the shirt on and figured out how tight we want the elastic to be and then we brought back to the sewing machine and added two small stitches at the end of the elastic the last step is to solve the of your tube with the air elastic it’s securely inside flip your shirt inside out and we now have a gorgeous up cycled off-the-shoulder shirt our second method includes a couple more steps but it’s perfect because you can choose any pattern or color of fabric used like we start with one and a quarter meters of this gorgeous flowy rayon tie-dyed fabric our first step was to cut out a giant rectangle that is 56 inches by 8 inches to do this we folded our fabric in half and measure 28 inches by 8 we pinned in hemmed both of the long edges and with the good-sized together we sewed along the 8 inch side next cut out to 18 by 28 inch rectangles out of our leftover fabric next we fold up the 28 inch side in half so we had four layers of fabric from there we measured 2.5 inches in from the cut edge and 7 inches down we connect these two points with a gradual curve and cut along all four layers these are going to be our arm holes next we sew together the sides of the shirt make sure your good sides are together for this and once that was done we hemmed the inside of the arm holes and the bottom of the shirt by folding the bad sides of the fabric over about a half an inch don’t worry about the top of the shirt because that will be covered later once all the hems are sewn we are ready to put our two pieces together where their shirt length with the wrong sides facing out bring in your long rectangular piece also with the wrong side facing out sandwich this piece in between the front and the back of your shirt next we fold the edge of the rectangle piece over with the shirt to create a tube just make sure that the shirt edge is in the tube and not showing since it is intense since you making the tube on the rectangle off the shoulder piece and bring it around the back so that the tube goes all the way around again we left a gap to insert our elastic so along this line we purchased one and a quarter meters of elastics and this time we chose a slight lead Center one add a safety pin to the end and thread it through the two we put on the shirt inside out to determine the tightness of the elastic and then held that together with a safe at the sewing machine we sewed the two ends of the elastic together into that into the tube and insult the little gal flip it inside out and you’re all done alright so those are two simple ways to make off-the-shoulder shirts we are freaking in love with them they’re so easy especially this one we were like wait are we done yeah that was it so easy it’s so easy yeah and if you guys are do you have a sewing machine and you’re totally open to making it from scratch do you try it cuz honestly it’s like two pieces it’s a really good beginner sewing project if you want to get into it and like started learn how to sew recommend this one for sure yeah and the whole ruffle thing is like super forgiving it’s like you can’t tell if the lines are straight oh I know I because they’re no they’re all they’re all gathered and you can’t tell so Chloe exactly well thank you so much for checking out this video guys if there’s any trends that you want to see us do I because we’ve been doing like so many requests lately and I love it let us know below and when you aren’t catching us here on our YouTube page you can catch us on our vlog Channel or snapchat or Instagram or Twitter or Facebook or we have a blog or a blog rounder step-by-step instructions for things like these puffs pliers lists and like since you can buy everything so that’s linked down below alright thanks so much for watching guys be like I’m sure you like it look if you love make sure you sew
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WIjv1pEL7CY

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