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hello welcome we are the story girls my name is Kelsey and my name is Becky and today we have a springtime Mother’s Day DIY for you so it’s springtime obviously my most favorite thing about it springtime is the birds come around except for that one bird that lives outside my bedroom and wakes me up every morning or if it’s a pigeon I don’t like that one either but um if you are a fan of birds or spring or nature like we are we have the perfect DIY for you this is our DIY bird feeder teacup Alice in Wonderland mmm amazing beautifulness DIY and we also just realized how perfect is this because in Canada Mother’s Day is next weekend so this also works is amazing Mother’s Day at DIY as well as a last one if you didn’t see our candle super cute the other ticking a link below for more of the same information for you okay and before we get started if any of you are new subscribers here hello and welcome and if you’re a new subscriber comment below and we will say hello back to you because you’re so happy to have you part of a family a little bit okay let’s get into the video all right to make this DIY bird fear you’re going to need a vintage teacup set some chains some jewelry bails pliers and some glue we use gorilla glue and gorilla glue sticks when it is applied to something that’s damp so you’re going to want to wet your saucer and cups a little bit before we start this add some glue to one side of the cup and stick it into place you’re going to want to hold it there for a little bit until it hardens and then add some tape and let it dry it is recommended that you let this dry for a couple of hours we’re also going to glue on three jewelry bails around the corner of the saucer using the same technique you’re going to damp in the saucer put some glue onto the jewelry bail hold it into place and add some tape to let it dry we gave these a light coat of gold spray paint to match our chain next using some pliers cut three pieces of chain about a foot long each the remaining chain can be whatever length you want it to hang from the tree close the three short chains onto the end of your longest chain and then attach each of the chains to each of your bales aka pieces that are used to make joy pendants or charms and make sure that you leave the last link on your longest chain open because you will be using it to hang it later alright so you’re at the park or preferably in your back yard to hang your bird feeder so you’re going to loop the chain around a high branch you can do this by standing on a stool or a ladder or just throwing it over if your chains pretty long and then your open link that’s on the end you’re going to hook it into the rest of the chain to hold it into place then we’re just going to fill up our cup with some birdseed if you guys like this mason jar it is a DIY that we did do last summer so pick it e click in the links below and you know when we went to film this in the park of course no birds were around we could hear them but they wouldn’t come to us maybe we recommend not standing right beside the bird feeder it might scare them away a little bit we know that if you put it in your backyard you will eventually see some feathery friends come by you all right how simple dough so simple but looks so good I know it looks so good sweet legit anthropology Etsy and you are in the park hanging up people were like definitely checking it out like in a good way / what are you girls doing if you guys do you want to check out what we’re doing in the park and how funny we lived we do have a behind-the-scenes vlog of like making this video as well as when we went to Fan Fest which is amazing we hung out with bethany mota and ten marbles and my super cool people um that will be lingually and a hundred percent go watch it it was such a fun time and I think you guys will love it as well yes and before we go if you guys can make this DIY and you can get a picture of a bird on your bird feeder because you know we waited around at the park for like a little bit but we can stay all day waiting for all the birdies to climb the DIY struggle is definitely real wonderful yes yes but if you take a picture of this DIY with a bird on it I will follow you on twitter sorry girls we will we will this is a DIY challenge to you guys a hashtag DOI challenge and I just wanna see this stuff – I know so if you guys can do that we would give you a huge round of applause shout out from a strap-on you got all the birds I look like Oh words alright well we love having you guys here you can find out more about us below all the links to everything social media and hope you guys enjoyed this DIY and we will see you next Tuesday bye
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62lDdJe5Wv8

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