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DIY Melt-and-Pour Soap Bars | Soap Making At Home

hey everyone welcome back to handmade it’s av today we are making soap soap making can be kind of overwhelming but the process that we’re doing is called melt and pour it is really straightforward you melt and you pour we are going to make three different bars using our lovely scents let’s get started first what you want to do is get your melted pore base they come in tons of different types they have honey base shea butter base and goat base like the list goes on and on today it’s going to be shea butter about each column is an ounce so we’re going to use four ounces for our bars now we’re going to melt our soap base i’m using a double boiler melt and pour soap is great for beginners because you do not need dedicated tools to do this project because the soap base is already cured your tools will remain food safe now that our soap is melted we are going to add some fragrance now this is peppermint oil i’m using about 20 to 22 drops and that should be good for the amount of soap that we’re using i’m gonna slowly stir folding it in oh this smells divine next i’m going to add some color i want it to be a light green so i’m not going to use too many drops i have about three drops in there since it is a white base it will give it a pastel color so now that we have our color and our scent in there i’m going to add you know the razzle dazzle i have some dried mint leaves give it an extra oomph of of scent and texture and also i have some jasmine buds so i’m going to do the same fold it in all right now we are ready to pour [Music] this smells great already i’m going to let this sit until it’s firm preferably overnight but in the meanwhile we’re going to get ready for our next scent our next scent is lemongrass so you already know the drill we’re going to chop up our soap just like i said make it into small pieces so it is easier to melt now just like before it goes in the double boiler now that our soap base is melted we are going to add some lemongrass oil and some color did you know lemongrass oil is pretty good at repelling mosquitoes just saying okay now that we have folded that in there i’m going to add a little bit of yellow i don’t want it to be too you know yellow because who wants a block of cheese for your soap and then now i’m going to add the ecru tremolo lemon slices i’m going to put one in there i’m going to let this set while we move on to our final scent lavenza my favorite you already know the drill we’re cutting our soap base lavender is so relaxing i mean you all know how i love lavender it’s great for you know calming if you feel a little bit of anxiety anxious now i’m going to add some lavender oil same 20 drops as usual i mean i might put 25 because i love lavender all right now that i’ve incorporated all the lavender oil i’m going to add a couple of drops of purple a friendly reminder do not use food coloring or colors for candles you don’t want to do that oh this is such a pretty purple but i want to add just like one more drop now i’m gonna add a couple of lavender buds in there i’m gonna also add a little bit to my mold [Music] now the only thing we have left to do is let these soaps set until they’re firm when your soaps are set you can unload them melting pour soap it is such a great gift who would you give it to don’t forget to like and subscribe and i’ll catch you later [Music] you
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMrXI4Li6mg

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