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Oh Oh so everyone needs to wash their hands you really shouldn’t ginger let’s be real here most of dispensers not cute yeah it’s plastic that’s gross but would you wash your hands more if you had a mason jars I’m sorry I bet they do it I’ll eat it with so we’re going to show you how to make one yep so today we made a mason jar soap dispenser which is pretty much just so I’m going to do that all right so these are some of the things you’re going to need for this DIY so we can take off the lid because we’re going to start with painting the bottom part of our mason jar and we’re going to eat our mason jar the masking tape a scrap sheet of paper in frosted glass spray and outside what we’re going to do is take our piece of scrap paper hopefully it has a straight edge and lay that around mason jar or we’re going to tape that down all the way around the mason jar to create a really crisp edge and take that all the way around meister once that’s done you can go ahead and take your frosted glass spray hey this stuff is so cool it has to develop so you spray it on leave it for a couple of minutes and then it turns all nice and frosty make sure you do a really light coat once that’s done you can go ahead and peel off your tape and scrap paper and look at that hack frosty hack not frosty here’s my awkward hand showing you that it’s frosty alright so back inside we are taking a dollar store soap dispenser and just taking off the lip part this one is already broken when we bought it so we’re not really wasting anything and we’re going to cut a hole just as big as our straw or this little plastic piece up here so marking that out on our lid we’re going to start perforating it with a nail so we’re going to hammer a whole bunch of holes around in a circle kind of making like a perforated circles that we can pop out the middle and after we’ve done a circle of nail holes it’s going to look like this and then we can just take some pliers and pop out the middle part like so and then if your hole is not big enough or you want to smooth and smooth down the edges we’re just going to pull it back like this and once that’s done we are just flattening all the sharp pitches next we need to glue it and we’re using gorilla glue so it works by attaching to a damp surface so we’re just using a wet paper towel to damp our area that we’re going to be gluing and this glue is awesome because it’s also waterproof so we’re just going to lightly go around the soap dispensing parts just where it’s going to be attaching to the lid and once that’s all on you’re going to just slip it into your lid and push it down tight and we just used a toothpick to remove any excess and clean it up a bit and you’re supposed to let this clamp for one to two hours but you can’t really clamp this so we are using some masking tape to secure it into place and this worked for us and we let it dry for one hour we also added some guerrilla glue around the bottom so after one to two hours you can go ahead and take off your masking tape and it should be completely dried and beautiful so next we’re going to take our soap this was just an extra bathroom bodywork so we had lying around from a sail you can use whatever you have or you could definitely try the clear soap that comes in the huge tubs because that’d look great the frosted glass so go ahead and pour in your soap and just put your lid on and then slice you ring around it and screw it into place so that’s pretty easy it actually is so easy and I want to make one for every bathroom it’s a good house for my fish leak is like we’re young so you don’t really need to give like good house boring gifts yeah just need to give like a little something and anything and it’s not like you don’t have souls it’s like here’s better so yes here’s a better cuter way to have its own and how cute is that frosted glass so you can do those dopes yeah you can do that across the glass technique to any of these feats of dirty yattaman it’ll be you simplistic Evernote I need ask you cross everything so we also have three other mason jars in this year’s series of you awake at the end and we have done two other series of meet our dear wife in previous years so in total there are 12 mason or DIY that you need to go do right now that’s a lovely sister fearless you’ll be busy all summer JK you’ll be busy but then you can make all so go ahead and check those things yeah
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5zk1OR43Fg

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