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DIY – How To Make: PUR X Barbie Makeup Inspired Vanity PLUS Dollroom

[Music] barbie and pure cosmetics teamed up to make pure barbie wow this is like the best combo ever this is the endless possibilities palette and look at how beautiful this is it’s lined with a rose gold kind of like a metallic pink and the top is textured with little beads and crystals and these look like little seashells or stones i don’t know what they are but they are amazing together they’re stones they’re definitely stones when you open it there are all of these beautiful colors never lose your sparkle yeah you can tell i’ve already been into this i couldn’t help it they were just so pretty there’s a mirror on the other side yeah you can check out my captain marvel t-shirt there let’s test out some of these colors this one’s called accessory super glittery pretty in pink fantasy oh fashionista dollhouse oh this color is so pretty role model it’s very flat dreamtopia wow that looks really good with fashionista this one’s named barbie of course classic barbie color oh i like this name empowered kind of blends in a little bit there no wait it’s got a shimmer nice 1959 ken and the last one is vintage i really like dollhouse i think that’s one of my favorite colors this palette is cruelty free gluten-free and vegan friendly this is the dream glow highlighter it totally matches there are three different colors inside it also has a mirror so you can let your inner light shine i like i picked up the lip gloss because i am totally a lip gloss girl it is a high shine lip gloss and smells like vanilla so if you like vanilla yay and of course i had to pick up the eyelashes now i’ve tried wearing faux lashes before and you can watch the attempts on instagram i’m not the best at it but this is barbie and i felt like i had to plus it’s all glittery they do not come with lash glue so you’ll have to get that separately this packaging is so pretty i’m feeling inspired let’s make a doll craft let’s redecorate our target inspired room and give it a pure barbie makeover first clean the room out and we’re left with a small corner room measuring nine and a half inches by 14 and the walls are 13 inches tall i picked up some pink scrapbook paper at the craft store this is a glitter paper glue it onto the walls giving us a glitter wall inspired by the packaging for the pure barbie eyelashes the outside of the palette uses a white glitter paper so we found a scrapbook paper that was similar and we’re going to put that on the other wall let’s change the floor to a marble we are going to need baseboards but we’ll put those down later i have lots of foam board scraps left over from previous projects we are going to use these to make a simple vanity i cut a 3×8 rectangle then made three more stack and glue all four together cut half inch strips of foam board cut them down to four inches stack and glue two together repeat to make four so now we have the top and four legs take foil scrapbook paper this color is somewhere between rose gold and copper i think it’s pretty close to the metallic finish on the compact glue the scrapbook paper onto the foam i am only covering the visible sides so i don’t worry about the back or underneath the table cover the legs glue the legs under the top that’s why i waited on the baseboards to make a metallic table since it’s made out of foam board we are going to glue it into the room so it has a little more support originally i was going to glue it right onto the back wall but now i’ve decided to go ahead and glue down the baseboards then put a spacer behind the table i cut a long strip of foam board and glue it onto the wall going around the room take a thinner piece of foam and glue it behind the table then glue the foam right onto the back wall glue down the legs and that’s pretty solid i cut two small pieces of foil paper glue them onto a few layers of poster board cut them out glue acrylic gems in the center glue them onto the sides of the table to make faux drawers remove the mirror from a compact cover the edges with glitter paper i used the same white glitter paper we used on the side wall then i trimmed the edges with the metallic paper and i went along the outer edge i found some lights at five below i make a small hole in the back wall pull the lights through the hole secure the battery on the back glue the mirror to the wall glue the lights around the mirror then fill in around the lights with pearls plastic gems beads and whatever else you could think of cover leftover foam board with glitter paper and the metallic foil paper add a variety of glitter gems and pearls to the top glue it onto another piece of foam to make a miniature pure barbie compact make another one add mirror paper to the other side cover another one with all metallic paper use a hole punch on glitter paper glue them onto the foam board glue the mirror to the back to make a compact that is open cover a plastic bottle cap with a fluffy fabric glue it onto a base i’m using the bottom of a plastic cup to make a stool and give our dolls a vanity inspired by the pure barbie cosmetics it has a real mirror so our dolls can see themselves while they get all glammed up and it has lights thank you for joining us while we had fun checking out pure barbie makeup and did a little crafting like comment share and subscribe don’t forget to ring the bell and follow us on instagram at my froggy stuff and the frog vlog and you’re done happy crafting tv [Music] we want to give a shout out to rose curvy what’s up oh my my my pink glitter walls a pink mirror a perfect pink room is here
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W9kD5VtERdM

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