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DIY – How To Make: Made To Move – Disney Princess – Custom Doll – Craft – 4K

we have had several requests to combine a Disney Princess with a made to move Barbie all right so let’s give it a try who’s going first Oh Ariel it’s so kind of you to volunteer ah a pair of legs would have been nice right about now don’t worry you’re about to get some let’s try to match her with the pink made to move Barbie I carefully remove their heads and switch them oh so I added a rainbow loom rubber band and it helped and it’s a great match on the skintone so now Ariel is a part of our made to move world see what I did there part of our world yeah who’s next Rapunzel oh yeah for Pocahontas we are going to use the orange made to move Barbie it’s not a perfect match but I feel that it is the best choice out of all the options however jasmine is a great match for the orange made to move Barbie let’s try Tiana oh there is a pretty big difference between the skin tones however we really want to add Tiana to our collection so we might just have to give her a scarf or something now all of these Disney Princesses are from the Disney Store but I am curious to see what a Disney Princess by Hasbro will look like I just have to widen the neck a little this is not as easy as I would like yes we did it her hair yeah her hair is a little messed up but we can fix that later All Right girls it’s time to get dressed one is athletic so we dressed her in activewear from fun Ville Sparkle girls these outfits can be found at Walmart and sometimes they’re a good match for Barbie and then some outfits work better for skipper and I like how this outfit has a lot of the same colors as Mulan’s gown Pocahontas is an earthy girl so we gave her a Barbie peasant top and some ripped jeans that we made in a previous video and we added some fringe boots to represent the fringe on her dress I see Rapunzel as being kind of earthy as well so we gave her a flower dress with lavender details to represent her lavender floral princess gown tiana knows that you can’t go wrong with jeans and a t-shirt when you have a business to run and when she needs to run to the farmers market this green project MC squared jacket is perfect like her signature green dress I thought that Jasmine just had to wear this blue jacket so we paired it with a gold top to go along with all of her gold jewelry for Ariel I am breaking with tradition and I am going to theme her around one of my favorite Little Mermaid cosplayers she’s wearing some hipster glasses a Mickey t-shirt and some Barbie shorts with a plaid shirt tied around her waist completing our made to move Disney Princesses and you’re done happy crafting we want to give a shout-out to stubby Dino what what is it like living with princesses let’s just say it’s a whole new world oh yeah move on don’t practice in here you almost squished Pascal Rapunzel did you take my paint again yeah I ran out what else was I supposed to use but colors of the wind oh you think you own everything with somebody please tell me why is there red hair on all of the forks I’ll just come back later listen to the man weakens
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mnxpMOSDVfI

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