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DIY – How To Make: Made To Move Disney Descendants 2 Uma | Custom Doll

:Intro Music: Since the premiere, I have probably seen Disney Decendents 2, About six times. And the premiere was… 4 days ago? I had even given my nails a curl up and dye makeover. So when I saw requests for a Made-To-Move Uma, I was like yeah! Matching Disney Descendants dolls with Barbie Made-To-Move bodies is not always easy. Mal is very pale, and I found it difficult to make a good match. But we did make a Made-To-Move Evie, and we are going to try make a Made-To-Move Uma. What’s my name? What’s my name? Sophie! Say it louder! Sophie this is not about you. We’re focusing on Uma. She’s getting a Made-To-Move body today. Wait, but if she gets a Made-To-Move body then, she’ll be able to borrow my clothes! I mean, I am all for taking their clothes, but now you want me to share my clothes? Oh, man. Don’t worry about her. She’ll get over it. And now, let the transformation begin. :Music: So, both dolls made it through the procedure. The skin match for Uma, Isn’t that bad. You can tell it’s off just a little but in person, It actually looks a lot better than on camera. Maybe it’s the lights? And now she has the ultimate, poseable body, whoa! Sorry!!! Those knees can take a moment to get used too. But they will really come in handy while you try to get people to walk the plank, arrrrrrhhhh! Ahh!!! Okay, Uma what’s next? I have started braiding her hair, And this is going to take a while because I am making very skinny braids. I figure if I do a little bit at a time, every day, it will eventually get done. Since her hair is crimped, the braids hold pretty well. I just keep them thin, and leave the ends loose, giving me the option to take them out if I choose. I’ve been braiding for a while, and I’ve only gotten this far… I started in the front so that it looks like it’s all done, Even though, It’s clearly not. But it’ll do for now. My Uma doll has a little defect on the factory lipstick, So I’m using some nail polish remover to smooth it out. Oops. I went a little overboard and took all of her lipstick off. So, I had to repaint them. Now what to wear? I found this fashion pack with a sparkly green dress, it’s a little formal, but let’s see what it looks like. It is actually, not that bad because Uma has been known to throw on a fancy dress when the occasion calls for it. Maybe we can throw on a leather jacket to switch it up a little. I found this outfit at Walmart it is from FunVille Sparkle Girlz. The netting at the top reminded me of a fishnet, and this top from Barbie Emoji Style, is actually the perfect shade of teal. We are going to have a lot of fun dressing up our new Made-To-Move Uma. Let us know what you think about her new do, like comment share and subscribe. Follow us on Instagram and My Froggy Stuff AND The Frog Vlog And I better get back to braiding so that one day I can say: “And you’re done.” Happy Crafting!!! 😀 :Music: We want to give a shout out to KillerQueenbee21, What’s up?! Hey. Just so you know, I’m the queen of this town. All the clothes belong to me. Ha hahahahahaha haaaaa. Uh, that’s a pretty good sinister laugh there. Huh, maybe I came on a little strong. What’s your name? Uma? Okay, well ha. Nice to meet you. You can borrow that shirt. Anytime, but seriously only that one. :Outro Music: Thanks for watching 🙂
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WwLK8JS32pg

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