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DIY – How To Make: Gift Bag Dollhouse Craft – Holiday Gift Ideas – 4K

i am going to make a dollhouse or a doll room in a gift bag using a large gift bag cardboard wrapping paper gift boxes and other holiday decorations like ornaments and stockings then we need some wooden dowels a bottle cap fabric sewing supplies and glue i start by cutting the back of the bag so that it can lay down use the sides of the bag as a guide to cut cardboard to reinforce the walls and floor cover the cardboard with wrapping paper and i’m using a heavyweight wrapping paper that i found at target once everything has been covered i begin gluing the cardboard into the gift bag which makes it sturdy so now when you look at the gift bag this is the front which is going to be the stationary back wall of inside the house and when i open it up i covered it so that these sides in the back look like wallpaper then the bottom and then the other panel this is the floor which can be raised for the gift bag and then lowered to see inside the dollhouse and this is a very large gift bag it can totally work for an 18 inch doll especially since one side lays down giving more room to play and for a smaller doll like a 10 to 12 inch i think we are going to add a second floor to make a loft so i cut a rectangle of cardboard a few strips cover with paper glue the strips into the box making a lip that goes around the sides of the box glue the larger rectangle on top to make the second floor i kept the ceiling for the bottom floor pretty tall to let in a lot of light this made the top have a shorter wall but since we’re using it as a loft it doesn’t need to be full size i’m using a blouse gift box for a platform bed i covered a leftover piece of cardboard and glued it to one end for a headboard i take some fabric and this is actually a kitchen towel that i cut into rectangles and sewed to make bedding i add a fireplace from a previous video to the back wall cut a small circle of garland to make a wreath i’m going to hang it right above the fireplace i made a smaller one to go above the bed take a coaster cut wooden dowels glue them underneath to make a table i found this faux fur stocking and i’m gonna cut a small circle out of it glue it onto a bottle cap glue wooden dowels underneath to make a fuzzy stool for the table i used some of the leftover fur to make a rug and pillow use ornaments for holiday decorations around the room so i placed a small tree in the corner of stairs i have the word joy over the fireplace and we found a cute little gold tree for the corner i’m going to place this polar bear next to the tree i am going to recycle some paper tubes that we made in a previous craft to make a ladder for the dolls to reach the loft i found a box of led lights use a little tape to secure it to the wall hide the battery pack behind the tree for working lights use plush ornaments for stuffed animals and this dollhouse is ready to be the perfect gift no wrapping needed and you’re done happy crafting [Music] we’re santa’s little helpers we make the wheels go round day and night night and day here in christmas town where santa’s still helpers [Music] we want to give a shout out to tic tac twizzy cat what’s up welcome to the second episode of world’s smallest living spaces i am your host naveen hello welcome to my home oh no not you again so how do you like my new place what is this a shopping bag don’t be silly it’s a gift bag [Music] we’re scientists little helpers
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