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DIY – How To Make: Enchantimals Dollhouse & Forest | Craft With Your Enchantimals Besties

[Music] we would like to give a special thanks to our sponsor mattel for partnering with us to make this video now that my enchantimal bestie has come to stay with me she absolutely needs a bigger place what do you say bree are you up for a little crafting yep let’s start by making our own forest three you can sit right here while i work i start by taking a cardboard box and cutting down one side and remember to always have adult supervision when working with scissors to make a large open room hello hello hello hello yes our box is pretty large i just want to make sure we have enough space to fit all of our current and future enchantimal besties yay cover with paper paint the floor in shades of green adding little touches of blue and i’m just using my brush making short back and forth movements kind of smooshing all of the colors together paint short brushstrokes going up to look like grass paint the bottom half of the back wall add a few plants paint faint lavender trees in the distance i take a small piece of cardboard cut notches on the sides place yarn in the notches wrap the cardboard repeatedly take the yarn from the notches tie a knot turn it over and cut the yarn to make a pom-pom glue pom-poms to the painted trees to add a little more dimension i collected sticks from my backyard glued them onto cardboard paint it glued pom-poms to the top and a few green ones to the bottom to make trees scatter a few more pom-poms on the ground for bushes to make our very own enchantimal forest hey bree don’t you think that would be a great spot for a house absolutely i cut cardboard for the front sides and base of the house cut a window out of one of the sides so our enchantimal bestie can look outside glue on paper to cover the cardboard glue the front of the house to the base add the sides cut and glue on paper for a door frame it with popsicle sticks or skinny sticks i framed the window with popsicle sticks too i covered the inside with paper that reminded me of brie the floral pattern reminded me of her skirt cut and cover another piece of cardboard for the roof i use skinny sticks for trim around the walls paint leftover twigs gold and glue them to the front glue a small twig to the door for a handle fold over colored paper on the fold cut triangles glue them onto thread to make a banner wow i like that banner so much that i made a second one that looks like carrots for the inside i like carrots and i have a feeling that brie likes them too and since we both love to craft i glue together popsicle sticks to make a workbench so she has a place to craft place the house inside the forest so our enchantimal bestie has an enchanting place to live ooh nice i like the little touches of gold and those flags are so crafty and the best part is there is plenty of space to play and store our other friends thank you for joining bree and i on this crafty adventure and we hope you have as much fun as we did making your own world for you and your enchantimal friend once again we would like to give a special thanks to our sponsor mattel for partnering with us to make this video [Laughter] and we will see you next time bye [Music] parents you can go check out the inch animals youtube page and click the link in the description [Music] you
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s67q7I7GAS4

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