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DIY – How To Make: Edible Doll Pop Tarts | REAL EDIBLE Doll Food

[Music] foreign what’s up Fabs and besties today we are crafting in the kitchen we are going to attempt to make Pop Tarts that you can really eat say what what I know right these Pop-Tarts are plant-based with no added sugar or oil so let’s get started oh yeah and since we’re cooking adult supervision is required to make our Pop-Tarts we’re using spelled flour baking powder salt water a large honey crisp apple I love apples ah no and cinnamon in a mixing bowl combine one cup of spelled flour 2 teaspoons of baking powder 1 4 teaspoon of salt and half a cup of water mix well and it will start to become dough it needs a little more flour so I’m adding half a teaspoon mix and this is better but I think we could use a little more I add another half teaspoon mix and one more now that is starting to act like dough sprinkle a little flour onto a protected surface place the dough on the counter then begin kneading the dough continue kneading until it is a lot less sticky this is just about right this part is so much fun then I place it back in the bowl and allow it to sit for about five minutes take a large apple and have an adult mince it into smaller pieces wait what I’m out of here oh man that happens every time I have been mincing for like 15 minutes and it’s turning into like applesauce seriously this is impressive but that is a lot of apples for just a little bit of dough hmm might have overdone it add cinnamon to the apples and stir until the apples are evenly coated take parchment paper cover a cookie sheet add a little flour to a protected surface I take about a third of the dough place it on the counter flour a rolling pin rolling out the dough I want it to be thin but not so thin that I can’t pick it up carefully pick up the dough place it on parchment paper using a pizza cutter I cut the dough into small rectangles remove the excess pieces make a small indention in one of the rectangles take a small spoonful of the cinnamon apples place it in the center move the filling to get right up to the edge but don’t pass it take a little bit of water and rub it around the edges take another rectangle of dough and place it on top gently pressing around the edges take a toothpick and make little lines going all the way around make four small dots on the top to make a giant doll Pop Tart yeah let’s see if we can make one a little smaller let’s try cutting one of the rectangles in half add the filling a little water around the edges then place the other rectangle on top make our fancy little edges a hole on top for our second attempt at making a doll size Pop Tart now I have two that are about the same size preheat the oven to 400 then when it’s ready place the Pop-Tarts inside and bake for two and a half minutes because they’re so small they bake very fast oh it’s ready oh and make sure you have an adult to do this part take them out of the oven and allow them to cool baking times will vary mine have been about two and a half to three minutes to make tiny Pop-Tarts with a cinnamon apple filling time for a taste test hmm they could use a little more filling all I taste is crust we can make the dough just as before roll it out make a small circle once on the parchment paper flatten it out a little more I want to get the dough as thin as I can add the filling to the center carefully fold over the edges making small pleats as you go bake for about five minutes to make a rustic apple tart roll scraps of dough divide it into three parts gather the ends then braid them bake for about 10 minutes to make edible loaves of bread or we can just cut large rectangles of dough add filling Place Another rectangle of dough on Top push down the edges use a fork to seal them closed add a few holes on top bake for 15 minutes to make an all natural on the go human sized snack it was a lot of fun baking with our dolls since it’s real food we can make it look like they’ve taken bites out of it adding a whole new level to doll play Make sure you do not store real food in the dollhouse after a few days that could get kind of yucky we hope you have a lot of fun coming up with your own Dolly recipes thank you for joining us while we made edible doll food like comment share and subscribe don’t forget to ring the bell and follow us on Instagram at MyFroggyStuff and the Frog vlog and you’re done happy crafting [Music] we want to give a shout out to Sully Pearl bear what’s up do I smell cinnamon apple like real cinnamon apple yeah I just baked up a few things in the kitchen like homemade Pop-Tarts bread you had me at baking [Music] [Music]
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rd_-HuNUDAM

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