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DIY – How To Make: EASY Doll Choker | LOTS OF STYLES | Quick Craft

[Music] here is a quick craft we have had a ton of requests for a video on how to make doll chokers so we are going to try out a couple of different ideas first let’s make one out of paper this is black scrapbook paper that i found at the craft store using a paper cutter i cut a thin strip of paper i use closed scissors to curl it and remember to always have adult supervision when working with sharp objects cut a piece that can fit around the doll’s neck use tape to secure it in the back of the doll’s neck to make a simple black choker let’s make one using washi tape cut a piece of washi tape trim it to the desired size apply it to the doll for a choker that is guaranteed to stay in place now let’s make one that’s reusable using elastic cord at the craft store we found elastic cord in a variety of colors so i cut a long piece of cord dip the ends into a metallic craft paint and allow them to dry wrap it around the doll’s neck a few times tie a bow for another look this time i’m using ribbon chain wire and jump rings glue and remember to always have adult supervision when working with hot objects i start by cutting a small piece of ribbon place a jump ring on the end then fold it over and glue into place repeat on the other side use wire and needle nose pliers to make a small s hook trim off the excess place one end onto the jump ring and close it creating a hook that i can use on the other jump ring if i need a little more length because i made it too short i can add a small piece of chain to the jump ring to make an extension then use the hook on the chain place it on the doll to make the necklace this one was a little more difficult to get on because none of the materials or the doll have any give however i do like using the ribbon so this time let’s cut a piece of ribbon apply glue to the ends to prevent it from fraying and use tape to secure it behind the neck making it easy to put on and reusable for a different style glue ribbon onto a jump ring so there is a ring in the middle apply glue to the ends tape it behind the neck to make a choker with a ring we can take our ribbon choker and glue a pom pom to the center for a fun look and when i am ready to store my chokers i can cut a piece of cardstock cut small rectangles from the sides place the ribbon onto the cardstock wrapping it around the edge using tape in the back making it look like our dolls just bought some brand new chokers resize to fit your doll get creative have fun and you’re done and you’re done happy crafting [Music] we better let’s come whatever we’re not coming home tonight we’re living quick [Music] we want to give a shout out to lisagranger101 what’s up basic black gold ring pink pom pom string with gold tips and denim hey carmen i think we might have to go back to the store i might need a few more chokers with like charms on them and stuff sophie don’t you think you have enough chokers enough [Laughter] carbon you know there is no such thing sometimes you are too funny now seriously let’s go [Music] that i just want to be with you baby [Music]
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=okskO1hM5H4

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