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DIY – How To Make: Dollhouse Cat Room – Handmade – Doll – Craft – 4K

i am going to make a room for the doll who loves cats using a recycled cereal box scrapbook paper fabric felt paint a sharpie pen small cat themed toys stickers a needle and thread or a sewing machine and glue i start by cutting down one side of a cereal box to open it up cover it with scrapbook paper for the inside of the box i chose a blue and white polka dot print and a wood grain for the floor on the outside of the box i used a hello kitty print i cut open another paper board box and cover it to match the floor to make the basic room take another paper board box and cut out one side glue the cutout on top to add strength cover with paper to make a platform bed cut a piece of felt that is slightly larger than the top of the box cut two rectangles of fabric the same size place the felt on top sew all the way around the edge leaving an opening so it can be turned inside out sew the opening closed to make a mattress sew together two smaller rectangles fill with fluff to make pillows on a piece of paper board i draw a simple cat shape cut it out use it as a pattern lightly trace around it on fabric i use a sharpie pen to carefully trace over the lines draw faces then i use it as the fabric for the comforter and i made a body pillow to match this room can use a window so i cut one out go around the edges with white paper cut the cut out into strips glue them together make sure it can fit in the window cover with paper glue into place to make a wide window seal cut and cover pieces of cardboard cover a large piece of paper board glue the cardboard on top to make boxes trim off the excess paper board to make a cube shelf begin to fill the shelves with small cat toys use plush toys for stuffed animals and i’m going to cut out the packaging from the tsum tsum to me it looks like half of a fishbowl i found some aquarium stickers at the craft store cut them to fit the plastic and glue it inside the shelving unit i cut more packaging to make artwork i can draw on paper glue it to paper board to make my own artwork i can draw a picture on the end of a piece of paper roll it into a tube glue in an artificial plant place a fuzzy pillow on the bottom shelf for a cozy cat bed using chalk i sketch a cat onto a piece of felt cut it out and glue it to another piece of felt trim off the excess leaving a small rim glue on details to make a rug and you’re done happy crafting [Music] [Applause] [Music] is [Music] [Music] we want to give a shout out to nancy yang what’s up i love this room it is so me the only thing better than a cat decorated room is a cat that can skateboard who’s with me oh come on anyone christmas as a child [Music] waking up to all those smells and sounds [Music]
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqjE8iOdnU4

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