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DIY – How To Make: Doll Room In A Box: Yoga Studio – Handmade – Crafts

now that it’s a new year let’s find a fun way to reuse last year’s calendar so we are going to make a doll yoga studio using images from a recycled calendar a recycled cereal box printables from our blog scrap a paper extra paper board craft foam and glue I start by cutting along one side of the cereal box so it can open up glue extra paper board on the outside of the box to make it stronger I glued together pieces of paper board to make another wall I lay it on top of the other one lining up the outside edge using a piece of paper I glue it over the folded edge connecting the wall and allowing them to fold without ripping the paper I make a few more double-sided paper boards and connect them in an accordion fashion for the floor and I am going to add a small piece to the end to make it even then begin covering the paper board with scrapbook paper and I’m using a woodgrain paper for the floor when applying the paper it’s important to glue it while folded to make sure it can still bend I made a sidewalk with grass on the other side I covered the outside of the box with a tan paper added brick to the bottom with white trim and printable windows I use two sets of windows on the front added some metallic scrapbook paper to make a door cut a long strip of paper board into a trapezoid fold the ends back cover with paper glue it to the front for a small awning I cover the inside walls with tan and purple paper added trim to the top and bottom of the wall to make a large open room now let’s give this room a scenic view using a page from the calendar after removing it I cut it in half glue them onto the wall glue on strips of paper to make windows and complete the basic room cut craft foam for the yoga mats we took our doll beach bag added a few rolled up mats to sit in the corner cut and glued together a few layers of paper board cover with paper glue it into the box to make a shelf to hold a few of our dollhouse candles and a potted plant or to giving the dolls a space to practice yoga and when playtime is over everything fits neatly inside the box until next time and you’re done happy crafting you we want to give a shout out to Aurora meek and her sister hey Chloe what are you up to I just signed up for yoga classes I think becoming more flexible will help with my horse up riding Sophie we should take yoga classes together Chloe I don’t need to take a class to learn how to stand on one foot it’s a little more involved than that oh yeah show me whoa
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9NcOjw_2ow

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