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DIY – How To Make: Doll Make Up Counter – – Handmade – Crafts

i am going to expand on our doll makeup tutorial to make a makeup counter using recycled paper board stickers paint cotton swabs black coffee straws markers nail polish beads scrapbook paper cutouts from doll packaging or magazines and glue i start by taking a recycled paper board box at the opening i make a small cut at the sides fold and make a crease trim off the other three tabs then take the front and glue it down at an angle trim off the excess reinforce the sides with more paper board cut and stack layers of paper board glue them on top trace the bottom onto paper board i drew a border and round it the sides cut it out use it as a guide to make more stack and glue them together then glue it onto the box cut and glue small pieces of paper board onto the top i even used a hole punch to make a few circles cut and glue together a few layers of paper board for the floor i take a long skinny box and cut open the front add paper board to the outside and across the center add some on top to make a display case cut and glue together more of the paper board to make a back wall cover the floor and wall with scrapbook paper i paint the display case and the makeup counter with black acrylic paint glue on scrapbook paper for decoration cut out pictures from magazines or newspapers glue it on top of the display for a poster using a cut cotton swab begin to paint on the makeup just as we did in our eyeshadow video i painted the large circles on the end in flesh tones to look like foundation i even stacked and glued a few of the cutouts to make individual compacts taking ideas from our previous makeup videos cut q-tips at an angle paint them cut a piece of a coffee straw push the flat end of a q-tip inside add a little nail polish around the edge of the straw to make lipstick glue a cut piece of a straw onto a bead paint it with nail polish to make miniature polish we made a few brushes from our eye shadow video then glued them onto the counter along with the nail polish and lipstick glue a triangle behind a few rectangles of paper board paint it glue foil scrapbook paper on top to make a mirror use a chair from our doll dressing room video so the dolls have somewhere to sit while they put on their makeup glue the display case to the back wall and the floor glue more images onto the side add makeup from previous videos to the display glue the makeup counter in front place the mirror on the side along with some loose makeup and a chair we made a shopping bag using scrapbook paper from our dog clothing haul video use scrapbook paper and stickers to make a sign and you’re done happy crafting we want to give a shout out to crazybanana7 what’s up thanks for the cocoa latte carmen sure a makeup store i can get my eye shadow yay here you go mom have a nice day how can i help you well i’m very very mocha please eyeshadow palette number 34. i’m sorry but i just sold the last one do all the things we used to do
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WdV9Woi4ODk

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