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DIY – How To Make: Disney Descendants 2 | BEDROOM| Isle Of The Lost | Dollhouse Craft

[Music] i am going to make a doll room inspired by the isle of lost from disney descendants using cardboard scrapbook paper recycled paper board fabric twine or yarn and glue i start by taking cardboard i’m using a 36 by 48 inch trifold i draw a line 13 inches from the bottom cut on the line drawn to make a 13 inch trifold cut off one of the sides to make a corner room cut down the leftover cardboard to use for the floor giving me a room that is 13 by 16 inches and before i glue the walls to the floor cover them with scrapbook paper i’m using a variety of rustic scrapbook papers like brick and distressed wood for the walls i covered the floor with a textured paper that looks like cracked concrete glue the walls to the floor to make the corner room take leftover pieces of cardboard and cut it into thin strips cover with scrapbook paper to make planks of wood cut rectangles of cardboard cover with paper glue them together to make a platform glue some of the planks to the platform and i want this to look very random with the boards going in different directions to make furniture for the room i glued together more covered cardboard by gluing two small pieces over three planks make two and glue cardboard onto the sides glue on the second one to make a shelving unit glue twine across the top cut fabric and hang it onto the line add jewelry fill the shelves with a variety of items like our doll record player small bottles our cauldron caddy baskets a barbie violin i added charms i found on clearance like this camera and the mona lisa here’s a mini figurine add a plastic jewel for a little shine and other small treasures we can turn the platform into a bed by adding bedding throw on some covers and pillows to make the perfect vk bed paint on covered cardboard to make signs and artwork glue beads onto black thread to make lights and complete our disney descendants isle of the lost inspired room and you’re done happy crafting oh [Music] we want to give a shout out to dolly destiny what’s up wow talk about a fixer-upper don’t worry i can have this place fixed up in no time i’m okay i’ve watched tons of decorating shows seriously how hard can this be i’m practically an expert okay so that bed is wow maybe it’s time to call the professionals [Applause] [Music] [Music] you
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0tMRu_VvqU

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