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DIY – How To Make: CHINA ANNE McCLAIN Celebrity Custom Doll

[Music] we’ve made sophia we’ve made dove and now it’s time to make china i have been looking all over for the perfect doll that we could use to make chyna she has so many different looks but i just can’t find a fashionista that i want to use okay let’s just look at some other barbie options this is a basic barbie she was about five dollars and she might work another option is the 2016 birthday wishes barbie her face is a little more detailed and i think they look pretty similar so birthday barbie it is now she needs a new body i think the barbie made to move soccer player is going to be our closest match so you know what’s next off with their heads [Music] so now i have a new birthday barbie yay and our soon to be made to move chyna and mclean looking at the inspiration photo she wears bangs a white t-shirt and green pants and the more i study the photo i think we should go with the other doll hopefully this is a good match it looks like it might be off just a little but let’s go ahead and do it anyway get it go ahead because we’re switching the heads okay one more time lizzy off with their heads now that she has a new body the color matching isn’t so bad i reposition her hair so that it is in front of her face let’s use a little water and comb it very carefully place the doll’s head into hot water and remember to always have adult supervision when working with hot objects when i remove the doll from the water i make sure not to touch the hair because it’s going to hold some of the heat allow it to cool and dry i heat my water in the microwave it’s about as hot as a cup of tea and when the hair is still on the very warm side i use a towel to just kind of press it against her forehead try to make sure the hair is laying flat after a few minutes when the hair is still damp i separate the hair in the front from the rest of the hair and cut her bangs i have been trimming away at these bangs for about 30 minutes trying to get them even and i feel like if i don’t stop soon i’m going to create a very bad yearbook photo so yeah let’s get started on the clothes these are the patterns we made for sophia’s outfit here are the modifications for dove for chyna’s outfit we’re gonna modify dove’s t-shirt so i trace it onto a piece of paper then make the sleeves a little longer cut it out trace it onto white t-shirt material cut it out with the good side facing down fold over and hem the sleeves make a few small cuts around the collar fold it over then sew it down using a straight line fold it over so the good side is on the inside sew from the end of the sleeve to the bottom of the shirt on both sides open it up fold over and hem the bottom turn it right side out take a piece of velcro sew it onto the shirt so they overlap to close place a small piece of paper board inside the shirt sketch out letters go over it with paint and allow it to dry for the pants i’m going back to sophia’s pattern and i’m just going to widen it a little bit on one side going out about a half an inch at the top then all the way down to the calf cut it out and trace it onto fabric flip it over and trace it again cut them out stack and lay them good side to good side sew a straight line going all the way down stopping at the end of the curve i’m using a needle and thread for this part open up the larger side to see the front of the pants i want to make a pleat so using my ruler i make a mark at half an inch on both sides of the seam measure another half inch from the lines marked fold the pants so the marks meet use a needle and thread to make a small stitch to hold it in place cut two rectangles of fabric fold them in half line the raw edges up with the bottom of the pants sew a straight line across to make a cuff at the bottom of the pants repeat on the other side then turn the pants inside out lining up the side edges sew a straight line going down repeat on the other side try them on a doll and make adjustments where needed i’m taking it in from the bottom cuff to the calf cut a long rectangle of fabric fold it in half carefully turn the pants right side out take the rectangle of fabric line up the raw edges with the top of the pants sew a straight line going across the top sew velcro onto the back of the pants to make a pair of pants all right you can go get dressed now bend wire then turn one end to the side use a push pin to pierce the doll’s ears and remember to always have adult supervision when working with sharp objects push the end of the wire into the doll’s earlobe to make some large hoop earrings add a pair of yellow barbie glasses to complete the look allowing us to add chyna and mclean to our custom cast of disney descendants dolls we have chyna sofia and dove wow this is so exciting now chloe and sophie can hang out with the cast of disney descendants too thank you for joining us like comment share and subscribe follow us on instagram at my froggy stuff and the frog vlogs and you’re done happy crafting it’s like a get dream [Music] we want to give a shout out to annie g 2005 what’s up hey everyone i am sophie and you are watching sophie’s vlog yeah i am hanging out with the cast of disney descendants 2 and in case you’re wondering yeah that is chyna and mclean right behind me what’s up chyna i can call her china because we are totally cool like that do you mind autographing my jackets [Music] into my heart
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D06HxuA8MzE

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