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DIY – How To Make: Barbie 60th Birthday Party Room In A Box PLUS Custom Drip Cakes

[Music] [Applause] i can’t believe it’s march already wait a minute barbie’s 60th birthday i almost forgot she’s gonna think i forgot i know what to do i’ll throw her a party then she’ll never know i almost forgot how am i gonna throw a last minute party i didn’t think this through what am i thinking i have a fairy crafter froggy what’s up i’m gonna need your help in decorating for a birthday party you’re gonna help i was just trying to make it sound nice let’s be honest you’re gonna do all the work last time i had a hot glue gun i glued my shoes to the floor how is that even possible but sophie i think you should help this time teamwork makes the dream work let’s head out to the barn and look for some crafting supplies the barn huh the things i do for my friends there’s nothing in here but a bunch of chickens oh and spirit ah horse slobber sophie i found an old cereal box what are you gonna do with that get your cell phone and i’ll show you i am going to use a large cereal box donated by family and friends to make a room for our dolls i will also use tissue paper string pipe cleaners wrapping paper stickers and glue i start by cutting down the side of a cereal box so it can open remove the tabs to make walls cover the outside of the box with wrapping paper i glue it on using a glue stick smoothing it as i go in small sections once the back is covered flip it over then fold over and glue down the extra paper to make a trifold that looks nice and neat lay the box down flat glue on a layer of tissue paper if you get a few wrinkles here and there it doesn’t really matter the main thing is to get full coverage trim off the excess take another cereal box and cut it to six inches cut a large rectangle from the leftover box glue it on top cover it with white paper glue it to one side of the box take tissue paper and fold it accordion style so it’s about a half an inch thick trim off the sides to make streamers make them in yellow pink and blue begin gluing them onto the back wall so they hang down and stop right at the floor cut tissue paper into squares stack and layer about six pieces fold them accordion style fold it in half to find the center on the folded edge cut off the corners to make an indention in the center cut a small piece of pipe cleaner wrap it around the center and twist the ends trim the corners off of the paper begin opening up each side gently separate the layers lifting them one at a time after completing one side repeat on the other to make paper flowers cut a long strip of tissue paper fold it accordion style fold it in half just as before cut the corners of the fold wrap a pipe cleaner around the center open each side apply a little glue to the ends and connect the two sides to make decorative party fans take the fans and the flowers glue them along the top of the wall i’m starting with the fans first because they are the largest space them out to distribute the color then fill in the gaps with the flowers taking care to avoid the seams on the box cut strips of white paper fold them in half and make a crease add glue place a cut piece of string inside of the crease then fold the paper over cut a triangle from the bottom place a sticker in the middle then repeat to spell happy birthday glue it into the room for a birthday banner take a paper roll cut it into smaller pieces trace circles onto leftover paper board making a few slightly larger than the tubes cut them out glue circles onto the tube you can also add a small paper tube between two circles to make a lift paint it with acrylic paint i use a toothpick to paint icing dripping down the sides fill in the top and allow it to dry and of course you could always use a paintbrush i just like the toothpick i use a small hole punch on pastel paper if you do not have a hole punch you can always cut it into small pieces add a thin coat of a clear glue like mod podge sprinkle on the cut paper to make drip cakes cut the barbie logo off of packaging glue it onto layers of paper cut a toothpick glue it to the back push it into the top of the cake to make cake toppers add a little extra gold to finish the room that can fold up for easy storage wow this is awesome i’m glad you like it just don’t tell anybody the cakes are made from stuff we found in the bathroom ew maybe we’ll say they’re just for show thank you for joining us while we made a party room for barbie’s 60th birthday on march 9th celebrate with us on instagram by posting a doll birthday pic using insta darby surprise like comment share and subscribe don’t forget to ring the bell and follow us on instagram at my froggy stuff and the frog vlog and you’re done happy crafting [Music] is [Music] [Music] we want to give a shout out to lovely dreams what’s up so when does the party start oops i forgot to send out invitations no worries i’ll just make a post on instagram and wait for it instant party everybody she’s here wow this is awesome [Music] [Applause] [Music] you
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qrnw8GtX-Sc

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