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DIY – How To Make: Avengers INFINITY SLIME Custom Slime Craft | Sophie’s Vlog

[Music] i’m sophie darby and welcome to my slime shop where i make slime based on really cool stuff check out my nemo slime pretty cool right hey nemo you okay in there uh he’s probably just taking a nap today we are making marvel avengers infinity war thanos gauntlets live for short we’ll just call it infinity slime all right you two can go now hulk don’t smash anything on your way out thanks for the cameo now where was i oh yeah let’s make some slime to make my slime i am using clear glue and this elmer’s magical liquid add to elmer’s glue to make slime replaces baking soda and contact solution washable safe non-toxic i found this at michael’s it was like eight dollars and some change a little pricey i’ve never used it before but today we’re gonna give it a try four batches of kid-friendly slime and there are some instructions here but i’m just gonna wing it we will also need some gold glitter and plastic gems for our infinity stones to make the slime i am using a bowl add some clear glue and make sure you get it in the side of the bowl now i’m going to add elmer’s magical liquid i’m just going to add a little bit at a time don’t have exact measurements here let’s just stir it there is definitely some kind of reaction taking place it’s getting a little slimy ah so cool look at that i’m thinking we should add a little more magical liquid just a few drops yeah that was a little too much for mixing and it’s becoming difficult actually it’s pretty good i placed it onto the counter and began kneading it added a little more magical liquid to reduce some of the stickiness to make our slime usually i would let this sit for a few days so it can clear up but we don’t have that kind of time but since we’re adding glitter it probably won’t be a big deal time to glitterize the slime all right let’s just pour some right in the center come on lots and lots of glitter then mix it up it’s mixing nicely i think you can barely tell that this wasn’t clear slime i mean it’s clear slime we just give it time to clear up now that we have our gold slime pick out some plastic gems for the gauntlet we need like an orangey color a red blue purple then there was green on the thumb and like a bright yellow in the center i don’t exactly have all of those colors so we’re just gonna get as close as we can place the gems in the slime to make our slimy gauntlet that is pretty cool looking thank you for joining me in my slime shop today let us know what kind of slimes you would like to see in the comments down below like comment share and subscribe follow us on instagram at my froggy stuff and the frog vlog and we will see you next time bye [Music] so we would like to give a shout out to pastel wardrobes what’s up look i’m wearing the gauntlet you better watch out hulk i’ma get you hulk smash never mind besides my gauntlet is melting anyway [Music] is
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXGRECAIcwI

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