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DIY – Custom Doll: Made To Move Sophie | Plus ALL The Past Sophie Dolls! – Handmade – Crafts

Hmm. I’m trying out a new blush. What do you think? I… think you missed some spots. (Doorbell Rings) Who could that be? The mail! She’s finally here! Who’s that? My new Body! Say what? Sophie and Chloe have gone through a lot of changes over the years with body transplants, head transplants, re-roots and lipstick repaints However the main thing that we usually have to replace is their bodies The more we use them the more their joints start to go all floppy see Just like that. Yeah it’s not going to stay. and now here is a brief history of the evolution of Sophie and Chloe. They started out as beach barbies with the basic 5 points of articulation Then the Fashionista Artsy came out So the girls took a trip to the time machine to get elbows and knees that bend. Then Chloe switched to the so in style Barbie line and flip flopped around before settling on Grace Then we switch to limb doll bodies for their awesome articulation. Due to an unfortunate hair loss incident, We switched Sophie to one of those barbies where you can change their hair color with light colored chalk. When barbies got ankles, we switched back from live doll bodies to Barbies. and then there was made to move! The ultimate poseable Barbie doll. however the skin tone only matched Chloe so Chloe got a new body and Sophie didn’t. Sorry Sophie. “Oh, man.” Until today. “Woohoo!” The orange made to move Barbie seems like a good match for Sophie. She was just released, along with the blue made to move Barbie. “Alright ladies, If you follow me, we can get started on the procedure.” “Wait. Are you even a real doctor?” Uh… no, but I have done this many times, before and I must say that head swapping, may result in the permanent damage of the doll. “What?” Relax! I’ve done this tons of times and have only ever lost like two. Oh…is this going to hurt? Trust me. You won’t feel a thing! There are many ways to remove the head you can use warm water to soften the head, or a blow dryer. however, I have always… just kind of very carefully pulled it off. So here we go! And that’s just the way I’ve done it ever since I was a kid. There is a chance of breaking the neck or breaking the peg. So I always make sure to hold the neck firmly while I am removing. And if this makes you a little nervous, then I would suggest using a blow dryer to soften the head. Then I just attach the new head and Sophie has a new made to move body “Chloe look at what I can do! and look I can actually hold a cell phone to my ear.” Now it’s time for some new clothes. Sophie is definitely a fangirl. She’s totally crazy about her TV Shows like space crafters and eating light. Sometimes she wears her little hipster glasses And she has a purple streak in her hair, that we rooted in. So we are going to make her style reflect a little bit more of her personality. We found this cute little Barbie outfit that has some pink and purple faded shorts And they kind of remind me of a galaxy print, paired with a fan t-shirt. That’s an option. We can also use some project MC-Square doll clothes. We usually don’t have any problem fitting the t-shirts. However, that is not always the case with the lower half. This is a cute look. Oh yeah, this is totally Sophie. We want to give a shout out to Pony Super fan 2016.What’s up? “Chloe, now I bet I could beat you at Rock climbing.” “Better yet, Yoga!” “Sophie, yoga’s not even a competitive sport.” “well it is now.”
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pn1QSJKItmE

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